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Thanks for a Happy New Year's Eve

I got home from NYC at 1:30 am last night and did not get a chance to post my gratitude for the day. Tonight I'm going to post early and combine my thanks from yesterday and today. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, joyful, prosperous, appreciative 2012! 1) Thanks to Billy for acting for my daughter Liz's film on Tennessee Williams. He was such a good sport about helping her out. 2) Thanks to good friends, the Gera's who we enjoyed spending time with today! 3) Thanks to Benny's Burrito's! Had a delicious spinach burrito yesterday on a double date with my husband and some great friends. It was so much fun walking around Greenwich Village enjoying the sights. I love the energy of the city. 4) Thanks to good memories of my grandma Harriet, who I always remember today. She was a party girl and her birthday was on New Year's Eve.

Sharing thanks for good friends

I'm posting late tonight. We had a nice dinner party with friends to celebrate my husband's birthday. This will be a short post, it's late, and I am a happy tired. 1) Thanks to Sue and Mike for coming over to celebrate Spencer's birthday. We had a nice time together catching up. I met Sue when our kids started kindergarten together! 2) Thanks to Oreo for your playful spirit. I enjoyed playing frisbee with you today. 3) Thanks to Becky's friend Billy who has agreed to act in Liz's film project about Tennesee Williams. 4) Thanks to my daughter Liz who helped me bake and get ready for the dinner party tonight.

It's a Wonderful Wednesday

Red Berries on a December Day, 12/26/11 I enjoy taking and sharing pictures. Some days I am able to snap a small moment of natural beauty with my camera. If I can, I try to include a picture for each blog post. I saw these berries recently when I was walking around New Hope, Pa. They seemed like natural Christmas decorations! 1) I enjoyed driving around looking at Christmas lights with my daughter Liz tonight on our way to visit Grandma. 2) I am grateful for my sister-in-law Laurie who made a wonderful birthday dinner for my husband tonight. He loves lasagna! The whole meal was delicious. It was nice to see grandma smiling at the dinner table enjoying the fun. 3) I am thankful that my daughter Liz is getting an early start on her Tennessee Williams research paper and project. It is nice to see her enthusiastic about doing her schoolwork. 4) Thanks to Sejal who gave me some great information on Able ride that I could share with Laurie, and Grandma. Sejal is a good dear frien

Sharing Thanks for reading Family Circle in the Bath

Winter Pansy, December 26, 2011 I love pansies! I was surprised to see this pansy plant blooming in the winter in New Hope yesterday. Today was a nice lazy day. This was much welcome after all of the hustle and bustle. 1) I am thankful for enjoying a hot bath and reading the new issue of Family Circle that came in the mail today. Liked the Be Happy Now article which listed, "Appreciate the little things." as a simple mood boosting strategy. You can share your get-happy secrets at 2) I am thankful to the Feher's who did a great job watching Oreo while we were away in New Hope. Oreo seemed so comfortable at their house and she really enjoyed playing with their dog, a long-haired chihuahua. Thanks to my daughter Becky's friend Jimmy! 3) I am thankful for good holiday dinner leftovers. We enjoyed the ham for dinner tonight. So nice to heat up warm homemade comfort food. 4) I enjoyed having a fun movie afternoon with my daughters. We sa

Merry Christmas Thanks

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. I am so grateful for everyone's generosity. I am posting a day late because I celebrated Christmas night in Pennsylvania. Here are the things I am most thankful for the past two days! 1) Thankful for a peaceful, happy Christmas morning. We enjoyed opening up gifts in the morning. I loved all of the gifts. The P coats I bought for my husband and daughter fit them perfectly! They looked cute wearing them to church yesterday. My daughter Liz loved her film editing keyboard. It's nice to see the joy on their faces! 2) Thankful to go to mass as a family. The priest gave a good sermon this morning about seeing things differently. It was nice to pray and sing Christmas carols together. 3) I am grateful that my mother-in-law got to enjoy Christmas. Laurie and Toto made a beautiful lamb dinner and we had a nice time together. Grandma enjoyed the homemade cookies my daughters baked for her this morning. 4) I am thankful to the Kerr's who ho

Twas the Night Before Christmas to Share Thanks and Joyous Voices

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas Eve. We had our annual party tonight so I am posting very late tonite! It's nice to celebrate with good friends and family. We had about 18 people all together, which was one of our smaller parties. 1) I am grateful to my daughter Liz who helped me cook for the party. She is an excellent potato peeler! 2) I am thankful for my daughter Becky who pitched in and wrapped some presents for me and helped all our guests with their coats. 3) Thanks to my husband Spencer who barbequed our famous Christmas Eve London Broil with a teriyaki, maple syrup marinade. 4) Thanks to everyone who sang their hearts out to the 12 Days of Christmas. Had so much fun playing for the piano while everyone sang their favorite Holiday songs. Thanks to the all the guests for playing my Christmas Eve rendition of charades. I love games at a party.

