Make a Thankful Pumpkin

This is a fun fall activity to start a gratitude habit! Today I want you to sit quietly and think about all the people who have helped you today. They could have offered you a ride, gave you a smile, held the door for you. We tend to forget each day how many people help us in some way.I am going to continue adding names to my Thankful Pumpkin throughout October. Making this little Thankful Pumpkin will help you understand that you are part of a wonderful giving community.

All you need to make a Thankful pumpkin is a pumpkin and a sharpie!
 I just bought a small sugar pumpkin at Trader Joe's, and found a sharpie in my craft room. We are a creative family so I always look to see what I have in the house before I go out and buy art supplies.

Please tweet me a picture of your #ThankfulPumpkin @sharingthanks or email me a picture at Will share your thankful pumpkins on my blog and twitter. Let's get those creative juices flowing.

Here are some people that I need to thank this week. Hope these gratitude stories get you thinking about the people that you want to thank today for making your life joyful!

  1. Last week my daughter Liz left her computer in a cab. She was heartbroken as her semester's work was on the computer. Today I am thankful to all the people involved in helping her get her computer back! Liz used her TD bank debit card to pay for the cab. The bank was helpful in telling her what cab company she was in! Thanks to the driver and the manager of the Blue Ribbon Cab Company in Chicago, who found her computer and returned it to her yesterday. Joy came from something lost being found. Honesty prevailed.
  2. Thanks to my good friend Stella who hosted a mom and daughter luncheon. We had so much fun with our Mom's telling stories about our adventures going to Oceanside Pool together growing up. To this day saying, "There's the house!" sends us into the giggles.
  3. Thanks to Core Staffing for finding a great temp job assignment today for my daughter Becky! She was excited to be going to an Asian TV company to work today.
  4. Thanks to Henry Greenfield who is riding cross country to raise money for No Limits for Deaf Children! Henry is a deaf adult, who uses cochlear implants to hear who we met when Liz participated in the No Limits Theater program. He is an inspiring person who has his masters degree in education from Lehigh University. Visit the link to read about his amazing journey!
I am looking forward to seeing your Thankful Pumpkins and hearing your gratitude stories


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