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Sharing thanks for Central Park

Loved walking around Central Park in NYC. I went in the 100th Street entrance from Central Park West. It was a top 10 day and the park was filled with young and old out to enjoy the sunshine and the scenery. On my stroll I saw an outdoor birthday party, a father and son fishing (Yes you can fish in NYC in Central Park), a wedding party, an old lady in a wheelchair with a cute bulldog on her lap, and a young Jewish singles gathering around a small pond. I saw toddlers excited about feeding the ducks, cyclists, rollerbladers, a string bass player practicing Jazz on a green pasture, and  lots of cute dogs! The park was teaming with positive energy. Here are my thanks for the weekend.

Thanks for a beautiful day walking in Central Park. Had so much fun capturing pictures with my camera and people watching. Loved the positive energy from all the people outside enjoying the greenery and the sunshine.Thanks to the cashier at Singa's pizza who treated me to a free diet coke since I am a go…

Sharing thanks for rainbows

Tulip field, April 2012 I took this picture a few weeks ago. The field of tulips was vibrant, beautiful and I was happy to be able to enjoy the whimsical colors of this moment and capture it with my camera. Yesterday I walked by this tulip field and all the blooms were gone washed away by rains. This made me realize how important it is to enjoy moments of beauty when we can see them because they are fleeting. A moment of beauty and joy is fleeting so when we take the time to stop and appreciate it this good feeling can stay with us long after the moment is gone. If we do not stop to enjoy these moments they will not be here tomorrow. Yesterday I saw a rainbow during a sun shower. I was driving and wanted to pull over and just enjoy the wonder of seeing a rainbow. By the time I found my camera that rainbow had vanished.  Here are my thanks for yesterday.
Thanks for being able to see a rainbow. There is something about seeing a rainbow that makes you feel magical and lucky! If I am lucky…

Sharing thanks for dogwood days

Dogwood days of Spring, April 2012 I love all of the pretty pink and white dogwood trees in bloom as I stroll the neighborhood. Captured this image while taking Oreo for a walk. Here are my thanks for Monday! Sometimes its the little things that people do that can make your day.

This morning when I was getting gas the gas attendant cleaned my back and front windshields. It is great to have a clear view when I am driving. What made me smile is he did this on his own!So happy when I called the pediatrician that they were able to schedule a physical for Liz on Friday morning at 9:30 am. It usually takes a few months to get a physical appointment and I needed to get one done so she can attend camp in July! Thank you receptionist!Thanks to seeing more spring blossoms. I enjoy seeing the dogwood trees, and lilac bushes. I love the smell of lilacs! Purple power.Thinking of my daughter Becky who is taking her last final today. Thankful that my husband Spencer took off from work to go help her …

Sharing thanks for making wishes!

Make a wish, and then blow!
Is there anything better than picking a dandelion seed fuzz, making a wish, closing your eyes and blowing to have the seeds drift off in the breeze? Spring is full of new beginnings and possibilities.  I started this blog in hopes that sharing what I am grateful for can carry seeds of thankfulness and spread a positive message to the world. If sharing my appreciation helps just a few people develop a more positive outlook and help them pay a little kindness forward I have succeeded in some small way.If you are reading the blog today, go outside pick a dandelion and make a wish! Here is what I was thankful for yesterday.
Thanks to the cashier at dunkin donuts who treated me to an iced coffee today. I will say since I have developed and attitude of gratitude, I have experienced more random acts of kindness.  I am amazed how such a small kind act can truly make your day.Thanks to the Geras. We met Sejal and Monisha for a late dinner at Panera and had many laugh…

Sharing thanks for, "How to Succeed," with Nick Jonas

Liz outside the theater at, "How to Succeed!"
If you a looking for a fun family musical with great singing, dancing, stars, and 60s office chic costumes I recommend seeing "How to Succeed," with Nick Jonas. Both of my daughters have been Jonas brothers fans since we saw them open for the "Back Street Boys" at Jones beach. It is refreshing to see a lead actor thoroughly enjoy being on broadway. My daughter Liz has looked upped to him because he does not let his Type 1 Diabetes stop him from living his dreams. Liz is deaf and does not want her disability from stopping her from living her dreams to be an actress, writer or filmmaker. One of her favorite Jonas Brothers songs is, "A Little bit Longer." We went to see the show with my best friend Liz and her daughter Annalise who also has Type 1. He is a great role model for her and after the show the girls just missed getting his autograph when some other Jonas fans cut in front of them. Thanks to a n…

