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Sharing Thanks for a collapsed closet!

My new organized empty closet. Sometimes good things happen from things that go bump in the night. On Friday night I was woken up by the sound of huge crash at 2:00 am. I jumped out of bed and turned on the lights to find that my wall closet rods and shelf had collapsed. My clothes laid half on the ground in a heap, and I'm embarassed to say it reminded me of an episode of "Hoarders." Thank goodness my cat was ok, sometimes she sleeps by a cuddly sweater. How could I be thankful about this? Well sometimes it takes a calamity to force you to become more organized. Here is why I am grateful for my collapsed closet. I was thankful to have the opportunity to go through all of my closet belongings. I made my 3 piles, keep, give away to goodwill, and absolute trash. I have lived in our house for over 20 years. Some of my clothes are even older than that. I decided if I had not worn a piece of clothing in the last 10 years it should be thrown out or be given away. I fel

Sharing thanks for my Shotski Initiation!

Remember a shot of water can be just as much fun! I love being around people who know how to orchestrate fun! I am a UMASS alumni, and one of our college friends hosts a reunion party every summer. It is so much fun to reconnect with old college friends and more important make some new memories together with all of our growing families. Thanks to our hosts Keith and Dora who hosted the party. It's a pool BBQ, and mostly everyone sleeps over. Guests from as far as Arizona, NY, Washington DC gather in Massachusetts to celebrate. Thanks to Keith and Dora for making a Shotski. Looking for something to do with your old skis? Keith organized pool game Olympics. And the games began with the a ceremonial SHOTSKI. There is something goofy about holding a ski and drinking with your friends. It just made me laugh Thanks to my team mate Annie in the swim relay. She held her own with the recent college grads. It was so much fun to be silly and be in an innertube kicking race. Although

Sharing thanks for seeing the IFC film Boyhood

There is nothing better than going to see a summer indy matinee in a cool dark movie theater with my daughter Becky. Did I mention Becky is a recent film studies major? Boyhood is a masterpiece at capturing life's moments. Some scenes trigger memories of conversations I have had with my kids, fighting in the back seat of the car! Moments matter. Boyhood was filmed for 12 years and shows the cast aging and growing right along with the story line. See this amazing movie. Ethan Hawke's performance is Oscar worthy! What was even better was the discussion with Becky that followed the movie. Hearing her insights on the film and being able to discuss the movie and family dynamics. Take someone special and see this beautiful insightful film. This was a moment I will savor. Thanks also to the Cinema Arts Center in Huntington for celebrating independent films year round! \

Sharing thanks for the sweet smell of a fresh herb garden!

Fresh herb garden at Barilla's new restaurant in New York City I love cooking with fresh spices. Had a wonderful lunch with my girl friends at Academia Barilla Restaurant on 52nd St and Avenue of the America's. Loved the wonderful aroma of fresh basil, oregano, and rosemary wafting through this affordable restaurant. I have fresh mint and basil in growing outside on my patio. Thankful for making spaghetti with meat sauce with my fresh basil! Love the simplicity and flavors of a home cooked meal. Thankful for fresh mint in my home made ice tea. I love Lipton's cold tea bags so I can make home brewed ice tea. Fresh mint, slices of lemon, and a hint of sugar and voila home made ice tea. The taste of summer. Thankful to have lunch out with the ladies! Love finding affordable, fun places to eat in NYC! Thankful to find this draft blog post I started and being able to finish it. I love writing some gratitude about an experience I had with my girlfriends months ago. Grea