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Sharing thanks for gratitude for the stranger who found and returned my daughter's wallet!

I am here to report that their is kindness in the big city of Chicago! I have so many reasons to be thankful today. It is easy to write this blog post because my gratitude is over flowing today.
Thank you to Gene!!! Gene found my daughter's wallet in a cab. He contacted my daughter's podiatrist in Chicago since it had a local phone number to report finding her wallet. The podiatrist called me to give me his contact info. Gene took the time to bring the wallet to my daughter at her apartment at Columbia College. He wanted to make sure Liz got the wallet because there was over $100 in the wallet along with her bank card. This random act of kindness will never be forgotten.I am grateful for all of the rebuilding that has been done at Long Beach. I went for a stroll on the new boardwalk yesterday. It was wonderful to see the people out enjoying the sunshine, a sparkling calm ocean, and this new beautiful wide boardwalk. It was good to see Long Beach returning to be one of the east…

Sharing thanks for trains, planes and automobiles! and "Let's Go Pitt"

It's been a very busy weekend. My daughter Becky is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh. We love to go see a home game at Heinz stadium every fall. This year I have become an empty nester. My younger daughter is freshman at Columbia College in Chicago. So I enjoyed spending 2 days with my daughter in Pittsburgh and 2 days with my daughter in Chicago. Here is what I was thankful for.
I am thankful for the safe travel provided to me by planes, trains and automobiles! My husband loves traveling by train! We started our journey by car to drive to my parents who hosted my dog Oreo for a few days. We took the train to NYC and then Amtrak to Pittsburgh. We even got to go through the famous "Horseshoe Curve". If your a true train enthusiast you know about this engineering marvel that allows trains to go around mountains. We got to Pittsburgh, and walked and caught the 61 Bus to our hotel. Our hotel was near the University of Pittsburgh so we walked to get around. After enjo…

Sharing Thanks for a Mariachi band serinading a Beluga Whale

Seeing this video today gave me a smile. Yes Beluga Whale's do boogie. Music soothes all of our souls!
Here is what I was thankful for today!
Thanks to the postal worker who helped me tape up a box to send a care package out to my daughter in college.Thanks for a beautiful sunny day. I enjoyed walking Oreo around the neighborhood seeing some fall floral color.I am thankful to offer a helping hand to family friends, after they got into a car accident last night. Luckily no one was injured. I was happy to provide a ride.Thanks to my cousin Barbara who sent my daughter a graduation present in the mail. She will be thrilled to get something special in the mail! What made you smile today? If you want to share what your thankful for you can write your thanks in the comments! Tweet your thanks with hashtag #sharingthanks or @sharingthanks.

Sharing thanks for apple picking season!

Happy September everyone! I love stopping at this farm on 9H in the Hudson valley when I am coming home from my parents Adirondack country house. It is apple season! Do you have a favorite? Mine is Granny Smiths! I love the green apple taste with that extra zing of tartness. I love making apple pie this time of year. I have been busy getting my daughter's off to college. I thought this would be a good time to reflect on the summer of 2013 and share what I was most thankful for this summer.
I was thankful to see my daughters Becky and Liz get closer this summer! Becky was Liz's biggest fan at her improv show at the UCBEast comedy club. Liz had a great time taking the improv class at the United Citizens Brigade where she learned the art of long form improv. Every show is a different show. If you are looking for a great place to see improv, they have many shows at a reasonable price at UCBChelsea and UCBEast!I was thankful for all of my beautiful morning walks at Jones Beach Stat…