Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sharing gratitude for the rhythms of life and seeing STOMP in NYC

Liz Davidson with 2 of the cast members from STOMP!

My daughter Liz is deaf and hears with a cochlear implant. I lot of music sounds like percussion to her. She loves drumming and we got to see STOMP on Sunday. STOMP is a percussion and dance marvel. Seeing this show made me realize the everyday beats that are all around me. Here is what I was thankful for.

  1. Thankful to take my daughter into the city and see the heart stopping STOMP! Got some discount tickets from Theater Mania
  2. Thankful for the creative set, with built in crazy drum sets! Love all the different objects used during the show. I will never look at kitchen sinks in the same way! This show made me realize all of the rhythums that around me and how to tune in to the energy of a creative beat.
  3. Thankful to learn that you can tell a story with just the beat. The performers really interact with the audience. We are all capable of making music just by clapping, slapping, you get the idea!
  4. Thanks to the actors who posed for a picture with my daughter at the end of the show. If you go to a broadway or off-broadway show, it is so much fun to wait outside the stage door and meet the performers.  I love seeing shows with my friends and family. There is something magical about a live performance that stays with you long after the experience.
I invite you to share a live performance you were thankful to see. I love hearing about your gratitudes!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sharing thanks for being part of No Limits powerful play "Silent-No-More"

On July 20, my daughter Liz and I shared our stories in the powerful No Limits Theater Group production of "Silent-No-More" to a sold out show at the Long Island Children's Museum. My daughter Liz shared her story of what it was like to grow up deaf in a hearing world and about her dreams of becoming a film director. I was asked to provide a parent's perspective. I am so thankful to Michelle Christie the founder of No Limits for asking us to participate in this groundbreaking show. I spoke from the heart about what it was like to be a musician raising a deaf daughter. To learn more about the fabulous No Limits Theater Group visit  It's taken a few days for me to gather my thoughts about this amazing evening. If you are looking for a worthy charity to support donate to the No Limits for Deaf Children Organization. In addition to the theater program No Limits runs a speech therapy program that allows low-income children in Los Angeles to receive the free speech therapy they need to develop good listening skills with their hearing devices.

  1. Thanks to all of the No Limits Theater Group Long Island alumni for having the courage to share your inspiring stories about what it was like to grow up with a hearing loss. Liz, Grace, Henry, Samantha, Alexis, Jonathon, Francesca, and Stephanie you are all amazing!!!!
  2. Thanks to Michelle Christie and Eileen Nelson for your efforts to gather and write a show about all these amazing kids experiences about growing up with a hearing loss. You have enriched our lives. I am so proud to be a part of the No Limits family.
  3. Thanks to Newsday for writing this amazing article about the production and for getting the word out! Here is the Link for the Newsday Article Teens with hearing Loss Perform at LICM
  4. Thanks to everyone for coming out to sell out the show. Thanks to Steve Germano who directed many of the Long Island No Limits Shows over the years, as well as the audioligists, social workers, speech pathologists, friends and family who came out to make this a magical celebration of what is possible for kids growing up with a hearing loss today.  Thanks to Jim Packard at the LICM for providing a stage and allowing us all to share this full circle moment!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sharing Thanks for "Diner by the Sea's" Amazing Milkshakes!

The best Tiramisu Milkshake with a dash of color and even a magic wand!

It was nice to have a magical Monday! We had a wonderful night out with some good family friends. Here was what I was thankful for yesterday.

  1. Thankful to have a great night out with our friends the Gera's! They suggested going to "Diner by the Sea" in Long Beach, NY. We were lucky to get a table as this diner is a popular hang out. I splurged and go this Tiramisu Milkshake that came with sparkling sprinkles and even a magic wand.  You know I just had to get the french fries too.
  2. Thankful to have an upside down night. Since we decided to start with dessert first, we walked done to the beautiful Long Beach Boardwalk. I love listening to the pounding surf.
  3. Thankful to see my girls enjoy running on the beach, climbing a life guard chair and taking tons of fun pictures together. They also dipped their toes in the ocean.
  4. Thankful to hear some great sounds of summer from a live band that was playing on the beach. I love living on Long Island. Long Beach has a great boardwalk. You can stop at the beautiful Allegria hotel for a drink and an amazing view of the ocean. Best of all is making memories with family friends that will last a lifetime.
I invite you to share something that made your Monday magical!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sharing Thanks For Meditation Tuesdays at the Library

Led by Ariel at the East Meadow Public Library

Sometimes the best things in life are free! Take the time to see what your local library has to offer. Connecting with people in your community is in an easy way to enjoy your life. Being part of  a group can add energy to your life. I started my morning today in this amazing Meditation class. Here is what I am thankful for about meditating!