Sharing thanks for April Showers

Love these purple flowers gracing the neighborhood, April 2012
I feel like I have moved to southern California. We have been having lots of glorious sunshine and I can not remember the last time it rained. Here are my thanks for yesterday. I am thankful for the rain! The may flowers are here early and it was good to see some April Showers. There have been brush fires in the past week. Hoping the rain will nourish the earth.Thankful to feel the warm spring rain on my face. Sometimes it is fun to feel the drops on your face. I must admit I loved jumping in puddles when I was a kid!Thankful to see my daughter Liz return to the gym for a workout!Thankful for getting a beautiful thank you note from my friend Ellen in the mail. It is wonderful to get a magical handwritten note of appreciation. It made my day. I will be honest I love mail that is not an advertisement or a bill. If someone does something nice for  you, make their day and send them a thank you note in the mail.I invite you to sh…

Sharing thanks for acts of kindness

Oreo getting a spring trim, April 2012
I am dedicating tonight's post to the many acts of kindness I received today. It is how someone's small act of kindness can really brighten your day and inspire us to pay it forward. Here are my thanks for today. Thanks to the gas attendant at my Getty station who helped get my bumper back in place. I was getting gas and he noticed my bumper was a little off and he fixed it for me. He is always kind and helps me fill the air in my tires when my air pressure light goes on.Thanks to Liz's math tutor who spoke kind words about my daughter. It is wonderful to hear someone compliment your child.Thanks to my friend Sejal, who picked up my daughter from tutoring for me. I am so lucky to have her as a friend. We always try to help each other out. She is also a great listener and friend. We enjoyed having lunch together today.Thanks to my daughter Liz who gave Oreo a spring haircut today. She is terrific with animals. I also want to wish my daug…

Sharing thanks for crab apple blossoms.

Crab apple blossoms, April 2012
Felt like the beginning of summer today. Did I mention I love summer! Hope you were able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine! Here is what I was thankful for today! Thankful to see our crab apple tree in bloom. The fragrance is heavenly.Thankful that I got my taxes done. Was dreading doing my taxes since I knew we would owe money. I am so happy that Liz was accepted to Socapa, film camp this summer in Los Angeles. She went to one of their camps in Vermont a few summers ago and she learned a lot, met interesting people, and had a great time. Recommend this arts camp for teens!I am thankful to be able to share a cup of coffee with Sejal together. We both love Dunkin Donuts iced coffee on a hot day.I invite you to share something you are thankful for today.

Sharing thanks for blooming tulips

Tulips in Bloom, April 2012
I love tulips. They are in full bloom and I have been enjoying seeing them adorn the gardens in my neighborhood. It was a beautiful Spring Day today! Here is what I was thankful for today. Thankful for enjoying seeing tulips blooming in my backyard. Loved the field of tulips I saw while walking around the neighborhood. Dazzling colors and textures.Thankful to share a movie afternoon with my daughter Liz. We had a chuckle, seeing the new "Three Stooges Movie." Loved seeing Mo beat up the cast of the Jersey Shore. Hilarious!Enjoyed a nice date night with my husband and our good friends Liz and Tom. We went to see the Titanic in 3-D tonight. It is one of my husband 's favorite movies. Very powerful, and sad. The 3-D really made you feel like you were in the movie experiencing the madness.Thankful to here from my daughter Becky at Pitt. I love when we text each other.I invite you to share something you are thankful for this weekend.

Spring Violets, April 2012
I enjoy seeing the patches of purple in garden and amidst the grass. It was a great day to get outside today! I have also been trying to tackle tasks that I have been avoiding. I am thankful that I was able to cross a few things off my to do list!
I am thankful for my friend Margaret. We took a nice long 3-mile evening walk. It always feels good to get some exercise. When you are walking with a good friend the time flies by and you forget you are exercising!I was thankful to find my 1099 from the music school. I was able to pull together all the information I will need to get my taxes done.I was thankful to be able to share stories about our college road trip with our good friends the Geras. We had fun swapping Spring break stories.Thanks to my mom and dad who took great care of Oreo. She loved running around their backyard. My mom also worked hard to help Oreo learn to leave my parents cats alone.I invite you to share something you are thankful for today. I l…

Sharing thanks for being adventurous!

