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Thankful for the zen of cats who can teach us how to find a sunny spot!

Find your sunny spot! I love observing my cat in the winter who can always find the warmest sunniest spots in my house. What can we do during the winter to bask in the light available to us? How can we steal a few moments of calm and get into that relaxation mode? Here is my top 10 list. I love to hear what you do to let some sunshine in to warm up a winter day.
Sit next to your cat and enjoy the sun's ray of light while you gently pet her. Soak in a hot bath with a good book and a hot cup of tea.Pull up your blinds and draw the curtains and let the light shine in your home.Curl up on the sofa in your living room with a blanket. We have a blanket bin in our living room to enjoy cuddling up while we binge our favorite shows.Fire up the crock pot and make a delicious home made stew or soup.Plant an indoor herb garden. Just breath! Breathe in energy. Exhale and release all your stress energy.Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and call a good friend. Enjoy the warmth of a good conve…