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Sharing thanks for watching kids climbing trees at the Arbor Day Festival at Planting Fields Arboretum

Ahhh to be 10 again. I enjoyed watching these courageous kids climbing this tall tree and have the experience of being among the high branches. It was a gorgeous Sunday at the Arbor Festival at Planting Fields Arboretum. I was so so happy to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Here is what I was thankful for!
I was thankful to see families enjoy this beautiful state park. The magnolia trees were beautiful shades of pink and purples.I was thankful to see 5 happy wedding couples getting there wedding pictures taken at planting fields.I was thankful to see kids running around the great lawns and enjoying the simple joys of nature.I was thankful to see so many people going home with small tree saplings to plant. I invite you to share a small joy of nature that you are thankful for!

Sharing thanks for Michael Bublé Sings in NYC Subway

Love this video of Michael Buble singing in the 66th Street Lincoln Center NYC Subway station. This is what I love about NYC you never know what you are going to see and hear when you ride the subway. Love the acapella group and the tile acoustics. What a way to visit Lincoln Center by subway!

Sharing thanks for a meditation break by Deepak Chopra!

Enjoy this Ocean Guided Meditation video with Deepak Chopra. I watched it, and it took me to a state of beautiful calm! Namaste!

I loved taking this picture. Looking at this peaceful Buddha statue meditating next to his tree provides me with an instant moment of calm. What is amazing is that these instant moments of calm are available to us everyday if we choose to stop and savor a moment, take a deep breath and count to 4, repeatedly. Studying music gives us the ability to learn to count measures. There is something very relaxing about counting measures with people who gather to make music together. The harmony and the counting provide relaxation and the joy of coming together to create beautiful music. I believe by counting measures we are tapping into the rhythm of life. Here is what I was thankful for yesterday.
I was thankful to the waitress at Chili's who found my cell phone for me. What a relief to call the restaurant and hear them say yes we have your cell phone. I took my…

Sharing thanks for standing out! Happy Earth Day!

Last week I got to walk at one of my favorite parks the Norman Levy Preserve. It had closed for a while after hurricane Sandy. I was happy to see it open again and wanted to explore the park. I was thankful to be able to walk and look at the beautiful bays toward Jone's beach again. This huge dandelion caught my eye!
I love bringing my camera to the park. This dandelion looked like a beautiful flower next to the purple wildflowers around us. We all need the courage to stand out. Our differences are what make us more beautiful! Here is what I was thankful for when taking my nature walk. Happy Earth day everyone!

I was happy that the fishing pier at the park withstood the hurricane. I love walking out to the middle of the bay. Sometimes I will lie back on one of the park benches and enjoy meditating and breathing in the sea air. So refreshing!I was thankful to see the Nigerian goats. They got a new barn. They are green energy working goats. They mow the grass in the park by eating i…

Sharing thanks for snaps in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History

We had a fun family weekend in Pittsburgh. My daughter Becky is a junior at the University of Pittsburgh. We enjoyed going to see her Symphony Band concert this weekend. Every time we visit Pittsburgh we visit someplace new. This photo proves museums can be fun to experience. We enjoyed taking these scary snap shots! These crocs reminded us of Flotsum and Jetsum in the little Mermaid. Here is what I was thankful for!
Thanks to the museum we had some family fun. The dinosaur statue outside the museum always we reminds me of dino from "The Flintstones." Enjoyed seeing dinosaur fossils, and even a tarantula! I must admit I loved the gemstones exhibit. Totally recommend taking silly snapshots at the museum!Thanks to Pitt band director Jack Anderson! Congratulations on his retirement. Thanks for fostering my daughter's love of music and the Pitt Marching Band. Thanks for also including all the out of town band members at your family thanksgiving dinner!Thankful that my daught…

Sharing thanks for colorful watering cans to nurture our gardens!

I am loving watching all the gardens in neighborhood start to bloom. I've seen pansies, tulips, jonquils, daffodils, magnolia tress. The world is bursting with beautiful colors and floral fragrances permeate the air. Enjoyed a walking meditation breathing in all of spring. I am thankful I am not an allergy sufferer.
I am thankful for all the kindnesses I have received recently! I'm feeling so supported and loved. It is easy to list my gratitudes today!
Thanks to my parents! Congratulations to them for getting a new car. I was so surprised when they called me and told me they want to gift our family there old car. We have 4 drivers and 2 cars so this extra car will really help us all get where we are going a little easier. My daughters are so excited!I am thankful for my daughter Becky who celebrated her 21st birthday this week. Where did the time go! I am proud of her and the young woman she has become! She is a fun, intelligent, kind, busy, creative, responsible young lady. W…

Sharing thanks for April sunshine!

Even though it is a little brisk out I love basking in the April sunshine today. Spring is showing signs of bursting of life! I am soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the burst of energy it is giving me. I would love to hear about the signs of Spring that you are thankful for! Here are some simple joys that I am appreciating today!
I am thankful for doing a little Spring cleaning. My mom will be so proud I woke up and loaded up the dishwasher, vacuumed the living room, and even changed the cat litter box all before 10:00 am. I enjoy writing and taking beautiful pictures better than cleaning. Although there is nothing better walking into your clean and lemon fresh smelling home! Alright maybe the added aroma of freshly baked scones would make being at home even better. I am thankful to donate! Yesterday I gathered some items to give to Goodwill. It is a great feeling to simplify and give clothes, shoes and gently used household items to a worthy charity. I like Goodwill Industries, th…