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Sharing thanks for a fabulous friday!

Loved these colorful Italian Soda bottles at Eately in the Flatiron District in NYC Its a rainy Friday here on Long Island today although my disposition is definitely sunny side up.  Got my car back from the garage. I broke down on Wednesday in a parking lot thankfully. The garage that fixed my car did a great job and it is driving smooth. Here is what I am thankful for! Thanks to Wayne Lipton who put together an amazing movie slide show to go along with our film  concert this weekend. It was fun playing this great music from movies and seeing pictures from the movie. This made the dress rehearsal so much fun. Wayne really puts a lot of great time and energy into the South Shore Symphony! Thanks to the Kris Brothers garage in Dix Hills who fixed my car. It was great to get it back together. I know its sounds funny to say I love driving my Honda Odyssey! Thanks to my Dad for being our knight in shining armor for picking up Liz and I from the Art League after the car broke down

Sharing thanks for a Lavazza latte at Eately!

Love the leaf pattern before sipping this delicious Lavazza Latte at Eately! I love fall in Manhattan. Enjoyed a fall morning in the city this weekend. I was in New York City and I feel like I took a side trip to Italy when I visited "Eately" on 23rd St. and Fifth Avenue. I went wild with my camera and will be featuring a variety of photos from this amazing store that has wonderful restaurants, italian food, colorful italian products, and even offers cooking demonstrations and classes. Here is what I was thankful for. Thankful to get a random text from my daughter Becky telling me she got a 98 on a music exam in her college course. Thankful to enjoy meandering in "Eately". Met a nice woman from Argentina who also took a picture of her latte before sipping it. I love NY! Thanks to the Hi-Line. Enjoyed walking this path that was an old subway line in New York. Beautiful city views, river vistas. Thankful my daughter's sprain is healing. It is wonderful to

Sharing thanks for artistry of John Lennon

Imagine there's no hunger, The Artwork of John Lennon I enjoyed spending time Saturday with my good friend Liz meandering around SoHo in New York City. I was amazed how high fashion this area of the city has become. It reminded me a little of Rodeo Drive. I enjoy visiting the art galleries and viewing cool art. Here are my thanks for the Columbus day weekend. Thankful for the OK Harris gallery. They had some great exhibits featuring a variety of artists. I loved Artist Licenses created out of ink and acrylic on styrene by artist Gregory J. Constantine!  Thankful to be able to contribute to City Meals on Wheels to see John Lennon's Artwork. The exhibit was a remembrance for his 72nd birthday. I enjoyed seeing his drawings and copies of handwritten song lyrics. It was wonderful to view his work and listen to his music during the exhibit. Thankful for my good friend Liz! She is an artist and it was great to have someone who enjoyed being in the city and seeing great art wo

Sharing thanks for basking in the sun on the windowsill.

My dog Oreo thinks she is a cat! A few weeks ago, I took a picture of my cat Sasha soaking up the sun on the windowsill! Yesterday, to my surprise I spotted my dog Oreo sitting in the same spot. How do pets find these little spaces to bask in some warm rays from the sun. They find the warm places in the winter and the cool shady spots in the summer. Here are my thanks for the day. Thanks to Oreo, who gave me a smile peeking out at me sitting on our windowsill. Thanks to the staff at Clarke high school who helped Liz navigate the school in her wheelchair. It was wonderful to see her go back to school today. I was thankful to kick back and relax a little bit last night and catch up on watching some episodes of "Parenthood" on NBC. I enjoy watching the show and appreciate how they show a family raising a disabled child. I enjoy many of the characters in this family and applaud them for showing families who disagree and come back together. Thanks to my good friends! The