Sharing thanks for reading A.J. Jacobs gratitude journey, "Thanks a Thousand"

A great TED book I just read. It's the 4th book I have read this year on my quest to read 60 books in 2019.

What Gratitude Journey will you take this year?

I recently turned 60 and decided to set a goal to read 60 books this year. I am always thankful for a good book and love to read a variety of genres. I love learning, and enjoy using my imagination as I read eloquent words to transport me to different worlds and discover characters. 

I loved A.J. Jacobs idea of setting out on a gratitude journey to thank everyone involved in making his morning cup of coffee that he buys from Joe's Coffee. This leads him to thank over 1000 people and takes him on a journey starting with thanking his barista to visiting cup manufacturers, along with coffee farmers in Columbia. The books also highlights the gratitude research that has been done by positive psychology academics affirming the benefits of gratitude. Gratitude can help you sleep better, lift depression, heal faster and even help you be more generous and kinder to strangers.

I enjoyed his discussions with his kids on the importance of saying "Thank you!" and their curiosity that sparks him to take this gratitude journey.

Living in our modern world we all take for granted how many people have been involved in making a simple product like our morning cup of coffee. It made me appreciate how much work, design, and care went into making a great tasting cup of coffee. It opened me up to think about the simple things I enjoy and how much effort has been done by a multitude of people so I can easily buy and savor something. It also made me think that even the $3 price for a cup of coffee may be well worth it. 

Thank you Mr. Jacobs for sharing your gratitude journey in writing "Thanks a Thousand" and making me want to try a cup of Joe's Coffee next time I am in NYC.


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