Liz and Kavita in Times Square, April 2012 It is Spring break and my daughter Liz has been off from school. We have been enjoying good times celebrating holidays with family and friends. Liz is a junior in high school so we went to tour a few college campuses the past few days. It was nice to have my older daughter Becky come home for a few days so we could celebrate her 20th birthday and Easter. I am thankful for some of the adventures I have had the past few days. Sharing thanks for exploring New York City with the Geras. We decided to go see something avante-garde called, "A Crack in the Universe" through the wonderful High-Five Program.  The High Five program encourages teens to see cultural events in New York City at the incredibly affordable $5 per ticket price. A teen can bring one adult with them to the performances. This was an incredible dance/video/art meditation performance that was definitely thought provoking, however the write up did not mention that the perform…

Sharing thanks for creative crafts

Pretty Pastel Colored Flowers It is joyful to walk outside and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather. Yesterday was the first day of Spring Break. One of the most important lessons that I have learned in music and life are that rests are important. It's that small breathing space that can make a melody sing. It is great to be able to relax, sleep in and take a breather. Here is what I was thankful for yesterday.
Melted crayon artwork to stop bullying, by Liz Davidson Thanks for creative expression! My daughter Liz had a friend over last night and they experimented with melting crayons to create some really cool pieces of art. Art can really help you get out your emotions. Liz was cyber-bullied by someone who hacked her facebook and posted messages of hate.  It was great to see Liz and Kavita enjoy making colorful masterpieces by hot glueing crayons to poster board and melting them safely with a blow dryer.Thanks to YouTube! I am amazed on what kids look up to learn using YouTube. Liz an…

Sharing thanks for blossoming

White tree blossoms on my neighborhood stroll
Another glorious Spring day filled with many small joys. Enjoyed walking my dog Oreo around the block and saw this amazing tree in full bloom. Love the white fluffs against a crystal blue sky. I am thankful to watch people bloom and grow. It is inspiring to see people going after their dreams and goals with passion and purpose. Here are my thanks for yesterday:
I am thankful that my husband Spencer plays a sport he loves. I'm rooting for his roller hockey team tonight they are in the playoffs for the C league. As I was driving my daughter Liz back from art class I saw someone running, at first I thought it was a teenager, and then I realized it was my husband running to get in shape for his hockey game tonight. I admire his spirit there are very few 50 year old roller hockey players out there.I am thankful for Spencer giving Monesha a ride into the city so she can visit my daughter Becky at UPitt. He picked her up at 5:25 am so she could…

Sharing thanks for soaking up the Spring Sunshine

My cat Sasha soaking up the sun. It was a beautiful sunny Spring day on Long Island today. I love seeing the sun rise earlier in the morning. I was happy to see daylight as I was driving my husband to the train station this morning at 6 am. I am always amazed how cats can find the best spots to soak up the sun rays, and enjoy a grass bed to boot. So many reasons to be thankful today!

Thanks to my husband for loaning me his car today. We are now a household with 4 drivers and 2 cars. It was very helpful to have 2 cars so I could get to work and my daughter could get to the library at the same time. I was also very thankful that my teen had another safe day of driving. Thanks to Mrs. Kraus, my daughter's English tutor for her great lesson plans to help catch Liz up in English. I am thankful that she is dedicated, creative teacher.Thanks to Laney in the guidance department who has been very helpful in arranging tutoring for Liz. I really appreciated her organization and kindness.Than…

Sharing thanks for a magic Monday

Wildflowers in the garden, April 2, 2012

I was surprised to see these yellow wildflowers adorning my Mom's beautiful garden. I enjoy the beauty of flowers and I must admit that I sort of have a black thumb. I admire people who are tender gardeners. It was a beautiful Spring day out today. I'm changing my mantra to magic Mondays instead of manic Mondays. Today was a busy day and had some magical moments. Plenty of reasons to share my thanks for today.

1) I am thankful for my friends Sejal and Mo. We all got to have lunch together today. It was so much fun being able to share lunch, laughs and great conversation on this quiet Monday. I even got to take advantage of Bertucci's $10 large pizza deal with they offer on Mondays and Tuesdays.

2) I was thankful to be able to talk to Becky today. She was upset that her glasses broke. I've reached a point in my life where I try to not sweat the small stuff. Broken glasses can be replaced. Happy I'm going to get to celebrate B…

Sharing thanks for April Fools and a great Petroushka Concert

Vibrant purple petunias from Hick's Flower show

It's April Fools day. The original punk'd. This day is known for playing tricks, although on April Fools day I think about my father-in-law. His birthday was April 1st and he was a wonderful, kind family man. He loved to garden and would love today's flower shot. It's been a busy weekend, lots of reasons to be thankful.

1) Thanks to the South Shore Symphony and Leggs Limited dance and guest dancers for putting on a first class production of Petroushka last night at the Madison Theater at Molloy college. It is such a privilege to play violin for the South Shore Symphony.

2) Thanks to my fans, Spencer, Stella and Jeff who came to see the show! It is great to have close friends and family in the audience.

3) I am thankful that my parents are having a wonderful time in Costa Rica. My brother posted some pictures of them today. It was fun to see them enjoying themselves in such a tropical setting!

4) I am thankful that Liz…