Sharing Thanks on the Night before Christmas Eve

Panera's new gift card holder, December 2012 We are busy getting ready for our annual Christmas eve party. Enjoying the hustle and bustle of the season. Many reasons to be thankful today. 1) My good friend Stella called me this morning and treated us both to a reflexology massage this morning. I nice way to relax and unwind. Then we enjoyed catching up over lunch at Panera. 2) I'm thankful for my daughter Liz who helped me go grocery shopping for the party tomorrow. 3) Grateful for some wonderful family time tonight where we decorated our Christmas tree together. We have so many ornaments with different memories attached to them. 4) Thankful to be listening to some holiday music while I'm sharing thanks tonight. Also enjoyed practicing some Christmas carols on the piano so we can all enjoy singing tomorrow night! Enjoy the season!

Sharing thanks for Christmas Break

My daughter Liz had her last day of school of today, my husband took off from work, and my daughter Becky is home from college. We are on a break. Can't wait to sleep late tomorrow! So many things to be grateful for today. 1) Went to Panera today to buy some giftcards, and what did I find printed on the gift card? "Share thanks" This put a smile on my face. 2) Thanks to my mom who treated me to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. We enjoyed sharing good news and had a great conversation discussing how our brains our wired for spirituality. 3) I am thankful for good friends. We had dinner with the Gera's tonight and had a lot of laughs together. Tonight it was balloon night at "On the Border". Even though we are all basically teens and adults it is still fun to act like a kid and marvel at balloon magical creations. 4) I am happy that I was able to finish my holiday shopping today. I was also thankful to find gifts that I was looking for easily. I wa

Sharing thanks by celebrating everyday

Happy Hanukkah! I overheard some profound wisdom today. I was getting some iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts this morning and the man ahead of me asked the cashier, "Do you celebrate Christmas." She politely answered no. The man asked, well "What holidays do you celebrate?" She answered smiling, "I celebrate everyday." 1) The first thing I am grateful for is being at Dunkin Donuts to overhear this "I celebrate everyday." wisdom from the cashier. 2) I am thankful that Liz is feeling better and had a good day at school today. 3) I am thankful for having a fun late afternoon at the movies, to see Chipwrecked with both of my daughters. We especially liked the Chipettes rendition of "I Whip My Tail." 4) I am thankful for the nice holiday cards I received in the mail. I love the picture cards and seeing smiling faces wishing our family a Happy New Year!

Thankful for a topsy-turvy Tuesday

Reading this blog is like unraveling a mystery about who I am. Each post reveals something different about me. I had fun teaching music lessons today. I try to find easy holiday music to teach my students so they can enjoy sharing songs with their families. I had fun wearing my Nutcracker holiday vest. Today was one of those ying-yang days. It had its challenges, and the day improved enough that I can easily share four things I am grateful for. 1) I am grateful for my wonderful music students. One of my new violin students gave me an eraser with the word Ugh on it. This made me laugh, it may be the perfect word for an eraser. I could picture myself making myself make a mistake, saying ugh and erasing my words. 2) I am grateful for spending some quality time with both of my daughter's Becky and Liz tonight doing some Christmas shopping together. 3) I am thankful for the ipod audio cord in the car which lets my daughter play their music so we can enjoy listening to songs togeth

Sharing thanks on a cold Monday

The temperature has dropped! It was 19 degrees last night. Brrrr. Today was not the easiest day so I'm going to be thankful for the folks who helped make it a little better. 1) Thanks to the dog groomer at Petco. Oreo got her first full groom today and she looks so different. Thanks to a co-worker at Petco who does dog training who helped calm Oreo down so she could be groomed and get her Christmas green bow. 2) Thanks to Dr. Altman who made time to see Liz today and helped make her feel better. 3) Thanks to our health insurance company who sent me a check for the claims I filed promptly. This is a really good time of year to get some money back. 4) Thanks to the Brown family from Bermuda. Enjoyed getting your sunny Christmas card today.

