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Make a Thankful Pumpkin

This is a fun fall activity to start a gratitude habit! Today I want you to sit quietly and think about all the people who have helped you today. They could have offered you a ride, gave you a smile, held the door for you. We tend to forget each day how many people help us in some way.I am going to continue adding names to my Thankful Pumpkin throughout October. Making this little Thankful Pumpkin will help you understand that you are part of a wonderful giving community.

All you need to make a Thankful pumpkin is a pumpkin and a sharpie!
 I just bought a small sugar pumpkin at Trader Joe's, and found a sharpie in my craft room. We are a creative family so I always look to see what I have in the house before I go out and buy art supplies.

Please tweet me a picture of your #ThankfulPumpkin @sharingthanks or email me a picture at Will share your thankful pumpkins on my blog and twitter. Let's get those creative juices flowing.

Here are some people that …

Sharing Thanks for Changing Leaves at Caumsett State Park

Fall is the perfect time to start a gratitude habit. In this spirit I am going to start blogging again about what I am thankful for everyday. Join me in the Sharing Thanks #TurkeyThanks Challenge starting on November 1st! If you want to join like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. Beginning November 1st post something your thankful for with #TurkeyThanks. You can post words or pictures! Let all of our gratitude send ripples of thankfulness in to the world. Here is what I was thankful for yesterday.

So thankful for my friendship nature walk yesterday. I met my good friend Stella and we hiked down to the beach at Caumsett State Park. We spotted several deer families along the path. I have never seen so many at the park. They were fun to watch and were easier to see now that the leaves are changing.I was thankful to my daughter Becky who went grocery shopping for me. I really appreciate when family members pitch in.I was thankful for dramatic skies yesterday. It was a day where th…