Sharing Thanks for Changing Leaves at Caumsett State Park

Love these crimson leaves.
Fall is the perfect time to start a gratitude habit. In this spirit I am going to start blogging again about what I am thankful for everyday. Join me in the Sharing Thanks #TurkeyThanks Challenge starting on November 1st! If you want to join like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. Beginning November 1st post something your thankful for with #TurkeyThanks. You can post words or pictures! Let all of our gratitude send ripples of thankfulness in to the world. Here is what I was thankful for yesterday.

  1. So thankful for my friendship nature walk yesterday. I met my good friend Stella and we hiked down to the beach at Caumsett State Park. We spotted several deer families along the path. I have never seen so many at the park. They were fun to watch and were easier to see now that the leaves are changing.
  2. I was thankful to my daughter Becky who went grocery shopping for me. I really appreciate when family members pitch in.
  3. I was thankful for dramatic skies yesterday. It was a day where the sky was constantly changing. I got sprinkled on during my nature walk. It was an atomizer kind of rain that actually felt pretty good.
  4. I was thankful to come home to some delicious potatoe leek soup. I made some home made soup in the crockpot yesterday. It tasted even better with my Fairway french baguette. I am always thankful for a fresh crusty bread. So thankful that Fairway is only 10 minutes from out house. The fresh bread for $1.49 is amazing!
What are you thankful for today. I love hearing your gratitude stories.


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