Sharing Thanks for Potato Latkes

Our family had an early Hanukkah party at my parents house tonight. It's a few days until Hanukkah but our family has a tradition of celebrating holidays when we can all get together. It was nice seeing my brother and his family. I'm super tired tonight, and I am committed to sharing thanks everyday. 1) I'm grateful to watch the cousins play a fun game of boggle tonight. 2) I'm grateful to my parents for setting a beautiful table and for the delicious meal, generous gifts and their love. My mom made fabric wallets which the grandkids all loved. 3) I'm grateful the my nieces loved the headphone earmuffs we gave them. It's fun to see someone open a gift and really enjoy receiving something unexpected. 4) I'm grateful for my nephew David's photos. He is really developing into a talented photographer. I will enjoy showcasing them in my home.

Sharing Thanks for Small Saturday Kindnesses

My Cat, December, 17 2011 It's been another beautiful sunny December Day. I'm busy getting ready for the holidays. I am lucky to be in an extended family that come from different faiths. We enjoy each others traditions and get to celebrate many different holidays. We are getting ready for Christmas at our house. It's the small kindnesses that I am grateful for today. 1) I was grateful for finding a parking space at the very crowded mall today. When you get a space quickly without having to drive around it is a blessing. 2) I was grateful for my husband's help in cleaning the living room in preparation for getting our Christmas tree tonight. It was nice to work together. Our cat Sasha loves the Christmas tree. She loves to sleep underneath it. We are lucky that she does not try to play with the ornaments. 3) I was grateful at the busy stores I shopped at today that the long lines moved quickly. 4) I am grateful for my cat Sasha, who came and sat on my lap toda

Sharing thanks for Neverland

I'm posting very late tonight. Just got home from NYC. I love New York at this time of year. My daughter Becky goes to school in Pittsburgh and was taking the bus home tonight from college. Her bus was supposed to get in around Midnight so my other daughter Liz and I decided to make a fun night in New York before meeting the bus. Liz has always loved Peter Pan so we decided to get tickets to the show starring Cathy Rigby at Madison Square Garden. I really admire her spunk, she has to be older than me and flies around the stage with the vigor of a 13 year old boy! So many people to thank tonight! 1) Thanks to the disability service line who were able to sell us the tickets to the show tonight and provide a good assistive listening device so Liz could enjoy the show! 2) Thanks to the staff at the Madison Square Garden Theater who moved us to better seats so Liz could also lipread. She was so happy. Thanks to the wonderful cast who put on a great show. The flying was so much fun

Sharing thanks for Reindeer

Lawn Reindeer, December 15, 2011 During this time of year I enjoy looking at all of decorations as I walk my dog Oreo around the neighborhood. There are many reasons I am grateful today. 1) There is nothing like reading a good book with an iced french vanilla coffee from Dunkin Donuts. This is my guilty pleasure. 2) I'm grateful to my parents who took me out to lunch today. We enjoyed each others company and I was excited to hear that they have read my blog and are proud of me. 3) Sometimes I get so relaxed I forget things. Today I left my pocketbook at Chadwick's at lunch. I am grateful to the restaurant host who noticed I lost it and put it aside for me. So nice to get your pocketbook back with all of your checks, credit cards and cash in tact. 4) Grateful for spending some quality time with my daughter Liz tonight. We have been doing some holiday shopping. Liz and I had fun wrapping up our presents.

Reflections on Sharing Thanks for 30 Days

Norman Levy Preserve Pond, December 2012 It was another beautiful December day here on Long Island. This is my 30th post and I want to reflect on how sharing thanks is influencing my life. I have been enjoying writing the blog and I am surprised how it has helped me view any day in some positive light. I took this picture last week. I enjoy walking at the Norman Levy Preserve. What is amazing to me is how nature can heal itself. The Norman Levy Preserve was a garbage landfill many years ago. Next to the preserve is still a town dump. When I visit the preserve you can see part of the dump or choose to marvel at the views of the bay. I am using this metaphor about sharing thanks everyday. On the blog I am choosing to be thankful for the kindnesses or beauty afforded to me, rather than vent about what has gone wrong. Here is what I was thankful for today. 1) Grateful for my second follower! Welcome to the blog. 2) I am thankful to my good friend Stella. We had a nice phone conversat