  1. I am thankful that Meditation allows me to sit in the quiet moment and focus on my breath! I focus on breathing in energy and breathing out a relaxing AHHHH! of stress.
  2. I am thankful that every week Ariel, the man who leads this Meditation class makes it new and interesting. The hour flies by and I applaud his efforts to provide new visualizations and affirmations everyweek.  You can visit Ariel's website at Energy Shift Yoga. Find out about the free meditation class he offers on Saturday mornings at 9:30 am!
  3. I am thankful to have bathed in a rainbow of light during the meditation class this morning. 
  4. I am thankful that this meditation class allows me to dream in my quiet space in between thoughts.
I invite you to take a few minutes to breath and enjoy a meditative moment after reading this post. Please share a meditative moment or experience that your thankful for! Sharing gratitude increases good vibrations in the universe!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sharing thanks for Bermuda Blues and sisterhood!

Beautiful blue waters of Bermuda in June
It's amazing how rejuvenating a vacation can be. I have taken a virtual vacation for the past few months and it feels great to be writing a blog post for sharing thanks today!  In March my 12 year old computer got a virus! Today I am happy to be blogging from my new Lenovo and am learning Windows 8! Being offline for a few months forced me to venture outside more and I was surprised how much more time I had. I am going to be starting a blogging calendar and try to work more efficiently. Sometimes something good can come out of adversity. Enough of my blogging blues and more about sharing what I am thankful for from my recent Bermuda Breakaway vacation with my friends from college.

  1. I am thankful to just look at this picture from my phone and get lost in all the amazing blues of Bermuda waters. Thanks to Liz and Ellen who encourage me to crash the sigma kappa reunion cruise to visit our friend Lynn in Bermuda!
  2. I am thankful to be an honorary Sigma Kappa from UMass!
  3. I was thankful to enjoy our ladies cruise on Norwegian's fabulous Breakaway ship. So thankful for the smooth seas, beautiful days, delicious meals, but most of all the amazing friendships that were nourished during our cruise. Where else can you see a Second City show, listen to Fire and Ice and become back up dancers like the legendary Supremes. I loved dancing the night away with my friends on the top outdoor deck under the stars to an 80s party!
  4. I am thankful for laughing out loud for seven days! Thanks to Lynn and Chris for the ultimate Bermuda tour and BBQ! Thanks for rekindling old friendships and making new friends!
I invite you to share something your thankful for this first week of summer! I love hearing and sharing your gratitude stories. Leave a gratitude in the comments or tweet to @sharingthanks  #summerthanks! Let's make this the best summer ever!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Create a Sharing Thanks Journal with someone to cultivate a Grateful Heart

I am very thankful for this very special Christmas gift given to me by my daughter Liz. She made me a Sharing Thanks Journal. I love her heart design and the picture of us she printed to adorn the inside of this very special journal. The best gift of all was that we used the journal together to practice gratitude. She wrote the first entry listing four things she was thankful for and passed the journal back to me. We use the journal to share what we are thankful for. It has helped me practice gratitude and has helped me and my daughter connect on a deeper level. It is wonderful to have a dialogue where we share our blessings. I love writing my thanks and sharing what brings me joy. It could be a beautiful sunset, or a kind smile a stranger gave me. I love learning about what my daughter is thankful for.

I recommend sharing a journal with someone special to help your gratitude practice. It will allow you to focus on counting your joys and help you connect to someone in a loving and positive way.  I encourage you to find a gratitude buddy and start a sharing thanks journal with them. What you share with each other should be private. 

Open your heart to gratitude by sharing it with a friend or a loved one. Wishing everyone a loving Valentine's Day. Celebrate all the love in your life not just the romantic love!