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Sharing Thanks For Meditation Tuesdays at the Library

Sometimes the best things in life are free! Take the time to see what your local library has to offer. Connecting with people in your community is in an easy way to enjoy your life. Being part of  a group can add energy to your life. I started my morning today in this amazing Meditation class. Here is what I am thankful for about meditating!

I am thankful that Meditation allows me to sit in the quiet moment and focus on my breath! I focus on breathing in energy and breathing out a relaxing AHHHH! of stress.I am thankful that every week Ariel, the man who leads this Meditation class makes it new and interesting. The hour flies by and I applaud his efforts to provide new visualizations and affirmations everyweek.  You can visit Ariel's website at Energy Shift Yoga. Find out about the free meditation class he offers on Saturday mornings at 9:30 am!I am thankful to have bathed in a rainbow of light during the meditation class this morning. I am thankful that this meditation class allo…

Sharing thanks for Bermuda Blues and sisterhood!

It's amazing how rejuvenating a vacation can be. I have taken a virtual vacation for the past few months and it feels great to be writing a blog post for sharing thanks today!  In March my 12 year old computer got a virus! Today I am happy to be blogging from my new Lenovo and am learning Windows 8! Being offline for a few months forced me to venture outside more and I was surprised how much more time I had. I am going to be starting a blogging calendar and try to work more efficiently. Sometimes something good can come out of adversity. Enough of my blogging blues and more about sharing what I am thankful for from my recent Bermuda Breakaway vacation with my friends from college.

I am thankful to just look at this picture from my phone and get lost in all the amazing blues of Bermuda waters. Thanks to Liz and Ellen who encourage me to crash the sigma kappa reunion cruise to visit our friend Lynn in Bermuda!I am thankful to be an honorary Sigma Kappa from UMass! I was thankful to …