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Sharing thanks for those Silver Linings!

I loved "Silver Linings Playbook". I am rooting for it to win some awards at the Academy awards! It is a wonderful honest movie about coping with bi-polar mental illness. I believe there is a gratitude lesson that would be helpful to everyone. It is easy to be grateful for the good things in life, it takes a wider outlook to try to see the silver linings in life's difficulties! Sometimes things are not always what they appear to be. Difficulties can offer opportunities to grow and change if we can flip they way you view them! Here is what I am thankful today!
I am so thankful for my 2008 Honda EX! Just last week I thought the car's engine was gone.  A local mechanic told us that it could be a $7,000. repair. This lead me to see a new car dealer to see if it might be wiser to get a new car. This helped me to talk to my husband and we came up with a plan together. We decided to take it to the Honda Dealer! Low and behold the Honda Dealer was able to fix the car for a m…

Sharing thanks for beautiful clouds on a cold day!

I love finding something beautiful in an unexpected place. Let's play a game. Here is a question of the day! Guess where I took today's photo! Just list your guesses in the comments along with something you saw that was beautiful! I listen to the Pulse on XM radio in the mornings and they have a question of the day game with no prizes. I am always amazed how people enjoy just playing and calling in to see if they have the right answer. It is so important to play in life! I appreciate being around people who love to play! Here are my thanks for today!
I am so thankful to get my car back from the dealer today. Last week I thought my car's engine was dying. I love my Honda Odyssey! We have had so many great road trips with this car that I was heart broken. Millennium Honda was able to diagnose the noise and it turned out to be a timing problem. I loved driving my car home today. It was so quiet and felt like a brand new car!I am grateful for being able to save some money toda…

Sharing thanks for a rest and some TLC!

Sometimes your body tells you it's time to rest! I caught my daughter's cold and have been enjoying staying at home resting. Instead of feeling miserable I have decided to take this message from my body and get some good hard earned rest. If feels good to get tender loving care from my family while I am recovering. Before I got sick I was at Target doing some grocery shopping earlier this week and saw this adorable heart ducky. I enjoy this time of year where we celebrate love. I believe we should celebrate love everyday and I have a  board totally dedicated to hearts on Pinterest! This is a fun time of year to pin great heart shaped items. Here is what I am thankful for:
My husband washed all the sheets and blankets in my house! It is wonderful to fall asleep with clean sheets and blankets. This made me feel better!I was thankful to make home made chicken soup for my family. They say chicken soup can help cure your cold. Since my husband, my daughter and I all caught this col…

Sharing thanks for giving to a good cause!

I love when I can perform an act of kindness, by donating to a worthy cause. We have a few good family friends who have Juvenile Diabetes. It's a tough disease and I admire the two young women I  know who live with it courageously and gracefully. It always feels good to perform acts of kindness! I was thankful today for Jake's Wayback Burger's in East Meadow who participated in this JDRF fundraiser and made it easy for my to donate! If you want to be truly be inspired about Random Acts of Kindness you should read about Ryan at 366 Random Acts of Kindness
Ryan performed 366 Random acts of kindness for one year. His acts had a ripple effect and inspired countless other people to be kind! Here is what I was thankful for yesterday!
 Thanks to Jack's Wayback Burger's for raising money for JDRF. They make a great fresh hamburger and I enjoyed being able to perform an act of kindness by donating to JDRF.Thanks to my daughter Liz who made me some hot tea yesterday. I starte…

Sharing thanks for our Christmas Tree

I am grateful for my Christmas tree. We took down our beautiful tree after Epiphany this week. This was one of the fullest trees we have gotten and just looking at it every morning got my day off to a great start! We get a live tree every year. Our family piles into the car and heads off to 10000 trees and walks around until we find "The Tree!" The reason we have a real Christmas tree is a good story. When we first bought our house over 20 years ago we discussed whether we should get a real or an artificial tree. I love the smell of pine and wanted the beauty of a real Christmas tree. My husband is more practical and wanted to buy an artificial tree, they are safer, and in the long run more economical. Mother Nature settled our argument when a tree fell down during a Nor Easter in our backyard. We cut off the top of the tree and it was our first Christmas tree! We have gotten a real tree ever since. January has gotten off to a wonderful start! So many reasons to be thankful…

Sharing thanks for a gratitude moments jar!

I had a wonderful busy weekend. Lots of moments to be grateful for! We got together with our good friends Liz and Tom over the weekend. We went to see Hyde Park on Hudson at the Cinema Arts Center on Saturday and went back to their house for some coffee. That is when I spotted my friends Gratitude Moments Jar! Every night, everyone in the family writes down one moment they are grateful for that day. This helps kids and adults get in the habit of saying thank you and focusing on a good moment! On New Year's Eve the family will gather and read all the moments. What a great way to remember a year!  I love this idea and I'm going to start my own gratitude jar. Here is what I was thankful for this weekend:
Thanks to for listing rush ticket information. We got rush tickets to Spiderman: Turn off the Dark on broadway for just $39 a ticket. Had so much fun seeing the show and watching the actor's fly fearlessly!Thanks to Nizza for it's Gluten Free Menu. My daughte…

Sharing thanks for setting goals for 2013

Happy 2013! Welcome to a new year filled with promise. New Years Day gives us a chance to reflect. We think about how we want to change. A new year feels like a clean slate which we can write a new story to improve our lives. I like to set goals for the new year, rather than resolutions. This helps me make a plan on how I can achieve my goals. One of my goals this year is to be healthier and lose some weight. This goal is going to require that I change some of my habits. I am starting out by making small mini goals. This will help me get into better habits gradually. Life is always changing and the more we can embrace this the more we can open ourselves up to opportunities and enjoying what we are doing right now! Another goal I have is to find a full time job! I am thankful to friends and family who will support me to help me achieve these goals. I am also thankful for myself for having the wisdom to make some changes for the better. Here is what I am thankful for today.
I am thankfu…