Sharing thanks dedicated to Oreo the Puppy

Oreo on our morning walk in the sun, December 13, 2011 Oreo is our puppy who is six months old. I am grateful to her, she makes me smile with her antics, and she is always happy to see me when I come home. I am dedicating my sharing thanks to dog lovers! 1) Thanks to Oreo I was able to enjoy being outside. Oreo helps me stay fit by going on long walks around the block! 2) Thanks to Oreo, my daughter Liz and I enjoyed some time outside today. Even though Liz was not feeling well she got some sun and fresh air when we took Oreo to the dog run. 3) Grateful for the dog lovers who have worked with Nassau County to have some nice dog runs. We went to the dog run in Cedar Creek Park, in Wantagh today. It's fun to watch the dogs run around and play. 4) I am grateful that Oreo is getting better with her dog training everyday. No accidents today.

Thankful for Simple Pleasures

Angel at Rockefeller Center, December 2011 Today has been a quiet day after a very busy and wonderful weekend. I enjoy looking at all the holiday decorations that dress up this dark time of the year. The sun sets so early as we approach the Winter Solstice. I wanted to post a picture I took on my camera phone tonight of some Christmas lights that I saw during a dogwalk. The picture was too dark so I thought you would enjoy this picture of an angel I saw yesterday instead. 1) Thanks to all the people who brighten our neighborhoods with colorful light displays. I enjoyed looking at the houses lit up when I walked the dog tonight. 2) Thanks to the Merrick movie theater's $4 Ladies Day special. My daughter and I enjoyed going to see the "Muppet Movie" tonight. We were able to go since my daughter finished her homework early. We loved the movie. I especially loved the "Rainbow Connection" duet by that timeless couple, Kermit and Miss Piggy. 3) Thanks for anot

Thankful for a fun day in NYC with the Grinch

The Grinch was spotted on Sixth Avenue and 48th St. Today I met some good friends in the city and we enjoyed seeing New York City dressed up for Christmas. Ellen and Liz are two of my best and dearest friends. I am so grateful for their friendship and love when we make the time to get together. 1) Thanks to another beautiful December weather day. I loved walking around NYC with all of its energy and hustle and bustle. We saw the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center, visited St. Patrick's Cathedral and even spotted the Grinch on Sixth Ave. Below is a picture of Liz and me in front of the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. Rockefeller Center, December 11, 2012 2) Thanks to the choir who was singing at St. Patrick's cathedral during our visit today. I have never had the pleasure of hearing the wonderful acoustics of this very famous cathedral. Below is a picture of the manger that is at St. Patrick's. Can you find the dog in the picture? Manger at St. Patrick'

Thanks for Sonic Santa Sighting on Roller Skates

I have had a super sonic day today. So many moments to be grateful for in one day. It is late and I am committed to sharing thanks everyday so I am up late writing tonight's blog post. Thanks to my new blog readers. I broke the 100 page view milestone! Now for my thanks! Norman Levy Park December 10, 2011 1) Started out today taking a walk at Norman Levy Park. Thanks for a beautiful day and beautiful view which I snapped a picture with my phone. I love standing at the top of hill and looking out over the marshes and bay. Sonic Roller Skating Santa Sighting, December 10, 2011 2) Thanks for a fun road trip with our family friends the Gera's. Started doing some holiday shopping and stopped for a quick lunch at Sonic in Deerpark. Thanks to the roller skating Santa at Sonic who put us in the holiday spirit! 3) Thanks to the Coach company who sent me a $190 gift card. In February my friends gave me a Coach bag for my birthday. I had never had one! I'm one of those $30 K

Sharing thanks for beautiful sunsets

Sunset in Central Park November, 2011 Today was a beautiful day. When I am thinking about what I am grateful for I often turn to nature. The picture above was taken a few weeks ago about the time I started my blog. I watched the sunset with my husband Spencer while we walked around the reservoir in Central Park. If you are a runner it is one of the most scenic runs in New York City! I wanted to get a picture of today's sunset however while driving to find a better place to take a picture, the sun went down and I missed the right moment to capture the beauty. I would have been better off taking the picture right where I was. I guess the lesson is enjoy where you are and stop looking for greener pastures. Here are my four thank yous for today! 1) Thanks for the beautiful sunset tonight at the dog park. I enjoy watching the sky and love to savor watching sunset on a nice day. You need to stop and just enjoy the view, in an instant the sky changes and darkens. 2) Thanks for the b

