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Sharing thanks for my favorite holiday, "Thanksgiving"

Indian Corn, taken at a New York City Market I feel like I lost a few weeks. I live on Long Island where everyday since Sandy hit things are getting back to normal.  Hurricane Sandy was kind to me, I was only out of power for 5 days, and we just suffered a few downed tree branches. Luckily our downed tree branches did not hit our house or our car. It has been hard to see our coast get hit so hard. I loved the Long Beach Boardwalk and it is frightening how many people near the coast have lost there homes, and cars.Our family gathered together at my Mom's who was lucky to get power back in just 3 days! She hosted us and my brother's family from NJ. We spent the time cooking together and playing scrabble feeling happy to be in a safe place with lights and heat. I have been very thankful these days for the simple things: like waking up and seeing the lights on my digital clock working; cooking a hot meal, heat and taking a hot bath or shower. If you want to help the victims of