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Sharing thanks for a beautiful summer day at the pool

It's been a busy few days. It was wonderful to host my daughter Becky's room mate from college and her sister and get to show them the big apple! Our small NYC tour included Times Square, Rockefeller Center and dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner! I must admit I have been enjoying getting into the relaxing rhythm of summer. There are so many great moments to be thankful for today!

I am grateful for my good friends! Thanks to Stella who hosted a pool party on this top ten weather day. It was wonderful to cool off and take a swim! I loved seeing Stella and Margaret and all of our kids having a great time together.Thanks to the friendly pharmacist who helped get my prescriptions filled today.Thanks to my husband Spencer who woke up early to take our guests to make their early morning bus back to Pittsburgh. We had so much fun having them stay with us a few days and wish them a safe journey back.Thanks to Jessica for coming over yesterday for a visit. It was so great to catch up …

Sharing thanks for air conditioning

It's been in the 90s here on Long Island the past few days. We've had some of those  hot sticky humid days. Great days to go grocery shopping in the frozen food section to cool off! Summer is officially here. Here is what I am thankful for.

I am grateful my husband Spencer for installing the air conditioner in our bedroom. So nice to get a cool nights sleep.I am thankful that my daughter Becky is feeling better. She had a horrible stomach bug or food poisoning Monday night. I am thankful for my mom who picked Becky up from work yesterday. I had a hectic day and we are suffering from having four drivers and two cars. I am thankful to Cathy and Amanda who helped Liz pick out some great outfits for her to wear for the LA acting competition! Liz was happy that her clothing check went well. I am thankful for the store Dots! They have great clothes in a variety of sizes which made shopping for Liz a fun experience. I invite you to share something you appreciated that brought you joy…

Sharing thanks for long summer days!

The summer solstice is approaching. Only 2 more days until the longest day of the year. Today was a top ten day on Long Island. Beautiful sunshine, cool breezes and still light out at 8:00 pm. I took this picture outside of Home Depot tonight. Here is what I was thankful for.
I am thankful for Monesha, who was my daughter's personal fashion consultant today. Mo helped Liz pick out some nice outfits for her acting competition! Mo has so much style!I was thankful for having lunch with my friend Sejal to celebrate her birthday. We went to the Cheesecake Factory and had the awesome Chicken Chipotle Pasta. It was delicious and I decided to not look at the calorie count, and just enjoy the wonderful flavors and conversation.I am thankful for the beautiful day and pretty sunset I saw from the Home Depot parking lot. I enjoy cloud and sky watching. I love finding some beauty even if its in a parking lot.I was thankful for having a nice conversation with my older daughter Becky while I was…

Sharing thanks for father's day

We've had a wonderful family day celebrating father's day today. My kids helped make a steak and egg breakfast which we ate together outside on the patio! Then we went out to see a minor leg baseball game with my mom and dad and our family. It was fun singing, "Take me out to the ballgame." We all enjoyed the beautiful sunshine, the famous hot dog race and rooting for the Ducks who were losing! Today's Sharing Thanks is dedicated to our dads. Thanks to the readers who posted beautiful tributes to their dads.

SKautz wrote, "I am thankful for my Dad for several reasons. He had a lot of issues when we (6kids) were growing up. I guess he he a lot of growing up to do himself. He always could make us laugh(I guess thats why nobody could stay angry at him!)I have to give him credit for my sense of humor in even the darkest times. My Dad never needed a lot to be happy and never really worried. I am still working on the not worrying part. The best part of my …

Sharing thanks showing patriotism

Yesterday was flag day. I happened to be driving by my kids old elementary school as the latest kindergarten class was putting on the annual flag day performance. It brought back many memories of when my kids were waving flags, dressed in red white and blue, belting out, "It's a Grand Old Flag." Today I spotted this awesome corvette during my travels. So happy I was able to get a picture of this patriotic car. This may be the ultimate American Corvette! Here is what I was thankful for.
I was thankful to see the Kindergarteners in front of my daughters' old elementary school. The parents and grandparents watching the show were all decked out in red, white and blue!Nice to see so many of our neighbors proudly displaying their flags.I was thankful to see this amazing flag corvette!So thankful to have a nice steak dinner with my 2 daughters. We had some wonderful conversations and it is nice to see them getting along and enjoying spending some time together. Kudos to my …

Sharing thanks for Dads!