That's so random thanks

I have had a busy day today. For my blog I share my thanks at the end of the day. Sometimes events allow me to frame my thanks around a specific idea and sometimes my thanks are about totally random unrelated events. It has been a random day today! It is nice when the universe bestows so many kindnesses. 1) Thanks to my daughter's ENT's secretary who was able to give us a same day afternoon appointment outside of school hours. My daughter uses a cochlear implant to hear so if she reports ear pain its important to get it checked out. 2) Thanks to my mom who took me out to lunch today at "Famous Daves" for BBQ. We had a great time talking about philosophy. I told my mom about my Sharing Thanks blog and she was so supportive and enthusiastic about this project. 3) Thanks to the Children's Hearing Institute who provide an excellent support program for mainstream hearing impaired elementary and teens. They also have resurrected a parents group. Tonight they had

Sharing personal, real and specific thanks today thanks to the wisdom of the God Squad

My blog features a new quote of the week. In the spirit of this quote I am writing my thanks that are personal, real and specific of kindnesses bestowed on me today. 1) Thanks to Meredith, the first person to comment on my blog. Your comment brought me joy that this blog can help people develop appreciation for the good in their lives and make the world a kinder place. 2) Thanks to my dad, who called me to take me out to lunch today. It was really great spending time with my dad sharing a salad, pizza and good conversation. My Dad recently saw a movie called, "The Way" which he described as a wonderful thought provoking movie that made him think about what his purpose should be. I love the movies so I enjoy hearing about new films. My Dad had just come from the pool, he loves to work out and I really admire his zest for life. 3) Thanks to the kids at Clarke High School who have been kind to my daughter. Liz is a junior and new to the school. Liz came out of school smil

A Great day to be Grateful

So much to be grateful for today that it is hard to pick my top four items to share with you. Here goes! 1) My daughter Liz who is a teenager woke up and came downstairs on time and on her own. I am so thankful for this. Liz is learning to wake her self up. She is deaf and can not hear an alarm clock. So proud of her today. 2) Thanks to the attendant at the Getty gas station who helped check the air pressure and fill my cars tires with air. Temperature dropped yesterday and that nasty caution light went on again! 3) Thanks to Mrs. Burt for giving me more violin and piano students to teach! I enjoy teaching music and inspiring kids to listen and learn to play a variety of music. 4) Thanks to my good friend Sejal. I enjoyed shopping and lunching with her today. She is a great friend and helped me by picking up my daughter Liz from night school

Monday's Thanks

It's Monday the start of a new week. I had a busy and productive day. Thanks to the people who helped me out today. 1) Thanks to the mechanics who worked to diagnose my over the weekend engine problems. With an oil change, some new spark plugs and a replacement part for a coil and my car is back on the road! 2) Thanks to my husband who let me borrow his car while he was at work today while my car was in the repair shop. 3) Thanks to Liz's photo teacher who put up a lovely display of artwork. My daughter was so proud to see her picture among the great art. 4) Thanks to good friends, who I enjoyed catching up with today. It's great to have friends you can share your ups and downs with. I believe that the practice of keeping this gratitude blog is helping me appreciate what is good in life. We all have challenges and problems to solve on any given day. We may not be able to control what happens to us but we can control our reaction and attitude on how we face life&#

Sharing Thanks for small acts of kindness

Kindness is always appreciated, and we need to give thanks! A small act of kindness really brightens my day. My blog today shares some kindness that I received today from family, friends and total strangers. 1) Thanks to my parents who gave me a ride home from the Nutcracker tonight. My parents are always there to support me. It was nice to see there smiling faces at the end of the show. They also brought two little girls to see the Nutcracker. 2) Thanks to the two little girls who came to see the Nutcracker. When we took them home they treated us to some ballet in the living room . Seeing there adorable faces trying to dance and leap around the room was priceless. 3) Thanks to Karinna for tutoring my daughter Liz in Math. She is a positive wonderful tutor and is helping Liz gain confidence in geometry. 4) Thanks to a great audience tonight for the Nutcracker. When I was walking in the audience after the show to meet up with my parents several people thanked me for playing such

