Sharing Thanks for a Golden Autumn

Golden leaves of Autumn. Photo taken at Planting Fields in Oyster Bay

I love taking walks in nature this time of year! I was thankful to visit Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay yesterday.  I enjoyed a walk around the grounds and breathing in the autumn beauty. Here is what I was thankful for:
  1. I was thankful for the quiet sounds of nature. Breathing in the fresh scent of pine needles that are scattered on the paths in the park!
  2. I was thankful to see the dahlia garden in full bloom. Dazzling reds, yellows, oranges, and pink!
  3. I was thankful to stumble upon a film set at the Coe mansion. Got some wisdom on working in the film industry from a crew member. "Just do it and find a way to make your movie."
  4. I was thankful to hear from my daughter Liz. She was so excited to get an A on her math midterm! She has had a tough first semester so I was so happy that her hard work is starting to bloom!
I invite you to share something that your thankful for this autumn. I love hearing and sharing your gratitude stories. If you would like to be featured on sharing thanks as a guest post. Please email me 4 gratitudes, a picture, and a short bio!


  1. A lovely list. I always find so much to be grateful when walking in nature.

    Today I am grateful for simple days with my family, for time in nature with friends, for a writing course I am really enjoying and for hot is a little chilly here.

    Have a lovely evening.


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