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Sharing thanks for Daffodils, and a 60 degree January Day

Daffodils at Trader Joes, January 2012

I know we are still in the throes of winter, and it is nice to get a taste of spring. The days are getting a little longer and I saw some green sprouts of daffodils starting to grow in our backyard. My father-in-law loved daffodils and they were one of his favorite flowers. Here are my thanks for today.

1) Thankful for a 60 degree sunny day in January. I enjoyed getting outside and walking Oreo.

2) Thanks to the kindness of strangers, many people held the door for me today. These small pleasantries really do put a smile on my face.

3) I was thankful that my daughter Liz was able to go to school for part of the day. So proud of the work she is doing in her English class.

4) Thanks to my violin student Ritchie. We have been enjoying learning some Irish fiddle music together. It is great to be able to work doing something I love.

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Sharing thanks for signs of Spring

Crocuses at Trader Joes, January 2012

Sometimes life gets overwhelming and last night I must admit I had difficulty focusing on the positive. I got a good nights sleep and now I am ready to think about the good things that happened yesterday and share my thanks a day late.

1) I have been enjoying seeing spring flowers featured at the local supermarkets. I took this picture at Trader Joes, one of my favorite places to shop. One thing I love about Trader Joes is that they have gourmet food and down to earth prices. Another good thing, is they have a tasting table and let you sample some of the products. It's always fun to try something new!

2) I am thankful to be playing music. I am a violinist with the South Shore Symphony and we did a benefit concert to help raise money for the Rockville Centre Community Fund. The community fund helps neighbors who are struggling financially get back on there feet. We played Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring. It was the best I have heard our…

Sharing thanks for sleeping in

Snapped this cute giftcard at Red Robin today.

I really enjoy taking pictures of gratitude for the blog. I saw this cute bulletin board thank you when I was having lunch with my daughter today at Red Robin. It was a sunny winter warm day today on Long Island. Here are my thank yous for today.

1) Enjoyed getting to sleep late today. I got up at 11:00 am, so nice to relax and unwind.

2) Thanks to North Shore Hospital for taking good care of my mother-in-law. Enjoyed seeing her today. The tower room she is in has an incredible view of the golf course. I'm happy that she has such a pretty view out the window.

3) Sometimes you get a brief moment of joy from just seeing something with a cuteness rating of 10. Saw an adorable toddler wearing sequins Ugg type boots dancing down the sidewalk.

4) Thanks for Pinterest! I have been enjoying making bulletin boards and looking at the incredible recipes people pin up. I recommend joining, it is a lot of fun.

Sharing thanks for making music

Its been a busy week and I still am going to make time for my thanks for today.

1) Thanks to Aaron Copland. It is joyous to rehearse his music for our upcoming concert with the South Shore Symphony.

2) Thanks to Karina, Liz's math tutor. Liz worked hard with her to prepare for the geometry midterm. It was nice to hear Liz say that the midterm was not to bad today. So happy she is done with midterms.

3) Thanks to Mr. Palmer who was nice to send me some information on organizations that help protect kids from being cyberbullied.

4) Thanks for a beautiful starry sky tonight. It is cool to see shadows at night.

Sharing thanks on a relaxing rainy day

Liz daydreaming with Oreo, January 26, 2012

I woke up early this morning, around 6:15 am. I got to see the sunrise this morning. Pretty colors with a few small clouds. The rain moved in later in the day. We were relaxing at home today having fun playing with our puppy Oreo. One of my favorite websites that I visit is It has many great contributors that provide daily inspiration. Here are my thanks for today.

1) Sharing thanks welcomes it 5th follower, Jennifer Pastiloff who is a wonderful featured writer for and is also a yoga instructor. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. Jennifer is very inspiring and I love reading her posts on Positively Positive.

2) Thankful for my violin student Alvin. Alvin is a sweet boy who is working very hard to learn playing the violin. It is a joy to work with, he tries so hard!