These thanks are dedicated to the one I love - my husband

I am posting very late today. Getting home late due to car trouble. I am dedicating today's post to my husband who was my biggest fan and my knight in shining armor tonight. 1) I am thankful to my biggest fan, my husband who came to see me perform at the Nutcracker. It is really great that he is supportive of my music hobby. 2) After the Nutcracker I took my daughter to see a late movie. When we came out of the movie, the evil check engine light was on. The manual said driving while this light is on can cause severe damage to the car. Yikes! Thanks to my husband, who came to the rescue and helped us get the car towed. 3) Thanks to the triple AAA Bellmore Towing company who came so quickly to tow our car. 4) I am thankful to be back at home, safe,sound and warm.

Thanks to sugar plum fairies dancing in my head!

It's another beautiful December day here. I am sharing thanks to Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker. I got to play in the South Shore Symphony for the Nutcracker tonight. 1) Thanks to the beautiful pas de deux! The dancers were wonderful. 2) Thanks to one of the girls dancing to the Waltz of the flowers. The beautiful smile on her face was beaming. 3) Thanks to Russian leaps in Trepak! This number earned a rousing applause. 4) Thanks to the beautiful music written by Tchaikovsky. It is magical everytime I get to play it.

Merry December Thanks

December is here and it is starting out merry. So many great moments today it is easy to be grateful! It is amazing how a good day has a rhythm to it. Today started out well and had many merry moments. 1) My daughter Liz is feeling much better and went to school on time today. 2) My new Bosch dishwasher came and was installed, and is taking its first run. It is so nice not to have to wash and dry dishes today. 3) Had a great time with our friends the Gera's at Red Robin for an early dinner! 4) Thankful to be playing the Nutcracker. Had our dress rehearsal tonight. The kids looked absolutely adorable in their costumes. Hope your December started off merry. For many people it is time to prepare for celebration. I am lucky to belong to a big family where many of us celebrate different holidays and we all enjoy learning and respecting each others traditions. To quote one of my favorite children's songwriter Rafi, "One World, One Light."

Wednesday's Thanks

Some days it is easy to remember four moments I am thankful for. Today it is hard to keep my commitment to be thankful everyday. Here goes! 1) I am thankful Grandma will be able to get upstairs tonite. She got a good report from the Doctor. Hope she enjoys a good night's sleep. 2) Thankful for my sister-in-law Laurie who was able to take grandma to the geriatric doctor today. 3) Thankful for my good friends Sejal and Stella who I got to talk to. We enjoy sharing stories and laughing together. 4) Thankful that my daughter Liz is feeling better and ate a salad today!

Another tough day and I'm still thankful

My daughter Liz was still feeling lousy. Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand to magically make her feel better. This blog is helping me focus on the good things even when things are difficult. We can not always control what happens, we need to accept situations and think about what options we do have and act to do what can be done. Here is what gave me a smile today. 1) Watching the joy on a young new student's face plucking violin strings for the first time. 2) Playing fetch with our dog Oreo indoors. 3) I am thankful the Laurie is taking grandma to the doctor tomorrow. Hoping the doctor will come up with a plan to help rehabilitate grandma. 4) Happy that my daughter Liz is realizing how her emotions impact her health. Thankful that this may be the path for her to manage her feelings to stay healthy and be determined to be resilient.

I had a bad day and I am still thankful

My attitude helped me cope with some small mishaps today. My daughter Liz had a stomach virus. My puppy Oreo who has been doing well with his house training had a few accidents today. Mylanta helped and tomorrow is another day. Even on a bad day it was easy to come up with four moments that made me thankful. I am adding a new feature to my blog today sharing thankful quotes. Each week I will feature a new quote that inspires an attitude of gratitude. 1) I am thankful that the temperature was a balmy 68 degrees for a November day. 2) I am thankful that I am playing the Nutcracker with the South Shore Symphony. Tonight was my first rehearsal and I really love playing this timeless music. 3) This is the first year I am playing the first violin part for the Nutcracker. The melodies are beautiful and I will need to practice. 4) I am thankful that my daughter Becky had a safe trip back to Pitt!

