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Sharing thanks for celebrating art!

I love art and creative people. Everything we create was designed by an artist or an inventor who developed the skills to think outside of the box! Art lets us express our emotions and puts us in touch with our visual side! We need art teachers. Here is what I was thankful for today.
Thanks to the art teachers who have helped hone my daughter's creative talent. Their kindness and patience is to be applauded. Thanks for feeding my daughter's creative spirit and soul!Thanks to my mom, who was an art and photography teacher. She fed my creative spirit and encouraged me to continue with my love of music. I love taking pictures for this blog. It helps me appreciate and capture a small moment of beauty.Thanks to my friend Stella! We had a lovely walk at Caumsett State Park and had fun walking by the scenic stables there.Thanks to twitter and NY Interns! My daughter Becky attended a screening of the new movie Interns coming out next week. She had a great time in Manhattan last night …

Sharing thanks for Memorial Day, patriotism and the unofficial start to summer!

We had a very busy Memorial Day weekend! It was a true American weekend as we were in Philadelphia's historic district to celebrate my nephew's wedding! Just steps from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell!
So many moments to be thankful for!
Congratulations to Nick and Jess who got married Saturday, May 25th. We enjoyed celebrating with the newlyweds, by dancing the night away at their wedding reception. The Downton Club reception had a beautiful view of the city of Philadelphia. I love couples who are madly in love. It was a wonderful family gathering. We also enjoyed making goofy pictures at the Photo Booth at the wedding. I was thankful to spend some time celebrating and dancing with my family. I love my family and now that my girls are young woman I treasure the time we all get to spend together!I was thankful to go the Magic Gardens on Sunday on South Street. The Magic Gardens is a huge art project which took the artist Isiah 14 years to complete. It like walking in …

Sharing thanks for celebrating friendship!

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I am truly blessed to have wonderful girl friends! I have known Margaret and Stella since I moved to Rockville Centre in the third grade. We love to celebrate our birthday's together. We wished Stella a happy birthday by seeing "Kinky Boots" on Broadway. It is a fun show with beautiful music and a wonderful message, "To accept people for who they are!" Here is what I am thankful for.
It is hard to be thankful amidst the natural disasters we are seeing. What stands out in troubled times, is the humanity that comes through by the outpouring of help and kindness. My heart goes out to Moore, Oklahoma. I texted Redcross to 90999 to donate $10 to help. It's easy to do. I was thankful to be able to help in some small way.I am thankful for my childhood friends Margaret and Stella. These women have stood by me through thick and thin. I am fortunate to call them my friends. Old friends do not judge you and they embrace and know your past.…

Sharing thanks for creative astronauts and a beautiful crescent moon!

Thankful to see this rendition of David Bowie's Space Oddity by Chris Hadfield on the International Space Station. I came across this on my Twitter account and enjoyed watching so much I wanted to share it with you. I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day filled with love and appreciation. Here is what I thankful for yesterday.
Thanks to my daughter's creativity. I got 2 home made cards from my daughter's yesterday. Whats cool about this is Becky is 21, and Liz is 18. Gifts from the heart always make me smile. Becky drew a picture and is taking me out to lunch. Liz painted me a picture with a heartfelt note.Saw a beautiful crescent moon last night as we were driving home from my mother-in-laws last night. That glimmer of light is always so breathtakingly beautiful.Thanks to my sister-in-law Laurie who made a delicious turkey dinner with all of the trimmings for Mother's Day!Thanks to all my wonderful friends who are also moms who set me beautiful messages on faceb…

Sharing thanks for this short history of Mother's Day

Loved watching this cute short history of Mother's Day. Wishing everyone a a beautiful gratitude filled Mother's Day! Here is what I was thankful for today. To celebrate I invite you to share a piece of wisdom your mom has given you that you treasure! My mom taught me to "Say Yes!" to adventures and accepting invitations to do something new. Here is what I was thankful for today! Thanks to my sister-in-law Ginny who made reservations at Puglia on Hester St. in Little Italy to have an early mothers day celebration. We all enjoyed waving and singing the "Wave your napkin" song!Thanks to my good friend Segal who sent me a beautiful Thank you friendship card. It cheered me up. We all have rough patches in life and this card really brightened my day.Thanks to Mom for her unconditional love and all the wonderful things she has taught me to appreciate. Like creativity, nature, and playing cards! I am thankful for a walk in the park. I was feeling sad yesterday so …

Sharing thanks for tuning in to the quiet sounds of nature!

I'm sharing this little piece of heaven. One of my goals is to visit Tuscany and tour Italy. Two of my favorite films feature scenery from this beautiful area "A Room with a View" and "Letter's to Juliet." I enjoy visiting quiet places with natural beauty. Sometimes when I am visiting some of the parks on Long Island I am struck by the vast number of people that are walking, running with their ipods on. I love music very much but I invite you to turn your ipod off and to tune in to the natural music all around you in a quiet place. I was walking at the Norman Levy Preserve and once you get into the trail, man made noises disappear and you can listen to birds chorus, the sound of a soft bay breeze, the music of nature. Here is what I was thankful for:
I was thankful for listening to the sounds of nature. Hearing bird calls, my footsteps on the path, and enjoying the peace that silence can bring. I was thankful for my parents treating Becky and me to lunch at…

Mother's Day is coming! Thank your mom at sharing thanks!

Mother's day is Sunday May 12th! Want to thank your mom and show your appreciation! You can thank your mom in the comments section of my blog or on my twitter @sharingthanks using hashtag
     It was a beautiful Spring weekend.  Here is what I was thankful for!
I am grateful to my Mom who has always been there for me encouraging me every step of the way! Thanks for your love, your boundless energy, and your creative spirit! I love you MOM!!!!!I was thankful to enjoy seeing Iron Man 3 with my daughter Becky! We loved Robert Downey's performance of Tony Stark and the great script with some memorable lines!I was thankful to my Mom for throwing an instant party which allowed us to have an impromptu family gathering to wish my niece Chelsea a great trip to Spain!I I was thankful to give a music lesson on Saturday morning to Sam. I really enjoy teaching kids to reach for the stars or in this case NYSSMA level 6. Thinking of all my students who had NYSSMA this weekend. …

Sharing thanks for going to a Long Island Ducks baseball game!

We have been having some beautiful Spring weather out on Long Island. Last Saturday we headed out to see a minor-league baseball game for some family fun. I love being outside and watching a sporting event live. Here is what I was thankful for.
Thankful to enjoy a beautiful evening outside with my daughter Liz and her friend Kavita! Happy that the ticket prices for the game are $10 - $12. Every seat in this small stadium is a good one! Love that the parking is free as well.Thankful to see a few people in our section have the thrill of catching a foul ball. This may be a lesson in life that there is a silver lining to a mistake. Let's face it a foul ball is a strike and when a fan catches a foul ball it is a small miracle for them. They have a huge grin on their face and they leave the stadium with a happy memory and a souvenir.Thankful for the amazing Grucci Fireworks after the game. It was a clear night and the fireworks were dazzling!  I love the sparkler fireworks where they sp…