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Sharing thanks for "The Heat" and cooling off with laughter!

The movie trailer for "The Heat" starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy!
I love going to the movies with my daughters in the summer. I love the new midnight showings that they have that start at 10:00pm. It is always better to see a comedy in a crowded movie theater. Hearing everyone laughing makes me get to that wonderful endorphin releasing belly laugh! Here is what I was thankful for! Thankful to see "The Heat" with my daughter Liz. This is the funniest movie I have seen all summer! The comic chemistry between Bullock and McCarthy is hysterical. I definetly smell a sequel in the making. It was fun to see Jane Curtain in a cameo role as a "Southie" I do not want to give away too much of the movie, so you can enjoy the surprise of some of the crazy comedy in the movie. Congratulations to director Paul Feig for teaming up Sandra and Melissa as a one of the great cop buddy teams of all time!I am thankful to the amazing captioning SONY glasses at the …

Sharing thanks for sitting dockside at the Nautical Mile!

It's summer and that means time for small road trips with our good friends the Gera's! Taking a small road trip can make you feel like you have had a small vacation although you have only enjoyed a few hours in a novel place nearby. Long Island is also stronger than the storm Sandy! It is amazing to see the Nautical Mile in Freeport thriving. Some new restaurants include small beach bars with some sand, patio chairs and even palm trees. Love the dolphins statue and looking at the water. Here is what I was thankful for!
Discovering new places with our friends. My daughter's friend Monesha has celiac disease so we were happy to discover Mr. Miceli's in Rockville Centre before we headed over to the Nautical Mile. The gluten free pasta was delicious!Thankful that Mo, Kavita, and Liz enjoyed playing a new mini-golf course right on the Nautical Mile! Who can resist a good game of miniature golf, the thrill of getting a hole in one!Thankful for the beautiful sunny day, along …

Sharing Thanks for Graduation and moving forward!

Most of the time I share thanks about the little small joys of life. Today I'm going to share thanks for a milestone! Sunday was a beautiful sunny breezy day to graduate on the football field. It was a joyful day as I watched my daughter Liz walk up to receive her high school diploma. The moment was special for her, in the distance I saw her wipe away a tear as she walked back to her seat on the football field. Congratulations to all the graduates of the class of 2013! You are our future and have the power to change and shape our world for goodness. Here is what I was thankful for on Sunday!
Thanks to all the teachers and therapists who have helped Liz over the years! Liz is deaf and uses a cochlear implant to hear. She received her implant at age 4 from Dr. Parisier who started the amazing Children's Hearing Institude! I also owe thanks to Dr. Roland from the NYU coclear implant center who did a revision after she had a soft failure and had extreme headnoise for 6 months when…

Sharing thanks for purple passion and "Written Love"

"Written Love" written and directed by Liz Davidson!

I love the color purple! When I visited Planting Fields Arboretum recently I was drawn to this beautiful purple tye-dye bloom. I really enjoy taking pictures and zooming in on something that takes my breath away. Here is what I was thankful for!
Thanks to my good friend Susan who took me out to lunch for my birthday! My birthday was in February and I enjoyed being treated this week and catching up with my friend. We had a lovely lunch at Nick's Pizza in Rockville Centre. Nick's Pizza has amazing home made pasta. Yum. I should have been Italian.Thanks to Jello!and twitter. I was playing the #FML twitter game, yes it stands for fun my life. I tweeted that my daughter was going to London and I wished that I could take her to Tuscany, Italy. My tweet won a fun package. I won a $20 gift card to and a voucher for a free package of Jello! I had fun dreaming that they were actually going to grant my wish and se…

Sharing thanks for a mindful Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful father's day! We enjoyed a quiet fathers day by making my husband a nice breakfast. My daughter enjoyed giving him a personalized t-shirt of a fun picture of the four of us that was recently taken at a photo booth at a wedding! We are trying to take more pictures of our family of four.
Here is what I am mindful and thankful for!
I am thankful my daughter Becky arrived safely in London. Even though she is 21 and very grown up this was her first international trip flying solo. She even managed taking the Tube to get to her study abroad program at the University of Richmond in Kensington. I guess blogging runs in the family, as she started a blog to chronicle her London experience!I am thankful for reading these father daughter letters over the weekend. Enjoy this inspiring link: Letters from Dad I am thankful for my dad! He has always been there for me. He taught me the value of work and play! He has supported my education and been there to help me mo…

Sharing thanks for strolling in the rose garden with my Mom!

