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Sharing Thanks for Holiday Train Magic at the New York Botanical Gardens

This month on Sharing Thanks I am sharing thanks for December Joys! My husband grew up with Lionel Trains. Spencer and his Dad would spend many December hours putting up an elaborate train display. Today I took my husband to experience the holiday magic happening at the New York Botanical Gardens. It was wonderful to see so many young children excited about seeing trains on the magnificent replicas of the Brooklyn and Hellgate Bridges. To find out how you can visit here is a link to the New York Botanical Gardens  Below is a short video I took to try to capture the magic. I was thankful to share this experience with my husband. We giggled over the conductor greeting everyone on stilts. Deep inside there is a kid inside all of us.

What December Joy did you discover today? I love hearing your gratitude stories. You can share them in the comments of this blog or tweet them to me @sharingthanks

Sharing Thanks for Santa's!

Today I had some December Joy walking my dog Oreo around the neighborhood. Everyday new holiday decorations appear. This Space Sleigh Santa gave me a smile. When I was younger I remember being confused about seeing lots of different Santa's. I do believe Santa's helpers bring cheer. They help raise money for the Salvation army and raise holiday spirit. I enjoyed taking my kids when they were young to see Santa and snap a Christmas photo with him. We have the Santa spirit when we focus on what we give during the holiday season. The Santa spirit is alive when we read "The Night Before Christmas." It's alive when are kids write letters to Santa and leave him some milk and cookies to help him fuel his journey. I love Santa decorations and signs to the North Pole! I do imagine if I had the power of Santa Clause that I might make my headquarters in Bermuda.

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Sharing Thanks for the Joy of watching Peter Pan

Listening to "I Won't Grow Up" reminds me of the summers I spent at Girl Scout camp growing up. After dinner in the mess hall, the camp counselors would lead us to sing, "I Won't Grow Up!" I loved these song fests after dinner. They made me want to learn to play guitar. I'm enjoying watching Peter Pan Live tonight. I love that your imagination can take you to Neverland! The idea of flying through a starlight sky simply enthralls me. Today my Joy is sitting down with my daughter and watching this classic musical!

This month we will be sharing gratitude for December Joys! Share your simple joy in the comments or you can tweet them @sharingthanks with #DecemberJoys.

Sharing Thanks for remembering Grandma's Joys

We are remembered by what we create while we live. This post is dedicated to the life of Catherine Virginia Davidson who passed away this November at the age of 87. I have been reflecting on her life and the love she gave our family. I am thankful for Grandma for treating me like one of her daughters. Grandma came into the world in Baltimore weighing less then 3 pounds. She was determined to live and was an only child to older parents. This may be why she was cautious, and could be stubborn. There is fine line between stubbornness and determination. Her mom was a seamstress and my mother-in-law loved to make homemade dresses for her three granddaughters. She would say that she did not have a creative bone in her body, yet she was an artist and made many beautiful garments including my wedding dress! She loved figuring out how to cut the material for the patterns. She loved her family and was married over 50 years and had four children, and five grandchildren. She had a scientific min…

Sharing Thanks for Giving Tuesday

Forget about Cyber Monday and Black Tuesday. I am thankful for Giving Tuesday! It gives us a chance to contribute to make the world a better place. Today I gave to the No Limits For Deaf Children. This group has a speech center  in Southern California and Las Vegas as well as an acclaimed National Theater Program for deaf and hard of hearing children. I was blessed to voluneer and be part of Silent NO MORE with my daughter Liz. This inspiring collection of stories read by indivuals with hearing loss helped educate people on what its like to grow up deaf. Please share your #GivingTuesday charity story in the comments. Let's see how much good we can all do today! It feels joyful to give!

Sharing Thanks for taking time to grieve.

I apologize for not completing my #TurkeyThanks gratitude challenge in November. On November 19, my mother-in-law passed away and I took a break from my blog. It's important to take time to grieve a loved one. We need to stop and take a small break to shed tears, and remember and honor our loved one. I am so thankful to friends and family who supported us by attending her funeral mass, sending our family a fruit basket, lovely plants, and beautiful cards. We must be thankful for each moment we wake up and get to experience a smile, the sound of laughter, a sunset, a hug, hearing a song, being able to dance!  It's a reminder to appreciate the people in our lives and think about how we are interwoven into each other's lives. I have been using the time to reflect on all the kindnesses I received from my mother-in-law and the legacy that she has created.

I am going to start a new gratitude challenge, beginning on December 3rd celebrating 2014. Join in the fun and share what y…