I was able to hike the Target Rock Beach trail with friends a few weeks ago. When we arrived to the end of the trail, we found this amazing message left for a very special Dad. Seeing this love message made may day. What a wonderful simple idea to honor a dad. No greeting card could ever match the emotion of finding the loving message made of stones found on the beach. Since Fathers day is on Sunday I invite all my blog readers to share why they are thankful for their dads! I will feature these messages on Father's Day!
Here is what I was thankful for yesterday.

I was thankful to Shannon who came over to help Liz prepare for her US History regents. Thanks for being a study buddy for Liz. Shannon is passionate about history and is also a very creative artistic and kind person!Thanks to my Mom and Day who gave my daughter Becky a ride home from work. Thanks to my good friend Stella! We enjoyed having a cup of tea. Also thanks to Jeff for letting Liz use one his drum sets to practice…

Sharing Thanks for family fun with mini-golf!

This weekend our family gathered to celebrate! Blessings to Cathy on her ordination to become an Episcopal Deacon. We also celebrated my nephew's 30th birthday. It was fun for my kids to connect with aunts, uncles and cousins. We have been fortunate to spend a week many summers together on the New Jersey shore. A family favorite on these vacations has been finding the best miniature golf course on the shore. I guess you are never too old for a game of miniature golf. So when cousin Nick told us about a new course in Philly we decided to check it out! Here is what I was thankful for!
So thankful to Nick who invited us to stay in his townhouse. We had a great barbeque on the roof of the building. Nick is an amazing host! Thanks Nick for a delicious dinner, healthy breakfast and lunch to celebrate your Mom's special day.Thanks for a beautiful evening. We sat outside on the roof and admired the Philly skyline. It was great meeting Nick's housemates and catching up with Kate wh…

Sharing thanks for butterflies and transformation!

I got joy seeing this picture of this beautiful butterfly! Butterflies remind me that we can all change into something beautiful. When you look at a caterpillar it is hard to believe it can transform itself into a butterfly. That something that crawls and eats leaves can cocoon and transform to a beautiful creature who can take flight! Here is what I am thankful for today!
Thanks to my brother Steve, who shared this picture on facebook today. Steve is living his dream and owns a surfshop: coconut harry's. His mantra is surf, eat, sleep, repeat. I love when he shares pictures of some of the wildlife he sees everyday in Nosara.I am thankful to Chad who left a comment yesterday! I love hearing from blog readers. His positive comment made my day.I am thankful to my daughter Liz's guidance counselor! He has helped Liz succeed at her new school!I am thankful to my Mom, who treated me to lunch and took me shopping for some nice summer clothes as a belated birthday present. Thanks mom…

Sharing thanks for seeing Rainbows

There is something about seeing a rainbow that is magical. On Sunday I got to see 2 rainbows. One was a beautiful huge full arch rainbow. My camera was at home so I did not get to capture the full beauty of it. Luckily I was able to catch a hint of the rainbow with my camera before it disappeared. When you see a rainbow it is important to just stop and enjoy the view because rainbows are fleeting experiences of wonder.
Here is what I was thankful for:
I was so grateful to see two beautiful rainbows. The first was a wide rainbow in the parking lot at Walmart! The second was a gorgeous full arch rainbow that I saw while driving home. Of course I stopped the car to get outside and enjoy the magic of the moment.I am thankful for some cooler weather. Summer will be hear soon so its nice to enjoy some cool breezes.I am grateful for all the hard work my daughter Liz is putting in to finish her school year. It has been a tough year for her and I am proud of her efforts this week.Thanks to Sec…

Sharing thanks for a beautiful day

I apologize for not being able to post for a few days. I had some wonderful moments to be thankful for amidst some chaos which I have found a way to tame. It is always important to take time to savor what is good and joyful everyday. Today was a beautiful day after the rainy skies cleared. Here are my thanks for today!
I am thankful to enjoy getting some exercise outside today with my friend Sejal. We enjoyed a short shady walk at Eisenhower park today. When you are talking to a good friend while you are walking you forget you are even exercising!Thankful to sit down with my family for dinner tonight. We enjoyed some good rotisserie chicken, wild rice and a garden salad. We ended up sitting in different chairs around the table! Which changed up the conversation and gave the dinner a twist. Sometimes its fun to break your normal routine.I am grateful the Becky and Liz went to see a community theater show together! It was nice to see them do something fun together.I appreciated the swee…