Enjoy the freedom of being UNREACHABLE: Take a daily smartphone break!

White Wildflower at Norman Levy Park
I had an epiphany at my morning meditation class today. At the end of the class which is held at our local library I heard the sound of a dog barking. It turned out to be someone's cell phone ringtone.  Sometimes my smart phone feels like a pavlovian dog. I jump everytime it rings, beeps, bells, and vibrates. We have all put ourselves on call 24/7 being available to the next facebook update, tweet, email, emergency, text, and phone call. When did we all become on call doctors to one another. The stress of being available to everyone all the time makes us jump when our phones vibrate!

 I was thinking about what activities get me to turn off my phone. I turn off my phone for meditation class, for orchestra rehearsal, when I am at a play, or a movie. This got me thinking, I got that aha moment of clarity. I should turn off my phone when I am enjoying being out with my friends, at family gatherings, on my walks on the beach, or hikes in nature. So I can enjoy that beautiful white wildflower blooming without distraction. I want to enjoy that feeling of freedom.

I should enjoy more of these moments with out the constant updates. I can catch up electronically later. I need to stop letting my smart phone hyjack me of enjoying the NOW.  Maybe I should plan a daily smart phone break.

I remember growing up as a kid -  there were no cell phones. We went out and enjoyed our moments with friends. We had change for a payphone for an emergency. We went to the park, or the beach where no one could reach us. We enjoyed just spending time with each other, laughing, being outside being free. We were for that moment UNREACHABLE!

Start planning your UNREACHABLE smart phone break. Experience this feeling even if its only for 15 minutes. You can always be updated later. Take back that feeling of freedom, and enjoying the moment! I am so grateful for that barking ring tone for giving me the courage to disconnect and enjoy more UNREACHABLE MOMENTS!


  1. We went on our last vacation with just a flip style phone. No urge to google anything, send messages, check social media.. and it was one of the best vacations ever!

  2. we are getting ready to go camping where there is no signal! I can't wait, I'm sure my teen will hate me but it will be a nice break!

  3. I agree with this, I find that it's just because it's a force of habit to check my phone and drop everything if it goes off.

    I love the idea of having a daily break from your smart phone but I worry that I'd get an emergency call within that time. I know the chances are slim but murphy's law, right?? :(

    Here's a little video I filmed at Ignite Cardiff of someone talking about why we should 'Turn it off, put it down and walk away' - http://bit.ly/1B8oVaF

    Keep spreading the word though, people should do it more! :)


  4. I don't find myself glued to the phone, it is in my purse but I forget about it. I like it that way!

  5. Mine is still a 'dumb' phone so I can leave most of that stuff behind much more easily, but I still miss the days when people would make an arrangement and that would be that!

  6. I have been turning the volume off on mine or putting it in the bedroom where I can't hear it once I get home in the evenings. I don't turn it back on until the next morning. Yes, I miss texts and calls. I figure in a big enough emergency they will come and get me.

  7. I try to, but it can be difficult if you're freelancing. I'll give it a go another time :-)

  8. Oh yes I do this all the time! I need my freedom. It's too stressful for me to be chained to the phone that can go off at any moment.

  9. Great post, thank you for sharing! xx

  10. I do this all the time! (But mostly because I just don't have it together enough to keep my phone charged!) Anyway, I love your thoughts here, thank you for reminding me that it's GOOD to be wireless and detached from time to time.

  11. Wonderful read. I really try my best to stay away from my phone when I am out with friends and family. Thanks for sharing.

  12. A daily smartphone break...I'm going to start doing this. My phone has been right by my side since I started blogging and it's time to change that.


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