3) Thankful for my dad, who called me this morning to chat. It's always great talking to him! Love my…

Sharing thanks for friendly conversations with strangers while waiting to get a haircut

Valentines decorations at Michaels, January 2012

I love days where a story unfolds naturally. I was visiting my mother-in-law in the hospital tonight, getting a snack with my sister-in-law and my husband in the cafeteria when a lady walked by me and said I know you. She figured out that we had met at a hair salon a few weeks back. We had been having a friendly chat while my daughter was getting highlights and she was waiting for a haircut. She lamented that she got a bad haircut and that I paid too much for my daughters highlights that day and that we both would probably not go back to the place. She happened to be a executive nursing administrator at the hospital. She kindly asked if everything was ok. When we told her about my mother-in-law staying the hospital she offered to look in on her. It makes you feel so special when someone is taking extra care of someone you love in the hospital. Here are my thanks for today.

1) Thanks to the staff at North Shore Hospital and this kind ad…

Sharing thanks for another beautiful sunset

Sunset after school, photo by Liz Davidson, January 24, 2012

One of the cool things about sharing a family phone plan is being able to share moments with your family. I love getting random pictures from my daughters. A few weeks ago I got a cool picture from Becky of the puppet she made in a children's theater class she is taking. In being authentic to the blog, here are my thanks for today.

1) Getting a picture of the sunset from my daughter Liz while I was at work this afternoon. I love to watch the sunset, and it was a surprise to get the picture.

2) Thanks to the kind physical therapist, Peter and some crazy water boot that helped take the swelling down of Liz's ankle.

3) Thanks for a beautiful warm day. I love my dog, and today I enjoyed walking her in the warm sunshine, which sure beats the snow, and freezing rain.

4) Enjoyed watching a silly romantic comedy with Liz tonight, "Just Go With It." It is fun to watch Adam Sandler with Jennifer Annisten, a truly u…

Sharing thanks can increase happiness

Eisenhower Park Sky, January 2012

I just finished reading, "Happy, Simple Steps to Get the Most Out of Life" by Ian K. Smith, M.D.. Its a quick read and has many helpful practical tips to being happier. In his book he reports research done by psychologists led by Martin Seligman showed that recognizing the good that happens in your day can boost your levels of happiness. In the study the exercise that had subjects list three things that went well each day while identifying why those three things went well showed the greatest results in decreasing depressive symptoms and increasing happiness for six months. Since I started this gratitude blog, I am able to focus on the good. In addition I feel it helps me cope with problems with a more positive attitude. This is a simple thing that everyone can do that really does improve the quality of your life.

Saw some sun burst through the clouds today for a little while. Here is what I am thankful for today.

1) Thanks to the kindness …

Sharing thanks on Sunday

Cyclamen from Hick's Nurseries, January 2012

I love this flower it reminds me of the center pieces of my wedding. Pretty flowers can really brighten up the house on a cold winter day. Sometimes good things can come out of something bad. My daughter's Facebook account was hacked this weekend. I am so proud of her for focusing on the people who are supporting her. Here are my thanks for today.

1) Thanks for my violin student today who was very forgiving when I was running a few minutes late today. I pride myself on being on time, and I apologized sincerely for keeping them waiting. It was refreshing to be treated with kindness and forgiveness.

2) Thanks to my friend Gerry who called me this morning to see how Liz was doing. I really appreciated her concern and friendship. I am so happy the Liz is friends with Christina. They are such a nice family.

3) Thanks to Becky who has been really supportive and helpful in sorting the out.

4) Thanks to my friend Stella, and my sister-in-la…

Sharing thanks for good friends

It was nice to see a little snow today. I am so thankful that I have good friends who support me when trouble knocks at my door.

1) Thanks to the Gera family for helping us sort through a sticky situation due to someone hacking a facebook account. It is so wonderful to have friends who will help you solve a problem.

2) Thanks to my daughter Becky for also defending her sister.

3) Thanks to Christina who is a true friend for my daughter Liz.

4) Thanks to a total stranger who held the door for me today at Dunkin Donuts.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Sharing thanks for a rosy day

Roses at Micheals, January 2012

So many reasons to be thankful for today. Got home late tonite so my blog will be on the short side. It is never too late to be thankful.

1) Thankful for my husband who is a hard worker and got his bonus letter today.

2) Thankful that my daughter Becky texted me this morning. It is always great to hear from her when she is away from college.

3) I was thankful to have a little solitude today. Enjoyed going to see, "The Descendents." I am a George Clooney fan and he puts in a tremendous thoughtful performance. I also loved the actresses who played his daughters in the movie, they were very believable.

4) Thankful that Liz was able to manage well at school today and got to enjoy a party tonight.