Tuesday morning I had a lovely time visiting Planting Fields Arboretum with my Mom. We enjoyed discovering some of the beautiful gardens that had reached full bloom. It was a beautiful sunny day and we enjoyed exploring the grounds and greenhouses together. Here is what I was thankful for:
I am thankful to share such a beautiful  morning walk with my Mom. My mom is an avid gardener and loves planting flowers and tending her garden.I was thankful to all the volunteers at Planting Fields who enjoy tending the beautiful gardens and greenhouses there. We enjoyed seeing huge old trees and fields of green.I was thankful to take so many beautiful pictures of flowers, orchids,cactus, and ferns in the greenhouse. I will enjoy sharing some of these photos on sharing thanks in the next few weeks.I am thankful to be able to sleep in today. It was a rainy day and it felt good to be able to sneak back under the covers and relax.  I invite you to share a simple joy you are grateful for today. I love…

Sharing thanks for the rebuilt boardwalk at Jones Beach

It was a beautiful sunny weekend on Long Island this weekend. If you live on Long Island one of the best beaches to go to is Jones Beach State Park. Hurricane Sandy destroyed the boardwalk, and some of the roads on Ocean Parkway. Growing up on Long Island I have many fond memories of Jones Beach. As a kid my mom used to take us to Jones Beach everyday over the summer. I remember the craft Tee-Pee, swimming in the salt water pool, the pitch and putt golf course, the playgrounds, shuffleboard, paddle tennis, and listening to music in the band shell. It is a wonderful place to go at night with your family to have some reasonable fun. I think it costs $2 to play shuffle board. Here is what I am thankful for after my recent trip to Jones Beach.
Thanks to the people who rebuilt the boardwalk. I enjoyed seeing the flags flying! The beach was crowded and the boardwalk was filled with families with strollers, seniors enjoying a stroll, and college kids!Thanks that the games at Jones Beach are …

Thankful to see First Thing Every Morning Movie and it's free donut day at Dunkin Donuts!

So many reasons to be thankful today! It's a rainy day which make it a great day to have a nice hot cup of coffee or a relaxing cup of tea. I drink coffee in the morning and then enjoy tea the rest of the day. I love ending my day with a relaxing cup of tea before bedtime. It is a simple pleasure. Here is what I am thankful for today!

 Congratulations to Liz on her last official day of High School. I'm so happy she will be starting a new chapter in her life. She is looking forward to attending Columbia College Chicago in the fall to study film making. Her movie "Sweet?" is featured in the popular post section of the blog! View to celebrate with her today!Thankful to Dunkin Donuts this morning. I walked into the store and ordered my french vanilla iced coffee. Decided to try a new summer donut called key lime. I love key lime pie and thought I would try it. They rang up my sale and I noticed they did not charge for the donut. It's FREE donut day today at Dunkin do…

Sharing thanks for horses at Caumsett State Park

It is a top ten day out today. Blue sky, 70s, light breeze, a day you just have to get outside. One of my favorite places to visit on Long Island is Caumsett State Park on north shore of Long Island, north of Huntington Village. The drive to get to the park gives you a beautiful view of the Long Island Sound. The park is home to the Old Marshal Field Mansion which has breathtaking views of the sound. There is even a hiking trail to a small beach. Here is what I was thankful for today.
Thankful for being able to meet my friend Stella on Friday to walk at Caumsett Park. We saw these beautiful horses at the stables there. Enjoyed the three mile walk. I'm trying to get flex my healthy habits by taking daily walks. Walking is always more fun when you walk and talk with a good friend.Thanks to my mom for treating me and Becky to lunch today at Chadwick's in Rockville Centre. The food was delicious. I enjoyed having a healthy salmon dish. I've been trying to eat more fish lately.…

Sharing thanks for kittens that dream and a cuddling cat! Too CUTE!!

This video brightened my day. Enjoy the cat love. The video proves that cats dream, and can be very loving and protective. I was thankful to see this and wanted to share it to spread some joy and love.

Sharing thanks for a movie matinee: "Now You See Me"

"Now You See Me" Trailer
I love the summer because there are so many great movies to see. Is there any better way to beat the summer heat by sitting in a cool movie theater watching a film about magic! I love going to a matinee with my daughters who love film, and are pursuing careers in the film industry. Here is what I was thankful for.
Thankful to go the matinee with Becky, Liz and Monesha to see "Now You See Me" We all got swept away with the magic and the great plot twists.Thankful to the girls pine over Dave Franco in the movie. The film has a wonderful cast. I love Mark Ruffalo myself. Morgan Freeman, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Jesse Eisenberg, and Michael Caine are all terrific. We loved the magic fight scene!Enjoyed meeting my friend Liz in Huntington for some shopping and lunch. We love getting together and sharing our triumphs and bumps in the road. We had a good laugh, enjoyed a glass of wine and a delicious Italian lunch. I have been trying new thin…