Thankful for the wonder of Spring Tree Blossoms

Pink blossoms from my morning walk

I love walking during the Spring and enjoying nature's burst of colors! Sunny daffodils, red tulips grace our neighbors gardens. Everyday something new is in bloom which makes me feel anything is possible in Spring. I enjoy being able to open the windows and hearing a chorus of birds, Soft breezes on my face accompanied by the warm rays of the sun on my back energize me. It's great to enjoy the outdoors this time of year. My dog Oreo loves taking a longer walk now that the weather is nicer. Its also nice to see more folks outside and catching up with neighbors with front lawn conversations. What are you grateful for this Spring? I love hearing about your #springjoys! Please share what your thankful for in the comments or tweet @sharingthanks with #springjoys.


Best of Sharing Thanks

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