Sharing thanks for good medical care

White tree lights at Rockefeller Center January, 2012

After the excitement of Jimmy Fallon and NYC lights we had a different kind of excitement this morning. My daughter Liz twisted her ankle coming down the stairs! Although today was not the easiest of days I do have a lot to be thankful for.

1) Thanks to Liz's Pediatrician who saw her right after her fall and made arrangements for Liz to be seen at the orthopedist in a few hours. It is so nice not to have to go the emergency room.

2) Thanks to Brin, who went and gave Liz is a big hug while she was waiting to find out news about her ankle.

3) Thanks to Dr. Zarat, who told us that she did not break her ankle but suffered a bad sprain. He prescribed a boot that she can walk on so she will not have to be on crutches.

4) Thanks to my older daughter Becky who called me tonight. It was so nice to catch up and hear her beautiful voice. She loves all of her classes this semester!

I invite everyone to leave something they are thankful in …

Sharing thanks for Late Night Jimmy Fallon

Me wearing my Late Night Jimmy Fallon taping wristband, January 18, 2012

I had a lot of fun today doing something completely different. I do love New York City and always enjoy the energy of being in Manhattan. I do not prewrite any portion of my blog. My thanks are a slice of the highlights of my day. I try to be authentic on how I am feeling about the day. Being positive has uplifted the quality of my days. Here are my thanks for today!

1) Thanks to Kavita who got the tickets for Late Night Jimmy Fallon! Kavita is amazing!

2) Thanks to Monesha who was very brave and tried out at the Jimmy Fallon taping to be in "Battle of the Instant Bands." I'm so proud of her for taking a risk, and being brave to sing for the segment producer. Way to go Monesha.

3) I am thankful to the traffic Gods. We hit no traffic going to and from NYC today. This is a miracle on the LIE. If you live on Long Island you know what I am talking about.

4) Thanks to Jimmy Fallon and Bill Cosby who prov…

Sharing thanks on a rainy Tuesday

Heart Teddy Bears I saw browsing at Michaels, January 17, 2011

Yes, I was thankful that it was raining instead of freezing rain this morning! Today was a busy and productive day. One of the things that I have noticed since I have been keeping the gratitude blog is how many people have gone out of their way to help me. I feel truly blessed when someone lends me a helping hand or is kind to me and my family. This makes me feel how interconnected we are too each other. Here are my thanks for today.

1) Thanks to Mr. Palmer, my daughter's guidance counselor, who made time for us today. He is a good listener and is willing to help Liz to succeed in high school.

2) Thanks to Mr. C who emailed me back quickly to help get Liz into the right math class.

3) I was thankful to have some time to browse at Michaels today with Liz who was looking for some materials for an extra credit History project. It was great to see Liz dive in enthusiastically to do her homework. I enjoyed looking at all of…

Sharing thanks for getting fit and having a dream.

My daughter Liz, drinking water, January 16, 2012

Liz and I are both trying to be healthier in 2012. Liz loves the taste of Coca-Cola as you can see by the sweatshirt she is wearing. Making small changes each day can really make a difference. Today is a good day to remember what a difference one person can make in this world. Martin Luther King had a "dream" and helped change our country in a peaceful way. Here are my thanks for today.

1) Thanks to my daughter Liz who helped me organize my pocketbook and throw out tons of old receipts. Liz also convinced me to get a business card organizer, which really helped my wallet get thinner.

2) Thanks to my daughter Liz who is encouraging me to develop healthier habits. She hates drinking water and ordered a glass of tap water at lunch instead of a Coke refill.

3) I am thankful to play with the South Shore Symphony. We are rehearsing Rodeo by Aaron Copland. Copland's music just makes you feel happy and energetic. Had a lot of fun…

Sharing thanks for homecooked meals

Golden Wheat at Planting Fields, January 2012

I'm still sharing some of the pictures I took earlier this week at Planting Fields in Oyster Bay. I love the way the light reflects on the wheat in this picture. Today was a relaxing day spent with two of my dearest friends and there families.

1) Thanks to Margaret for making a delicious Turkey dinner with all of the trimmings. It is so nice to share a home cooked meal that someone has prepared with love. I enjoyed catching up with Margaret and Stella and watching our kids enjoy hanging out together.

2) Thanks to Margaret for inviting our dog Oreo along to join in on the fun.

