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Sharing thanks for MAKERS! and teatime.

The magic of tea time!  I heard about MAKERS a documentary that aired on PBS earlier this week! I was so thankful to see a documentary focused on strong courageous women to have changed the world. I am grateful my daughters are growing up in a world where they can dream about doing or being anything thanks to the efforts of these brave women! If you missed the documentary you can go the link above and watch the documentary on your your computer. They also have a blog and an archive of amazing women telling their personal stories.Yesterday was a cold rainy dreary day on Long Island. I love a good hot cup of English Breakfast tea to warm me up. I loved this beautiful tea set and thought I would share it with you. Here is what I was thankful for yesterday! I'm so happy for my daughter Becky. She was accepted to a study abroad program in London for the summer. She so excited to study in England. I hope she learns a lot, and gets an opportunity to travel in Europe while she is t

Sharing thanks for yummy hot chocolate in the cool city!

Vanilla Hot Chocolate with a homemade marshmallow from The City Bakery  I had an Oscar worthy weekend! My husband and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary on Saturday. On Sunday I met my friend Ellen in Manhattan to go to a movie screening sponsored by the International Center of Photography, which is where I stumbled upon The City Bakery ! So many reasons to be thankful it is difficult to just pick 4! y The City Bakery on W. 18th St. just south of Fifth Ave. I got so excited seeing the chocolate room my hands were shaking when I took this picture! Goodies from the chocolate room at The City Bakery Enjoyed a romantic dinner with my husband at one of our favorite restaurants on Long Island, Rattlesnake Jones in Merrick. They had a live blues band and the southwestern themed food is always out of this world. It was fun reminiscing about 22 years. It was also good to have a date night out. Thankful for saying yes to an invitation from the International Center of

Sharing thanks for cute animals video

I have been enjoying finding pictures and videos that are joyful to watch. I discovered this video on a website Cute overload ! If you love adorable pictures of animals this site is sure to make you smile. I found this cute animals video on their site by The Humpy Observer. I hope watching it brings you some joy. In honor of the Oscars I have been featuring some joyful and inspiring short video's from You Tube this week. Here is what I was thankful for today: I was thankful for an unexpected visit from my friend Sue this morning. I was having a rough morning today, kind of in a funk, when the doorbell rang. I was thankful it was my good friend Sue with her dog Perry! I invited her in for a cup of tea. After some good conversation, a spot of Yogi green tea my mood lifted. Oreo and Perry enjoyed a dog playdate, and we also took them for a walk. I am so thankful for good friends and real conversations! I am thankful for the school administrators today for helping my daughter add

Sharing thanks for seeing and sharing Zach Sobiech's song "Clouds"

This video is very touching. It has a simple message be grateful and find joy in each day. Zach is dying of cancer and has chosen to live the time he has left to share his music. "Clouds" is a beautiful song and legacy. I am grateful to hear his beautiful music and share a message of hope. He has courage and lives each day with joy instead of focusing on his pain.  Please share!

Sharing thanks for adding Spice!

Potted Herb Garden from Trader Joe's! I love shopping at Trader Joe's! They always have some new healthy new items that I enjoy trying. I went in to the store to buy some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and came out with 2 bags of  groceries! I had a quiet reflective Presidents Day yesterday. Here is what I was thankful for! I enjoy reading the Huffington Post and was inspired by these quotes by some of our past presidents they posted yesterday! Huffington Post's : 12 Quotes to honor country's leaders . Thanks to Trader Joe's for adding spice to my life. Found this gourmet herbs potted herb garden. Enjoying the smell of lemon basil, sage, rosemary, marjaram, thyme, and lemon grass. Love cooking with fresh spices. They enhance the flavor of every dish.  I am thankful for my daughter's podiatrist who's office was open yesterday. He was able to see her yesterday to help ease the foot pain she is in. I was thankful to have a nice family visit with Grandma today

Sharing thanks for playing Gershwin with the South Shore Symphony

South Shore Symphony at the Madison Theater. Can you find me? It's been a windy cold weekend here! Good music and home made cooking have been keeping me warm! I am so blessed to play in the orchestra with the South Shore Symphony . If you live in Long Island check out the website for our spring concert dates and programs.  After a concert I love lingering listening to the lovely melodies that are in my head. Our conductor Scott Jackson Wiley, brings out the best in us! Here is what I was thankful for this weekend. Thankful to be able to play the Gershwin Piano Concerto in F with the beautiful and talented Karen Faust Baer. Bravo on her engaging performance and for the lovely Gershwin encore. Thanks to the timpanist, who met an aspiring classical timpanist after the concert to talk about percussion and music conservatories. Our orchestra loves mentoring high school students and has several students playing with our group. Thanks to my good friends Sue and Mike, and Stella S

25 children share thoughts about Valentine's Day

I was thankful to see this video today. The kids are adorable and it is sure to make you smile! 25 children share thoughts about Valentine's Day

Sharing Sweet? on You Tube! Happy Valentines day!

