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Hello Spring! Thankful you are showing us your warmth and floral beauty. #SpringintoGratitude

Daffodils starting to Bloom at Bayard Cutting Arboretum  I am filled with gratitude after the past three days of glorious Spring weather. Temperatures in the 60s, clear blue skies, and soft breezes. I am thankful to see sunny daffodils gracing my neighbors gardens. Magnolias in bloom. I am trying to go back to the roots of this blog and just share four moments I was thankful for yesterday. I am always thankful to wake up and try to start my day by thanking all the people who are going to help me today. It's a lovely first thought in the morning. I find when I remember to start my day in this way I notice all the little kindnesses that are generously given to me. Someone holding a door for me, or letting me go ahead in line at the supermarket because I just have three items to pay for. These niceties really brighten my day. I was thankful to see Rocktopia on Broadway with a good friend. I am a classical violinist and music teacher and was so happy to see so many p