3) Thanks to Liz who came with me to Hick's to pick out some pretty plants. We brought a red cyclamen plant to bring over to the hostess. I love to bring flowers or a nice plant when I get invited to someone's house for a nice dinner.

4) Enjoyed taking a nice hot bath with a good book tonight. It was a cold day and there is nothing like a hot bath to tak…

Sharing thanks for a Date Night Out with my husband

Orchids from Planting Fields Greenhouse, January 2012

Loved these orchids! The orchid is a beautiful flower and it takes a talented gardener with a lot of patience to grow one. To allow something beautiful to grow, much care, love and nurturing is required. This is a nice metaphor for successful parenting. It's cold here today on Long Island. Normal temperatures for January. It feels cold because we have been spoiled with a fair amount of 50 degree days. Here are my thanks for today.

1) Thanks for a nice date night with my husband Spencer. We were adventurous and went out to eat at a new Thai restaurant. It was fun to do something new and break out of routine! The restaurant Thai Station in Merrick has been around for a few years, and I've been wanting to give it a try.

2) I'm giving thanks for the delicious Thai food I had tonight. I had Spring Rolls, a Thai coconut fried rice, and beef with asparagus in an oyster sauce. The food was amazing! I enjoy savoring amazing foo…

Sharing thanks for smiling faces on Friday the 13th

My daughter Liz, January 13, 2012

My daughter snapped this self-portrait today with my camera. She captured an amusing smile. It is hard not to smile when someone smiles brightly. We had a happy Friday the 13th. The day was very gusty, and the temperature dropped 20 degrees! I have a lot to be grateful for today.

1) Thanks to my good neighbors Joe and Mary. This morning, a big gust of wind, blew down part of my fence. My neighbor Mary knocked on my door to let me know what happened. Then her husband Joe came out and fixed my old fence in 10 minutes. It is so wonderful to have such nice neighbors.

2) It was so great to see Liz smiling brightly today. She has been nursing a cold and is really feeling better today. She is a kind person, she saw an empty beer bottle in the road, and picked it up to throw away to prevent someone from smashing it with their car.

3) Thanks to HearUS Teens who hosted a fun pajama party. Liz had fun with her friends and they all brought a pair of pajamas to do…

Sharing thanks for dancing with my daughter

Rainforest Flora at Planting Fields Greenhouse, January 2012

It was a drizzly rainy day today so I enjoyed looking through my photos that I took on Monday at the Planting Fields Greenhouse in Oyster Bay. Love this rainforest flora picture. Focusing on the beauty and symmetry of nature always brings me serenity and joy. Taking time to appreciate what we have is one of the keys to lasting happiness. Here are my thanks for today.

1) Enjoyed started reading a new book, "Happy, Simple Steps to Get the Most Out of Life." by Ian K. Smith M.D. Dr. Smith says, "Research has shown that much more than a large bank account, being grateful for what you have and showing your appreciation for the generosity others have bestowed on you can create deeper and longer-lasting happiness."

2) Thanks to Chili's for having a great tasting lower calorie option of Margarita Chicken. Proud of myself for eating a little healthier today.

3) Thanks to my daughter Liz for dancing with me and…

Sharing thanks for small bursts of joy

Liz hugging our puppy Oreo, January 11, 2012

Today had its ups and downs but there were some short bursts of joy to be thankful for. I was lucky enough to capture this picture of my daughter enjoying the love of our sweet puppy Oreo. Here are my thanks for today.

1) Enjoyed going for frozen yogurt with my daughter Liz. We brought Oreo in the car for the ride. She loves a car ride.

2) Thanks to my good friends Stella and Sejal who are always there to support me.

3) Thanks to Kavita who was a study buddy with my daughter Liz. They were trying to figure out some difficult geometry problems.

4) Thankful to start some healthier eating habits. Had some salmon for dinner and a mango frozen yogurt with fresh fruit. It's a start to better nutrition.

Sharing thanks for Perseverance

Ceramic Fountain at Planting Fields Greenhouse, January 2012

I will be posting pictures that I took yesterday throughout the week from the greenhouse at Planting Fields, in Oyster Bay. I am grateful for the beauty of nature everyday. I loved the sound of the small fountain. It reminds me that we can be refreshed at any moment. Today had its ups and downs. I persevered and tomorrow is a new day. I am committed to writing about each and everyday and what I can be thankful for.

