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Sharing thanks for a Happiness Experiment on Gratitude from Soul Pancake

I was thankful to see this video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Call someone up and tell them all the reasons you are thankful for them. I guarantee you will both feel happier!

Sharing thanks for Loon Lake

My dad, taking us for a boat ride on Loon Lake! I realized I have been blogging a lot about being by the water. I guess that makes sense since I am an Aquarius. Loon Lake in the Adirondacks is one of my favorite places to boat, swim, kayak, and jump off the dock to feel like I'm 11 again. My daughter Becky wanted to spend sometime upstate since she missed our July 4th outing. I enjoyed another girls only road trip up to the Adirondacks. Here is what I was thankful for! Thanks to my parents who watched my dog Oreo for us while we were in Chicago. Oreo liked the freedom of running around their 1 acre mowed yard at the country house. I am sure my parents cats, Beauty and Mittens were happy to see Oreo go home! Thanks to my parents for taking us out to the Stony Creek Inn for some music and Mexican food. One of the great things about living in the Adirondacks is all the great free live music that you can see. We enjoyed listening to a great blues band the John Heely Band. It is

Sharing thanks for seaspray from a Speedboat!

My daughter Becky on a Seadog Speedboat ride in Chicago I have been posting photos to help you stay cool! I recently had a wonderful time visiting Chicago with my 2 daughters! We loved our Seadog speedboat ride on Lake Michigan! I love this picture of Becky with her hair flying in the breeze! Here is what I was thankful for! I was thankful to take a road trip with my two daughters to Chicago! We had fun spending five days together. We lunched in western Pennsylvania and spent our first night near Cedar Creek Park on the Ohio shoreline! It was pouring buckets of rain, but we enjoyed a lake view at a nice restaurant by the lake. I was thankful to get tickets to a show at Second City . We enjoyed the improv comedy show. My daughter Liz had the thrill of being asked where she worked! She said she was unemployed! We had a good laugh, when we told her she could have said she is a college student! We heard a funny joke that we keep telling to remind us of the trip. What did the big tom

Sharing thanks for "Kindness Changes Everything" Song - Pay It Forward

Love this short video to spread the ripples of kindness. View and be inspired by these kids!

Sharing thanks for an Adirondack getaway!

Waiting for the fireworks at Schroon lake.  I love being able to take vacation over the summer. Our family is so lucky to have a retreat in the Adirondack's. Over 20 years ago my parents bought a house in the country nestled in the Adirondacks next to a small stream. My kids have always loved visiting Grannie and Papa Ron in the country house. We were fortunate to be able to spend July 4th weekend upstate. Here is what I was thankful for! I was thankful for the patriotic upstate Adirondack spirit. You can see fireworks every night for a week in the country. All the small towns have July 4th celebrations, chicken barbecues, small parades. It was fun to see so many people at Schroon Lake dressed in red, white and blue! I was thankful to get parking at Schroon Lake. We were so lucky to get a good spot for an easy walk to the beach. I enjoyed getting there an hour early sitting by the lake, listening to "God Bless America" being sung by a local chorus. I loved watching

Sharing thanks for walking the blue carpet to COOL!

The blue carpet at Jones Beach State Park, Parking Field 6 We are having a heat wave this week in New York. I am thankful for all the different ways I tried to stay cool today. Hope you are drinking lots of water, and using sunscreen! Here is what I was thankful for today! I took a morning walk at Jones Beach with my good friend Susan today. We walked the blue carpet down to the beach and cooled off walking next to the ocean. Love walking along the shore and getting my feet wet. Everyone is happy at the beach. It's fun to see kids jumping the waves and building sand forts and castles! I am thankful for my good friends the Gera's! It was fun meeting them for lunch today at On the Border and catching up with each other. We enjoyed watching our waiter make guacamole at our table! It was fresh and delicious. The air conditioning was blasting and I loved sipping my peach iced tea.  Thankful for some relaxing summer time! After lunch I spent some lazy couch time with my new

Sharing thanks for Hollywood Heartthrobs

Whitehouse Down Movie Trailer, I'm a big Channing Tatum fan! One of the things I love about going to the movies is seeing my Hollywood Heartthrobs. I remember growing up and those first crushes. I was a big Robert Redford fan! For me it was not just about looks my favorite actors could also act. My favorite movies were "The Sting," "Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid" and the most romantic movie, "The Way We Were" Robert Redford will by Gatsby to me although I though Leonardo DiCaprio did Gatsby proud as well, "Old Sport!" I would love to hear about the Hollywood hunks that you were thankful for growing up. Here is what I was thankful for! Sharing thanks for seeing Channing Tatum stay alive in a movie! The last two films I saw Channing in, his characters died way to early. I was thankful to see him stay alive in Whitehouse Down ! Sharing thanks for seeing Whitehouse Down with my daughter Liz and our good friend Bika! We all enjoy