My daughter Liz is an aspiring deaf film maker! Show some love today by watching and sharing her short romantic video. Let's take it to 1000 views! To everyone who has gotten their heart broken. You are not alone!  Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Sharing thanks for the 100 keys to French Parenting in Pamela Druckerman's book Bebe Day by Day

Tip  46: Teach the Four Magic Words, "Please" "Thank you" (My personal fav!) "Hello" and "Goodbye" I was thankful to be invited to Penguin Press and Go Mighty's book launch party for Bebe Day by Day by Pamela Druckerman. It was wonderful to have a girls night out and learn some easy actionable parent tips. The event was held at the Pasanella & Son on South Street. I am happy to share some of my favorite tips that help develop kids gratitude. I think kids excel at enjoying small moments of wonder, getting excited about bubbles, splashing, chasing fireflies. We need to learn from them to be in awe of the beauty and fun that is always available to us. Pamela recommends in Tip 52: It's Not Just About Outcomes,  "Learn to identify and enjoy what the French call moments privilegies , little pockets of joy or calm when you simply appreciate being together." So many moments to be thankful for yesterday that it is hard to c

Sharing thanks for reconnecting with college friends at the Met!!

Spring tulips It's a dreary rainy day on Long Island that is washing away the snow. These beautiful spring tulips brightened my day. I am so blessed to have a wonderful group of college friends. Sometimes it takes someone visiting from out-of-town to bring our group together! Yesterday we met in NYC and enjoyed seeing the Matisse Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here is what am thankful for! Thanks to Lynn and Chris for visiting New York from Bermuda! It was wonderful to see you and Amanda. You give us a reason to get together in NYC and do something fun. It was inspiring to see the Matisse exhibit with the famous blue dress. Thanks to the wonderful spaces at the Metropolitan museum of art. I love the spacious American Wing Cafe where you can feast your eyes on Tiffany windows and then look at the winter wonderland of Central Park. There is a small sledding hill next to the museum. It was fun watching the kids enjoy sledding down the hill. We even saw a small dog

Sharing thanks for Blue Diamonds and Fairway!

Blue Diamond Orchids at Fairway! I am hoping that these beautiful blue orchids will cheer up my friends in the Northeast preparing for Blizzard Nemo! The colors are vibrant and exotic. I am so happy they built a Fairway in Westbury! I remember shopping in Fairway when I lived in Manhattan in my twenties on the upper west side. That first taste of Bon Amie Raspberry jam, awesome tea assortment and freshly baked baguettes! Here is what I am thankful for today. I am thankful for my power, my heat, the gas in my car, and the groceries I bought from Fairway yesterday. Settling in for some rest and relaxation as I am getting a blizzard on my birthday! I am thankful for the beauty of Spring flowers sold at the Fairway market. I love seeing fresh flowers. They remind me that Spring is around the corner! I love the fragrant smell. Ahhhh! I am thankful for more early birthday presents. My brother and sister-in-law sent me a beautiful Kate Spade Passport Case! Now I just need to plan a tr

Sharing thanks for Puppy Love and Celebrations

Oreo with her heart toy. February is one of my favorite months! I am sharing thanks for everything and everyone I love! I am feeling very loved. My birthday is coming up this Saturday and my friends and family have already begun showering me with love, cards, gifts and wonderful meals! Here is what I am thankful for today! Thanks to Mom and Dad who sent me an early birthday card with a wonderful present. I loved the adorable princess cat on the card. Thanks to my good friend Stella who I met for lunch at Panera yesterday who gave me a lovely card and chic comfortable fabulous pajamas. Now I am ready to curl up with a good book and a hot cup of tea! Thanks to my friend Sejal who treated me to a wonderful birthday lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. I love the Chicken Chipotle Pasta there. I was good and got the strawberries and whip creme for desert instead of the Cheesecake. Do I get extra Spark points for that? Thanks to Kohl's, JC Penney's, Venere's Restaurant, Red

Sharing thanks for KarmaTube: Love Language - A Short Film About How We Connect

KarmaTube: Love Language - A Short Film About How We Connect Sharing thanks for this adorable short film. Love is the universal communication

Sharing thanks for a winter beach drive!

Sunset at Jones Beach Field 10 I love watching the sunset over the water! One of my favorite winter things to do is to take a beach drive before sunset and go to Jones Beach Field 10 by the fishing pier and watch the sun set over the bay. I took this picture on Sunday. It was so relaxing to just sit for 10 minutes and watch the sun sink into the water. I love the purple reflections dancing in the water! We got a light dusting of snow earlier in the day and you can see some of the snow on the rocks. Taking the time to enjoy a tranquil moment of beauty can really boost your mood! Here is what I was thankful for yesterday. I was thankful I mustered up the energy to write a difficult letter. I am thankful that I was able to stop the procrastination and face the music and just write my final letter as a girl scout leader. I loved being involved with girl scouts for my daughters and the wonderful girls I mentored. Now it is on to a new chapter in my life! I was thankful to go to orche

Sharing thanks for collecting Hearts!

Pink floral heart at Micheal's! Happy February! I love taking pictures of hearts. February is a perfect month to celebrate love. I thought it would be fun to share some heart pictures I have taken this year. Looking at these heart pictures brings me joy! I also have a Pinterest Board called  Hearts . I always have fun this time of year finding hearts that make me smile. I am always thankful for the love in my life! Love from nurturing parents, romantic love, loving my daughters, unconditional love from loyal pets, love from friendships. When you perform a loving act it generates warmth that you feel deep down in your heart! My favorite Heart Pictures! Heart in Stream Heart tabletops at Homegoods. Love this store. Daisy Heart Heart Teddy Bears! I was so thankful to get a lovely phone call from my daughter Becky! She called to tell me about a new piece of music that they are doing in her concert band that has a soprano part. It was wonderful to hear her so