12 Days of Sharing Thanks

It's been 12 Days since I started this blog. I am proud that even on the busiest days I can still find time to write about four things I am grateful for. Today is Sunday and the last day of our Thanksgiving holiday weekend. 1) Grateful for having a fun movie afternoon with both of my daughters. We all love the movies and we got to see "Hugo" today. "Hugo" is astounding visually. We saw it in 3D which I recommend for watching this wonderful film which was inspiring. Add a star if you love the cinema and film history. 2) Another beautiful warm weather day here. I have been exploring dog friendly parks in my area. Went to the small dog run at Cedar Creek Park in Wantagh. Oreo had fun running around. 3) Thanks to Liz for giving Oreo a bath after the dog park. 4) Grateful we had a nice family dinner out before my daughter Becky goes back to college tomorrow. Went to the Outback, good food and good conversation with my daughters and husband.

Thanks for a lazy Saturday

Today was a day to relax!! My whole family hit the snooze button and slept really late. I got up the earliest at 10:00 am. We all need to just relax sometimes and enjoy a slower pace. Here are my thanks dedicated to being a little lazy. 1) Thanks for a good night's sleep and being able to stay in bed to 10:00 am. 2) Thanks for a beautiful warm sunny day. It felt like 60 which is warm for November and makes up for the Halloween snow storm. 3) Had a nice lunch with my daughter Liz today. We went to Bertucci's one of our favorite family italian restaurants. They make the best fresh rolls ever. We enjoyed sharing a chicken parmigiana lunch entree. 4) Thanks to my sister-in-law Ginny. We had a nice time talking on the phone catching up for an hour. Hope you enjoyed some lazy moments to relax today.

Black Friday Gratitude!

I have been enjoying black Friday more as a family day than a shopping day. I did need to go to Walmart around 10:00 am to get some dish washing soap. By 10:00 am the crowds were not so bad. I managed to shop for one Christmas present and be home by 11:30 am. It's been my tenth day of sharing thanks. I am finding this practice to be helpful because it lets me focus on the good in everyday, even on difficult days. 1) My husband and college daughter went out at midnight to Macy's in Roosevelt Field. My daughter loves shoes and was able to buy some nice boots for $24.00 with her own money. 2) Thanks to my family for inviting us for a roast beef dinner tonight. It was delicious and although I love turkey it was nice not to have turkey today. 3) Thanks for another family fun game night. After dinner we played some fun family games. My parents had an old Password game. My daughter's enjoyed playing this game. So nice to have an electronics free evening. 4) Thanks to my si

Thanksgiving Thanks

It's Thanksgiving! This year we had a Davidson Thanksgiving. Next year it will be a Reyer Thanksgiving. This tradition allows us to enjoy the day without traveling too much. I want to thank our hosts, the Aldridges for setting a beautiful table. Here are today's thanks! 1) Thanks to Mary and Ron for making a delicious, beautiful dinner with all of the trimmings. 2) Thanks to the traffic gods who enabled us to cross the George Washington Bridge without too much traffic both ways. This truly is a Thanksgiving miracle. 3) Thanks to my nephews and my daughters, who enjoy playing hearts, and spit. It's amazing how much fun can be had with a simple deck of cards. 4) Thanks for the joy of watching two puppies run around in the backyard. My nephew Brian got a dog named mac, who was leaping like a ballet dancer chasing oreo.

Sharing Thanks on Thanksgiving Eve

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. The rain has subsided and it is a cool brisk night out with some remnant clouds swirling above. Wishing everyone a wonderful thanksgiving with horns of plenty, sharing meals with family and close friends. I love watching the Macy's day parade and having a bagel breakfast! Here are my thanks for today. 1) Thanks to my friend Ellyn who emailed me today and helped me see the value of sharing thanks. I think you may be lucky enough to read some of her posts soon. 2) My daughter Becky came home from college last night. Enjoyed some nice family time today. Lunch at Bertucci's with Becky and my husband who took off from work today. 3) Thanks for Blokus! Our family of four enjoyed playing a few games of Blokus! It's a great game that easy to learn and challenging. 4) Thanks to the kind redcross people who helped my daughter Liz who donated blood for the first time today. She was so proud she could help someone by donating blood. I am thankful fo

Committing to sharing thanks everyday.

I am writing this waiting for my daughter Becky to walk in with my husband. She is coming home from college for Thanksgiving break. 1) I am thankful that my daughter Liz did the dishes for me tonight. Our dishwasher gasped its last breath 2 days after the repairman came. 2) Becky just walked in! 3) Liz's good reportcard! 4) My mom gave me a ride home from work.

