Sharing thanks for artistry of John Lennon

Imagine there's no hunger, The Artwork of John Lennon
I enjoyed spending time Saturday with my good friend Liz meandering around SoHo in New York City. I was amazed how high fashion this area of the city has become. It reminded me a little of Rodeo Drive. I enjoy visiting the art galleries and viewing cool art. Here are my thanks for the Columbus day weekend.
  1. Thankful for the OK Harris gallery. They had some great exhibits featuring a variety of artists. I loved Artist Licenses created out of ink and acrylic on styrene by artist Gregory J. Constantine! 
  2. Thankful to be able to contribute to City Meals on Wheels to see John Lennon's Artwork. The exhibit was a remembrance for his 72nd birthday. I enjoyed seeing his drawings and copies of handwritten song lyrics. It was wonderful to view his work and listen to his music during the exhibit.
  3. Thankful for my good friend Liz! She is an artist and it was great to have someone who enjoyed being in the city and seeing great art work as much as I do!
  4. Thanks for a fun double date night with my husband. We enjoyed going to see "The Master" at the Cinema Arts Center with our friends Liz and Tom. I'll be brutally honest, I can not say that I enjoyed seeing the movie, however I did enjoy the discussion over drinks after the movie!
I invite you to share what you were thankful for over the weekend. I love hearing what you are grateful for!


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