1) I was thankful that my daughter Liz who has a small cold, persevered and lasted the full day at school. She told me she thought about calling to come home and then she just got through it! This is a big step forward for her.

2) Thanks for the surprise of a new violin student today! I was happy to see Brindi for lessons again. She is a delightful young lady, who I started teaching the violin to last year. It was nice to see her come back to lessons with me.

3) I am grateful for good friends. Had a great time …

Sharing thanks for Pink Patterned Poinsettias

Pink Patterned Poinsettia's, January 9, 2012

It was a beautiful January Day on Long Island. After taking my daughter to school I decided to take a drive and commune with nature at the Planting Fields Arboretum. They have a greenhouse that is open to the public that has a wide array of orchids and is still decorated with an amazing number and variety of poinsettias. It is so important to spend some time outside in the winter, and soak up that vitamin D especially on a nice day. Here are my thanks for today.

1) Thanks for the public park at the Planting Fields Arboretum, which is free this time of year. I enjoyed walking at the old Coe Estate and spending some time in the fabulous lush greenhouse.

2) Thanks for the quiet peaceful serenity that I experienced there today. There are few places on Long Island where you can just listen and hear the soothing sounds of nature.

3) Thanks for the great musicians in the South Shore Symphony. We had are first rehearsal for this new year. It w…

Sharing thanks for smiles.

Smile chair at Norman Levy Preserve, January 7, 2012

When I was at Norman Levy Preserve yesterday, I took this picture of the smile chair. It is a wooden sculpture in the shape of smile and it sits on top of the hill at Norman Levy Preserve. If you sit in it you have the most gorgeous view of the bay. It also offers philosophy. The chair is inscribed, "Smile, the universe is vast and time is eternal." I am dedicating my post to beautiful smiles today. When you see someone with a bright smile it is hard not to smile yourself.

1) Thanks to my daughter's math tutor Karina. She has a beautiful smile and cheerfully helps my daughter with learning geometry. Her smile is contagious.

2) Thanks to Monesha. We had fun browsing at Barnes and Nobles today. She has a wonderful smile. She just got her braces off a few months ago!

3) Thanks to my daughter Liz who was smiling and laughing trying to cheer up some family friends! She has two dimples, that light up when she smiles.

4) Than…

Sharing thanks late due to Technical Difficulties

Pond at Norman Levy Park, Photo taken while walking with my friend Margaret on a winter balmy 57 degree January 7, 2012.

Last night around midnight. My firefox browser was acting wacky so I rebooted the computer went to bed and vowed to share my thanks for January 7 this morning! Yesterday was a spectacular day. A taste of Spring during the winter. I've added a profile picture to the blog which my friend Margaret snapped with my camera. It's nice to put a face when you are reading a blog. Below is what I was grateful for yesterday.

1) Getting outside with a good friend, Margaret.It's wonderful to be able to take long walks with a good friend. We went for a walk at Norman Levy Preserve. The preserve is one of the best free places to go to commune with nature. When you hike up to the top of the small hill you can get a glimpse of the Manhattan skyline, as well as beautiful views of the bay towards Jones Beach.

2) Enjoyed watching my daughter Liz and our puppy Oreo run around…

Thanks for skywatching!

Afternoon Sky, January 6, 2012

It was a little warmer today, so I enjoyed spending some time outside. I have been having fun taking pictures of the sky. It is amazing how much the sky changes during one day. Today's thanks are a partial tribute to nature.

1) Thanks for a beautiful day! Enjoyed taking pictures of the sky and a beautiful colorful sunset.

2) Thanks for another starry night, which I enjoyed while I was walking my dog Oreo around the block.

3) Thanks to my friend Sejal! I enjoyed driving her to a job interview today. She looked beautiful. I admire her courage and great spirit.

4) Thanks to my husband Spencer who walked the dog when he got home from work!

January Sunset

There are two posts for January 6. The first one is sharing thanks for January 5th. I was out late and didn't get to post until after midnight. The second post is sharing thanks for January 6. I had such a contented feeling before going to bed last night after blogging my gratitude for the day. …

Thankful for the love in my life

Fabric Hearts admired at Home Goods, January 2012

One of my favorite pastimes is to look for clever vanity license plates while I'm driving around the neighborhood. I am sharing thanks about love today because of a vanity plate I happened to see while I was driving to get some frozen yogurt at our favorite cool self-serve yogurt place Moo-la-la.