Simple reasons to be Thankful

It is amazing how the kindness of strangers can make you thankful. Simple gestures really do add to the quality of all of our lives. 1) Thanks to the two strangers who held the door for me in my travels. 2) Thanks to the friendly cashier at Jake's Outback Burgers who remembered my name and asked me how the burger was. 3) Thanks to the gentleman at the library who told me I should deduct my late library fees off my taxes. (Not sure this is even legal) 4) I am very thankful that my mother-in-law took a few small steps today and thankful to her daughter Laurie who is caring for her.

Thanks for making beautiful music South Shore Symphony

The orchestra I play violin had it's first concert at the new Madison theater at Molloy college. I am dedicating today's thanks to the orchestra. 1) Thanks to Molloy college for building such a beautiful acoustic concert hall. 2) Thanks to a great audience. It was so rewarding to see Piano soloist Karen Baer get a standing ovation tonight. 3) Thanks to our orchestra president Wayne Lipton for all the hardwork he put in to find our orchestra such a wonderful home. 4) Thanks to conductor Scott Wiley for working with our orchestra to bring out the best in us.

Reading O Magazine on a relaxing Saturday

I love a day when I have time to read. There is nothing like a hot cup of tea and a good magazine. I like "O" because each issue is focused on an idea, it is not the typical women's magazine screaming lose more weight and be a gourmet cook. 1) Thankful to read, and to the Nassau county's library digital doorway which lets me download books on my Sony reader for free with my library card. These books are great because they return themselves so I do not have to pay a late fee! 2) Thanks to my husband who fixed our screen door today! I appreciate when he is able to fix something for our house. 3) Thanks to my friends Bika and Sejal. We had a fun lunch at Bertucci's. 4) Thanks to my friend Liz who is a fellow musician and artist who will be blogging sharing her thanks.

Everyone is thankful it's Friday

Sorry for posting so late today! I am committed to sharing what I am thankful everyday. I am having fun enjoying more moments by just being thankful and focusing on the things that go right. 1) Enjoyed having my favorite Dunkin Donuts ice coffee and the pumpkin muffin after dropping my daughter off to school. They were decorated for thanksgiving. I guess this is one way to cook a turkey! 2) Seeing my daughter come out of school happy. She is a junior in high school and does not know many people at her new school. Today she had the courage to find out #82's name in her English class. 3)Thanks to my good friend Liz, who plays violin in the South Shore Symphony with me. We have a concert at Molloy College at 7:30 pm in a beautiful new concert hall. It is a joy to make music with her with this fantastic community orchestra. 4) I am thankful that my sister-law is living with and caring for my mother-in-law. I pray that my mother-in-law's legs will get stronger so she can m

Thankful Thursday's with Mom

I am dedicating today's 4 thankful moments to my Mom. My mom enjoys spending time with me on Thursdays. It's a nice way for us to stay close. 1) Thanks to mom who came over to keep me company while I was waiting for the dishwasher repair man. I am thankful that my 16 year old Bosch dishwasher was able to be repaired and is running again. 2) Thanks for taking me out to a delicious lunch at Bertucci's. I had an individual delicious zucchini and broccoli pizza. I am not a vegetarian. I do try to eat meat only once a day to help the planet! 3) My mom loves to organize. Today she brought me some new socks and helped me get rid of all the mismatched socks that seem to collect and multiply in my house! 4) Thanks mom for driving me to my daughter's school. My daughter got her drivers license and had the car and called us to say an engine alert warning light went on. She is a responsible girl, she parked the car and waited for us so we could see if it was safe to drive t

Welcome to Sharing Thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. We gather together with our families and friends and enjoy fantastic food. At our family we have a tradition where we go around the table and share what we are thankful for.  Recently I committed to exchanging emails with a very close friend where we share four things that we are thankful for that day. I thought it would give us both some insight on what we value in life and help us focus on the positive aspects of any day.  I love sharing our thanks, I look forward to her emails and it has brought us closer. I tend to write my short thank you list at night. It gives me a chance to review the joyful moments of the day. It only takes me a few minutes. To write your list do not think to much just jot down the first four things that come to mind. This blog is dedicated to the idea of sharing just four things that you are thankful for on a daily basis. If you want to join in on the fun for now just use the comment section to do this. I will share my