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Sharing thanks for Fall's changing colors.

Fall is a week old already and I am starting to see signs of change on my neighborhood dog walks! I love seeing the trees change colors and celebrate nature's artistry. Change can be good. Change means growth! We live in a world where we resist change, we want things to be the same. Life changes every second of everyday. You can see these changes in nature. You can see a beautiful sunset and vibrant colors and a minute later a deep blue sky with no memory of the glorious color that came before. The rate of change in our modern world is staggering. When I upgraded my cell phone from two years ago, it amazing what new features are available in just 2 years time. We all need to be look at change as a friend, as innovation, as a way to learn something new! Enjoy the change of the seasons! Here is what I was thankful for yesterday.
Thankful to see this vibrant red leaf while walking my dog Oreo around the neighborhood. I love capturing this beauty with my camera.Thankful to have woken …

Sharing thanks for sparkling water

We have had some beautiful weather the past few days on Long Island. Loved visiting the fishing pier at Jones Beach State Park with my camera. I had a serendipity Saturday! Here is what I was thankful for.
Thanks to good friends. I enjoyed getting a spontaneous text from my friend Ellen to meet in NYC when I was in NYC! Sometimes last minute plans turn out to be the best plans.Thanks to the School of Visual Arts and its great pre-college Saturday program. My daughter Liz enjoyed her first class very much. Thanks to her instructor who lent her money to buy a soft drink during the break.I was thankful that the School of Visual Arts was wheelchair friendly and my daughter was able to attend while she is healing from yet another ankle sprain.Thanks to a wonderful lunch at Pete's Tavern with Ellen, Ally, Kevin and Liz. We enjoyed delicious food and great conversation. I enjoyed walking around gramercy park! I look forward to hearing what you are thankful for!

Sharing thanks for kind notes, words and deeds.

I was away in Pittsburgh, visiting my daughter Becky at the University of Pittsburgh. Every fall we love to go down for a long weekend to see a football game and watch Becky perform in the marching band. College football is fun to watch! When Pitt scores a touchdown the crowd does push-ups using people in the crowd. Team spirit, the panther mascot, it is a fun experience. We enjoyed spending some time with Becky! Unfortunately my younger daughter sprained her ankle and needed to go to first aide at Heinz stadium. The medical staff there was helpful in getting her to the emergency room. Kindness can help make a tough situation more bearable. Here are my thanks for everyone who has helped us during the past few days.
Thanks to the kind medical staff at Heinz stadium, the EMTs, and the emergency room staff at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Their good humor and efficient treatment was greatly appreciated. One nurse could have been a stand up comedian, he really gave us a chu…

Sharing thanks for seeing the world through a child's eyes of wonder.

Today was a beautiful top ten day. High 70s, low humidity, blue sky with fluffy clouds. I started out my morning with a gently hike at the Norman Levy Preserve. I was walking behind a family with 4 adorable kids. It was joyful to see the excitement these kids got out of seeing a fuzzy caterpillar, or a school of fish swirling around us under the pier.We should all try to see things with the wonder and joyful enthusiasm of a three or four year old. Here are my thanks for today!
Thankful for a beautiful hike at the Norman Levy Preserve. I enjoyed walking in the sunshine. Loved seeing a few wildflowers which stood out against the green wild grasses!Thankful to hear children's excitement over seeing a school of fly fish swirling around under the pier. I love to lie down on one of the benches and meditate for a few minutes and feel the bay breezes on my face. I awakened to kids excited voices seeing the school of fish. A wonderful glorious moment of joy!Thanks to Liz and Tom for inviti…

Sharing thanks for caring friends!

My daughter Liz went back to school this week. My pup, Oreo has been keeping me company! She loves to go for a drive. Sometimes we even go together to pick up Liz from school. This week I was a caring friend. I enjoy helping people when I can. We all need each other! Life is more fun together than alone.
Here are my thanks for today:
I enjoyed meeting my friend Sejal for coffee at Dunkin Donuts. We enjoy listening to each other, laughing together, and helping each other out. With back to school comes the emergency forms. I am thankful to have some friends who I know I can count on. We look out for each others kids and help when we can. I am thankful for my dog Oreo. She helps me get exercise. I walk her 4 times a day and we both enjoy strolling around the neighborhood. I love walking her at night after the sun goes down. The blue sky with the stars beginning to glimmer always makes me smile.I am grateful to my good friend Liz. We got to meet for lunch today. We always make each other …

Sharing thanks for a new school year!

Today my daughter Liz started her senior year of high school. My older daughter Becky is a junior at University of Pitt. I wish them both a good year of learning. I enjoyed a relaxing labor day weekend and today feels like a new beginning. Liz and I had lunch at Mama T's and she was thankful to get this adorable sock monkey from my good friend Sejal. Liz had made a film with a sock monkey over the summer which I posted in July. Here is what I am thankful for.
Thinking of the citizens of Costa Rico. I was very thankful to reach my brother Stephen today after hearing about a big earthquake in Costa Rico. Thanks to electronic media I was happy to hear from him right away. Glad your safe! Grateful for a nice start to school for Liz. She looked pretty on her first day as a senior.Thanks to the few customers who came and bought a few items at our garage sale on Sunday. We had a garage sale which was a great way to try to find new homes for items. We made $15 from the sale and then donat…