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Gratitude for seeing Jeff Koons Moon at Celebration room at the Whitney with my daughter!

I was so thankful to get to spend a Friday Afternoon with my daughter seeing the Jeff Koons art exhibit that is at the Whitney! It was a beautiful fall friday afternoon. Here is what we were thankful for.Thankful to stand in front of an inviting steel sculpture of Playdoh. It is so realistic you really want to touch it and make a playdoh sculpture of our own. Craft night is so much fun even as an adult. There is something relaxing about getting your hands dirty and trying to make something.Thankful to explore the upper east side with my daughter. We stumbled upon a great Thai place on Second Avenue. The interior looked like a garden and they had a great lunch special for just $9. Up Thai is a relaxing eatery with delicious thai flavors.Thanks to my mom who recommended this fun art exhibit to us. She loves art and I had given her and my dad a gift membership to the Whitney for the holidays. I love giving experience gifts to my parents.Thankful to spend time with my daughter Bec…

Sharing Thanks for a walk in the park

Thankful for this beautiful end of summer weather with hints of Fall in the air. It was a top ten day on Long Island so I went for a 2 mile walk at the Norman J. Levy Park & Preserve. It felt great to just get outside. There is something soothing about being in nature. I love bringing my camera along and taking pictures to capture the joy of seeing a moment of beauty. I am listing my thanks today with the pictures I took of these small joys

I love this part of the park. They have a Monet like bridge overlooking the pond. I was happy to spot a few water lily blooms. After you walk around the pond I came across this incredible view.

I love the tranquility of this park. You pass a few kindred souls, walking or running in the park. I saw  someone enjoying the peace and reading a good book. It's lovely to smile and say hi to the few people you meet on the trails here. I loved seeing all the wild flowers and enjoyed one area where golden butterflies were flittering among the purple…