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Sharing thanks for dogs playing soccer!

It was a beautiful day to be out in the backyard with my friend Stella and our dogs Oreo and Trixie! We had so much fun watching Trixie and Oreo chase a soccer ball. Trixie is amazing at dribbling a ball! I miss those days when my kids would be playing outside in the small plastic pools! Here is what I was thankful for today.
Thanks for the delicious limeade and invite to hang out in the backyard Stella. Oreo enjoyed playing soccer with Trixie in the backyard. I was thankful that the dogs were safe when the ball slipped below the fence and into the street.Thanks to my daughter Becky who was teaching me about twitter. I set up a twitter account today! I'm @sharingthanks if you would like to tweet me or follow me on twitter.I am grateful that my daughter Liz's ankles are getting better. Liz is using the smaller aircast instead of the bigboot. Thanks to her great physical therapist Pete who has been helping her improve both of her ankles strength!I am so grateful to have good fri…

Sharing thanks for a lazy rainy day!

I always think of my mom when I see Queen Anne's Lace! She loves to press them in a cool hand-made flower press she made. They look like lace and she used them to adorn wedding invitations which she would decorate with beautiful pressed flowers in a beautiful handcrafted glass frame. Yesterday it rained on and off for most of the day. Here is what I was thankful for on the lazy rainy day!

I was grateful to be able to hit the snooze button and sleep late until 10 am. I felt decadent sleeping in and I thoroughly enjoyed  catching some extra zzzzzz's.I was thankful that I put an umbrella in my car. When I went to the movie theater there was a torrential downpour! Although it's fun walking in a summer rain I was happy to have my umbrella so I did not have to sit in wet clothes at the movie theater.Thanks for a fun afternoon movie with my daughter Liz. She wanted to see the new Step Up Revolution movie! The movie beat my expectations. I loved the dance sequence in the art museu…

Sharing thanks for Hairspray from Second Stage!

I took this picture at a recent hike at the Norman Levy Preserve. When I was growing up Jonathon Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach was one of my favorite books. I loved reading about a seagull who lived to fly and soar! He did this by practicing and trying new ways to soar. I got caught up in my daughter's hectic schedule for tech week for Hairspray and I am sorry to have been neglecting my blog! We all have good days and bad days and it takes practice to appreciate the goodness on any day. Looking at this picture of the seagull taking flight on the pond will encourage me to soar and practice my gratitude! Here are my thanks for yesterday.
I was thankful to see Hairspray performed by Second Stage productions at Molloy College. My daughter Becky is in the ensemble and she was beaming on stage.Thanks to the wonderful young performers who sang their hearts out yesterday! It was a joy to watch the show and see some of Becky's friends soar. Dylan made a great Corny Collins! I have…

Sharing thanks for fresh produce

When I was driving home from the Adirondack's I love to take the back roads past the farms and pick up some wonderful fresh produce. I stopped at this Love Apples Farm  and got fresh peaches, blackberries and red potatoes. The difference between fresh produce and supermarket produce is remarkable. Here is what I was thankful for yesterday.
I am thankful to be eating more fruits and vegetables. Enjoyed a juicy peach from Love Apples Farm. Nothing better than a good fresh peach!Thanks to the nice lady on line ahead of us at Micheals. She gave us a 40% off coupon. I love saving money. Since I have started sharing thanks I am amazed how giving people are. I am grateful for taking my dog Oreo on a nice walk around the block. A man on a bicycle stopped and gave me some dog supplies. How kind of him.I was grateful to host a craft night for Liz and her friend Kavita. Liz was painting and Kavita loves decoupaging. I love fostering people's creative side. I invite you to share something…

Sharing thanks for Sunflowers

I loved my scenic drive home from the Adirondacks with my daughter Becky. Sometimes it is wonderful to get off the parkway and take some country roads. I love driving this drive Rt 9 to Rt 9H which takes me by some wonderful farms in Hudson New York. I was able to pickup some freshly picked peaches and gorgeous blackberries from Love Apples Farm on the way home. Here is what I was thankful for.
Thanks to my Mom and Dad who took great care of my dog Oreo when I was away in California. We enjoyed visiting their Adirondack house and my dog loved running outside in their huge country backyard.I was grateful to be able to spend some quality time with my older daughter Becky. We enjoyed a wonderful production of, "Next to Normal" at the Woods theater in Glens Falls. The show was thought provoking and the performances were heartfelt and powerful. Thanks to Mom and Dad who treated to the show.I am thankful to Ben at Socapa! My daughter Liz got hurt and he made sure she got the medic…

Sharing thanks for Malibu Creek State Park and enjoying the natural beauty of California

California has some beautiful state parks. We were staying in Agoura Hills, and had the chance to drive through the canyons on the way to the Pacific Coast Highway near Malibu. There are a lot of California State parks in the Santa Monica Mountains. Here is what I was thankful for during my stay in Agoura Hills.

I was grateful to visit Malibu Creek State Park. We were able to take a short hike in the Santa Monica Mountains. It was fun to see people swimming in the creeks in the swimming hole there. Malibu Creek State Park is famous as it was used as the backdrop for the MASH tv set. When you are there you get this deja vu feeling, that you have seen the beauty before.I was thankful for watching the sunset into the Pacific Ocean at Point Dumes State park in Malibu. Watching the sunset is a Californian ritual! Many people drive down to the water to watch the sunset and enjoy some quality  family time. Thanks to our hotel, who had a hot tub! I really enjoyed taking a night soak and looki…

Sharing thanks for vacation in California

Just got back from vacation in California! So many reasons to be thankful to report. I was lucky to have a week off to relax and enjoy the beautiful California coastline. I'll be sharing what I was thankful for on my trip all week on my blog. One of things I have noticed about having an attitude of gratitude, is that the universe provides me with more niceties to be grateful for.
On my flight out to Los Angeles we met a nice youth group that was starting their journey on a community service trip. The young man sitting next to us, found a seat closer to his friends and that left us with an empty middle seat for our flight. It is wonderful to have some extra room on the flight!I am grateful for safe travels! I get pretty religious when I am flying especially during takeoff and landing. I was happy to have good traveling weather both ways on my trip. Thanks to the pilots who provided with a smooth ride with a limited amount of turbulence.Thanks to Dollar rent a car, I got to drive a …