Thankful for a Saturday on the Long Beach Boardwalk with Linda

Long Beach, NY Boardwalk

A lovely 80 degree day on Long Island led me to drive to one of my favorite places to walk: the Long Beach Boardwalk. Last year they rebuilt the bathrooms and you can find small restaurants to get a cool lunch, drinks, or coffee peppered along the 2 mile stretch!  I love that it is not overly commercial on the boardwalk. There is also a food truck alley next to the boardwalk. The boardwalk is 2 miles in length so I usually park near the beautiful hotel Allegria which is a great place to have a drink and watch the waves!

There are some public art installations and a driftwood artist Mitch Van Duff has some fun sculpture displayed. There is also a Home Sweet Home community art project on display lead by West End Arts!

Surfer Sculpture by Mitch Van Duff
Part of Home Sweet Home community tile art project

I love getting some sand between my toes and getting my feet wet! This time of year the beach is still free so I enjoyed walking along the ocean and taking a sun break on the rocks by the jetties.

Small sunbreak on the rocks!

I went back to the boardwalk and stopped at Shakes & Shuckers Raw Bar N-Shake Shack for lunch. They have some small barstool seating behind some windblockers. They make a variety of homemade soups! The chowder I tried was delicious. They also have many healthy options of chopped salads, wraps, along with the raw bar offerings of shrimp cocktail, littlenecks, cherrystones, oysters, and ceviche. I had some soup and a shrimp caesar wrap that was delicious. They have some fun magnetic letters for kids and adults to leave messages. That Saturday was the climate change march and I saw many people with creative signs to advocate for our beautiful earth and oceans. I loved this Save the Planet message that was left by Justin.

So thankful to have such a lovely afternoon. I love all the benches on the boardwalk. Many are memorials to past beach lovers and you will find touching memorials at some of the benches. The best part of going to the beach are all the happy faces you will see. The kids building sand castles and joyfully running in the sand. I am always grateful to hear what you are thankful for and hope if you are in the area that you will enjoy a walk on the boardwalk!


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