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Thankful to encourage a new blogger, my daughter Becky: Enjoy her post: Top Ten Books My Mom Thinks You Should Read!

My daughter Becky started her own blog this year and in honor of Mother's Day asked me to co-write a blog post: Top Ten Books My Mom Thinks You Should Read on her great blog Book to the Becky

Her blog is dedicated to all the books she loves to read. I am thankful that I have encouraged her to become an avid reader. I still love reading and learning from books. Is there anything better than a good book, a cup of tea and soaking in the tub? I love reading a wide variety of books: fiction, non-fiction, biographys, memoirs, fantasy, summer escape, philosophy, self-help. I also love discussing great books with people. I have enjoyed being in book clubs and sharing ideas with my friends and family. Thanks for clicking on the link and enjoying our mother/daughter guest post and enjoying my favorite book's list. What is a book that your thankful for? Summer is almost here and I love getting recommendations for books to read. Please comment and tell me about a book you loved!

Thankful for a Saturday on the Long Beach Boardwalk with Linda

A lovely 80 degree day on Long Island led me to drive to one of my favorite places to walk: the Long Beach Boardwalk. Last year they rebuilt the bathrooms and you can find small restaurants to get a cool lunch, drinks, or coffee peppered along the 2 mile stretch!  I love that it is not overly commercial on the boardwalk. There is also a food truck alley next to the boardwalk. The boardwalk is 2 miles in length so I usually park near the beautiful hotel Allegria which is a great place to have a drink and watch the waves!

There are some public art installations and a driftwood artist Mitch Van Duff has some fun sculpture displayed. There is also a Home Sweet Home community art project on display lead by West End Arts!

I love getting some sand between my toes and getting my feet wet! This time of year the beach is still free so I enjoyed walking along the ocean and taking a sun break on the rocks by the jetties.

I went back to the boardwalk and stopped at Shakes…