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Sharing thanks for Zumba.

My friend Stella invited me to a Zumba class yesterday. I had so much fun dancing to such happy music. I've been enjoying the last few days before the new school year starts! Today was a beautiful sunny top ten day!
Here are my thanks for today.

Thankful to take Joanne's Zumba class at Imagine in Dix Hills. Her high energy smile and great choice of music made the class a lot of fun. It was a free trial first class and I am definitely going back. I love the dance exercise! It makes me feel young and I love the rhythms.She even gave me this cool bracelet. Thanks Stella for inviting me.I am grateful for the will power I am using to lose some weight! I've been cooking dinner every night and loading up on vegetables and fruits that I love. I lost 3 pounds last week. Thanks to my friend Margaret who walked 4 miles with me the other night. A walk at night with a friend is a wonderful way to end a day. I love these cooler nights, the azure sky, and seeing the glimmer of stars.Than…

Sharing thanks for dancing at Jones Beach

I am very lucky to live 15 minutes from Jones Beach. I have so many happy memories enjoying Jones Beach State park. As a kid my mom used to take us to the beach everyday over the summer. I remember doing crafts in the tee-pee and swimming in the salt-water pool and conquering that first jump off the high dive.
Here is what I was thankful for yesterday.
Thankful to have a nice date night with my husband strolling the boardwalk at Jones Beach. We enjoyed listening to the band and even got some dancing in! Thanks to the bubble men who treated the crowd to streams of bubbles blowing in the air during the concert. It was fun to watch grown men trying to pop bubbles to the sounds of the Beatles.Thanks to the Gera's! We had so much fun going out to lunch together. We toasted Monesha to have a great semester at Stonybrook! When we get together we always laugh and laugh and laugh. They are such good friends.I am grateful to Fairway for opening a store in Westbury! Fairway takes grocery sho…

Sharing thanks for seeing "Bring it On" on Broadway

I shared this picture with my daughter Becky who is back in college. This is her favorite hamburger place when we enjoy going to see a Broadway show in New York. I am thankful to Becky who told me about student rush tickets on Broadway. She used her college ID to see Evita with friends for $38 a ticket. She said that my younger daughter Liz could use her high school ID to buy student rush tickets. Most theaters will allow you to purchase 2 tickets for student rush. There are also theaters that offer lotteries and general rush. To view what offerings are available go to Playbill's web article: Broadway-Rush-Lottery-and-Standing-Room-Only-Policies

I went to this website yesterday before going into the city with my daughter Liz  - who had an interview with a talent agent at Chelsea Talent. Liz is pursuing her dream to be a film/tv actress and was very excited about the opportunity to work with Chelsea Talent.  We had wanted to see a show before school started so I thought it would b…

Sharing thanks for butterflies!

I enjoyed spending time visiting my parents up in the Adirondacks the past few days. Saw lots of beautiful monarch butterflies feeding on the local butterfly bushes. I was able to capture this picture before the butterfly took flight! I love to watch the wildlife upstate. On this trip I was able to see butterflies, hummingbirds, a fox, and 3 loons on two different lakes! I will be posting some pictures from my trip throughout the week. It is wonderful to kick back and relax during the last few weeks of summer. So much to appreciate!
Giving my parents a big thanks for being wonderful hosts. They made us a homemade chicken dinner and we got to meet some of their friends. They treated us to the Lake George Dinner Theater where we saw The Love List a romantic comedy that had us howling with laughter! I really admire my parents. They are thriving in their mid seventies! I think they are more active then some of my friends.I was grateful to see my good friends Stella, Scott and Margaret. We…

Sharing thanks for finding heart in Ellicott City in Maryland

So thankful to have a wonderful small family vacation in Maryland! It is rejuvenating to be able to go away and spend some quality time with my family. Baltimore has some family history as it is a place we used to gather to visit Spencer's Aunt Mary when she was alive. We would enjoy staying in her old Baltimore townhouse and having crabfest's at her kitchen table covered with newspapers. Here is what I was thankful for.
Thanks for a fun morning in Ellicott City, Maryland. Enjoyed meandering through this charming historical town, with its artsy shops! Loved seeing this heart in the stream from the bridge near the railroad station. It was such a lovely surprise!Thanks for a fun night out at the ballpark at Camden Yards. We saw many home runs and the Orioles won 7-1. Enjoyed the cool breezes at the stadium on Friday night and the energy of the crowd cheering for the O's.Thanks to have a memorable crabfest at Captain James Landing. The view is pretty, although we got to enjoy…

Sharing thanks for finding the right spot to relax

I loved this picture my daughter took yesterday. Cats have an amazing ability for finding the perfect spot to curl up, relax and take a cat nap! Just looking at this photo makes me want to stretch out and relax. Here is what I was thankful for yesterday.
I was thankful for the cuddle my cat gave me this morning. Pets do give us unconditional love.Thankful to enjoy a delicious lunch at the Olive Garden with my daughters. The manager came over and gave us some coupons for a free appetizers on our next visit. I love the salad and breadsticks there.I was grateful to see my daughters work nicely together on two cool projects.Liz helped Becky make cool ruby red shoes with some modge podge glue and some red glitter. Then Becky helped Liz make her first casting audition video. "There is no place like home." today.Thanks for a fun shopping trip with Becky getting her ready to go back to college soon. I had a 30% off coupon at Kohl's which was helpful in getting her what she neede…

Sharing Thanks for a beautiful sunset on LBI

Had the chance to spend a few days with my family on Long Beach Island. There is something so soothing about walking on the beach and listening to the sound of the surf and feeling the sand between your toes. So much to be thankful for!

Thanks for the beautiful sunset tonight that I was able to watch with my daughters before we headed for home. It is wonderful to take the time and just sit and watch the sunset. My daughter Becky took this last glimmer picture which I absolutely love! I am thankful Becky did not delete the picture by accident. Thanks to my sister-in-law Ginny who invited us to spend a few days down the shore. It was great to see my family and catch up with my nieces and nephews. Ginny is the best host ever. She made the best mango salsa! So thankful to be able to have two beautiful days at the beach. I really enjoyed soaking up some sun, with sunscreen of course. I loved swimming in the ocean with my nieces and daughters. Body surfing made me feel like I was 10 years o…

Sharing thanks for tweeting thanks!

I joined twitter and have been having fun tweeting my thanks! I am amazed how many people use tweets to give thanks.  You can tweet me your thanks @sharingthanks. Hope you like the twitter feed I have added to the blog. Here is what I was thankful for today.
I am thankful for a Davidson girls night out. Me and my daughters treated my sister-in-law Laurie to dinner out at the Outback in Bayside. We laughed and had a wonderful time together.Thanks for the 2012 Summer Olympics. I have been enjoying watching men's gymnastics tonight. I love that the Olympics brings the world together to compete in peace and strive for excellence.I am thankful for the new email feed on my blog. You can get my blog sent to your email by just submitting your email address. I sent a test email to a friend's email address and she was happy to get a sharing thanks post. Thanks to the beautiful sunflowers I saw today. I love seeing some of my neighbors gardens with the sunflowers full in bloom and smilin…