Sharing thanks for a fabulous friday!

Loved these colorful Italian Soda bottles at Eately in the Flatiron District in NYC
Its a rainy Friday here on Long Island today although my disposition is definitely sunny side up.
 Got my car back from the garage. I broke down on Wednesday in a parking lot thankfully. The garage that fixed my car did a great job and it is driving smooth. Here is what I am thankful for!

  1. Thanks to Wayne Lipton who put together an amazing movie slide show to go along with our film  concert this weekend. It was fun playing this great music from movies and seeing pictures from the movie. This made the dress rehearsal so much fun. Wayne really puts a lot of great time and energy into the South Shore Symphony!
  2. Thanks to the Kris Brothers garage in Dix Hills who fixed my car. It was great to get it back together. I know its sounds funny to say I love driving my Honda Odyssey!
  3. Thanks to my Dad for being our knight in shining armor for picking up Liz and I from the Art League after the car broke down.
  4. Thanks to my parents who treated me to lunch twice this week. It was fun seeing them and good to be eating again. I had food poisoning on Sunday and did not feel like eating much until Tuesday!
Hope you will post something you are thankful for in the comments. I love hearing and sharing gratitude.


  1. I'm thankful for being back home after a long trip of 4 weeks. It's nice when you can say that...what a great blessing! It's nice to get to share it on your blog, too.


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