1) Enjoyed seeing the license plate, "AMMALOVE" with a bumper sticker that also said Love Everyone! A nice message to drive around with. This sure beats road rage.

2) Now that Christmas is over I am thankful for seeing hearts everywhere. Took a picture of these cute hearts while I enjoyed browsing at one of my favorite stores, Homegoods.

3) Thankful for my mom's love! We had a great phone conversation today. Happy to hear my dad was skiing today! He's 75 and still enjoys downhill skiing.

4) Thankful for the love of the great friends in my life. Had fun sharing a cup of coffee with my friend Sejal, who is prepping for a go…

Make Sharing Thanks a Daily Practice

Oreo asleep in her new bed, January 2012

I'm posting this picture because after writing the blog tonight I want to crawl into a warm bed myself. It is very cold today and my body and sinuses are having trouble adjusting to the temperature difference. I started this blog to commit to sharing thanks even on days that could be better. It's easy to be grateful for small things. If you want to start a gratitude journal, try stream of conscience writing, and just list the first four reasons you are thankful. This is the best way to tap into your soul and learn what you value or what brings you a joyful moment. So tonight even though I have a small sinus headache, here are my thanks for today.

1) Hearing my daughter Liz say, "Even I don't really feel like walking the dog, I'll walk the dog for you Mom!"

2) Enjoyed making a nice homemade baked ziti for dinner.

3) My daughter moved an ipod dock into the kitchen so enjoyed dancing in the kitchen while I was cooking ton…

Thanks for a Starry, Starry Night

OB1 Becky Kenobi, May the Force by with you at University of Pittsburgh!

I love the song, "Starry, Starry, Night" by Don McClean. Today I read on the internet that tonight would have a meteor shower. Driving home in the afternoon it was starting to cloud up so I thought I would not be able to see the stars tonight. Around 10 o'clock I took my dog for a walk and the clouds had disappeared and the stars were out. I am blogging tonight about the amazing force of nature. Here are my thanks for today.

1) Thanks for a starry, starry night. My daughter Liz and I went out in the backyard and enjoyed looking up at the starry sky. We did not see any shooting stars and the night sky was beautiful and the stars which are usually not very visable where I live in New York were out. Orion's belt was easy to find.

2) Looking up at the stars always makes me give thanks to the mystery and vastness of the universe.

3) Driving Liz to night school we saw a beautiful sky with the sun bl…

Being grateful is seeing everything as a miracle: Go see "We bought a Zoo"

Oreo, January 2, 2012

I love the new quote of the week, by Albert Einstein. There are little miracles and beauty all around us if we choose to focus, and really see them. We recently upgraded our mobile phones so I was taking some new pictures with my Droid phone today. Practicing writing 2012 today! Here are my little miracles for today.

1) Enjoyed a movie afternoon with my daughter Liz today. We went to see, "We Bought a Zoo." with Matt Damon. What a wonderful family film with terrific acting by the youngsters. Favorite line, "It only takes 20 seconds of courage."

2) Thanks to my new sidekick phone. Even though I feel a little technically challenged trying to learn all the new features, I am enjoying the better camera and bubble texting. Snapped this cute picture of my dog Oreo today.

3) I am grateful for seeing some beautiful skyscapes today at the magic lighting hour before the sun sets. Rays of light bursting through the clouds. Breathtaking.

4) Happy to have …

Sharing thanks for the New Year, 2012

I love the fresh start a New Year gives us. It's been a busy week and I have been neglecting my blog a bit. I usually am home at night and this past week I've been enjoying socializing and staying up late! I do enjoy sharing my thanks and developing a deeper appreciation for life.

1) Thanks to my dear friends the Mozers who had an impromptu intimate New Year's Eve party. The food was delicious. We had so much fun ringing in the New Year together. We enjoyed playing a friendly family game of poker with chips instead of money. We watched the ball drop and did a kick line to New York, New York. So many laughs, and also a great champagne toast!

2) Thanks to my dog Oreo, who looked so cute sleeping in her bed next to my daughter Liz who fell asleep on the couch last night.

3) Thanks to the Santarelli's who came over for an early dinner tonight. My friend Margaret and I had so much fun looking at some old picture scrapbooks of our trip to Paris and England. It was so much f…