Sharing thanks for Best dog Vines of 2013

I am a dog lover! Seeing this short compilation of cute dog vines made me smile. If you enjoy this please share a smile with someone. I am always thankful for a chuckle or a smile. I loved the dog whose best friend is a hairless cat! Here is what I am thankful for today.
  1. I am thankful for safe travels that brought my two girls home from college. Thank you Mega Bus, whose bus from Pittsburgh was almost an hour early. Thanks to Jet Blue. They wisely cancelled the flight from Chicago on Saturday. They rescheduled Liz for a flight home on Sunday. I recently watched Loved Actually which opens and closes with families and friends reuniting at airports. There is a special magic when you reunite with loved ones.
  2. Thanks to Dr. Cornell who did my Mom's hip surgery. The nursing staff at the Hospital for Special Surgeries is phenomenal. My mom is happy to get a new hip and is on the road to recover.
  3. Thanks to the nice folks my dad and I met yesterday while waiting for my Mom to be out of surgery. We enjoyed talking and meeting some new friends in the Patient waiting area.
  4.  Thanks to my husband Spencer who fixed our beloved dog key holder! I really appreciate all the handyman work he does to make our home nice.
What are you thankful for today? Share your gratitude story in the comments.


  1. Loved the dog vines! :) I'm grateful you posted them! Thank you! I'm "Mommy" to a 2 year old Bichon Frise named Romeo. He gives me many reasons to smile .. as does my husband. He is Romeo's hero and the two are nearly attached at the hip. Such a cute sight. Bill (my husband) is 6' 5" & Romeo is a small little white dog (only about 10 lbs.). Can't help but smile at the two of them ... and be grateful. :)


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