Sharing thanks to my friends helping be more active!

Strike a yoga pose while watching a sunset! Wonderful roadstop along the Taconic during a recent Adirondack trip with good friends.
I have been on a health kick and am very grateful to have lost over 20 pounds in the past 4 months. I am so grateful to friends who have become my exercise buddies. It is incredible to feel lighter and less winded. I have not posted in a while so I am getting back to basics and sharing my four gratitudes with you today. I love hearing what your thankful for. Tell me about a friend you have that helps motivate you to get to your 10,000 steps a day or try a new actvity!

  1. Thanks to my friend Sejal, who woke up today at 5:45am so we could register for aqua aerobics at our county pool. This will be a new activity that I am excited to try. I love swimming and this will help me get to the pool once a week!
  2. Thanks to my friend Margaret, who met me for tennis earlier in the week. I had not played tennis in over 5  years. It felt good to know I can still hit the ball and even managed to get in a few serves. It felt so good to be outside.
  3. Thanks to Satya for a great Yoga class last Thursday. I am not the most flexible person. I loved breathing into the poses and love the guided relaxation at the end of the class. I was able to modify some of the poses so I could do most of the class.
  4. Thanks to my friend Liz, who went for an evening walk with me at Hecksher Park. There is something so relaxing to walk and talk with a buddy! She helped me reach 12,000 steps yesterday. 
I always love to hear what you are thankful for today. You can leave a gratitude in a comment or tweet @sharingthanks or #sharingthanks or #simplejoys.


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