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Thankful for my daughters

It's January 7th and we will be taking down all of our Christmas decorations today. I am thankful to have our Christmas tree's lights and that wonderful pine smell! Today I am thankful for getting to spend some time with my daughters. I am also thankful to be feeling better after having a cold for the past few days!

Thanks to my daughter Liz who brought some hot tea with honey and lemon. We enjoyed watching the dvd Spy. I managed to laugh and sneeze through the movie under a comfy blanket on the couch.Thanks to my daughter Becky who brought me to work and picked me up! Feels good to be driven around after being a taxi mom after all of these years.Thanks to Becky and Liz for joining me for lunch out today. We had fun sharing a meal and good conversation.Thanks to my daughter Liz for making dinner tonight while I was working. It was so great to come home to spaghetti with meat sauce. Yum!! Love a home cooked meal from my daughter. It may be one of the best simple joys ever. Woul…

Take the #JanuaryGratitudeChallenge to start your 2016 New Year's Resolutions

Happy 2016! The new year is filled with promise, a fresh start and lofty goals. A time to reflect and steer our lives on a course for new adventures. I am always thoughtful this time of year. I enjoy looking back on the previous years adventures. I love looking at all the pictures from my phone that I have taken. They remind me of the places, people and beauty I've seen. I must admit I enjoyed 2015! I was having such a good time I got out of the habit of journaling about the good things that I am grateful for each day.

I need a reboot! I've decided to start get back to basics and share what I am grateful for. I encourage you to go along with me on this journey!

You can join in the fun in January by tweeting what your grateful using the #JanuaryGratitudeChallenge. I will be tweeting gratitude prompts during the month of January to help you share your simple joys! Join in the fun by taking a daily gratitude break and share something your thankful for. I will be retweeting your …