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I enjoyed seeing this video on the Huffington Post's Good News this morning. When we are helping each other we inspire others to lend a helping hand. I was in Chicago helping my daughter move apartments. She is a college freshman and had a difficult first room mate experience.I am not going to focus on her negative room mate experience, instead I want to thank all the people who helped her move into new apartment with new suite mates.
  1. Thanks to the staff at the Residence Center at Columbia College who found a good alternative housing for my daughter. They listened to my daughter's concerns, reassured her, encouraged her, and found an alternate placement quickly.
  2. Thanks to her RA Nick, who helped us move these huge boxes to her new building. We all looked like keystone cops, with these boxes on dollies moving through the streets of Chicago. Thanks to some kind strangers who stopped to help us get the boxes back on the dollies when they fell off. 
  3. Thanks to my friend Stella, who walked my dog Oreo while my husband was at work while I was away. Stella is a true friend. I was happy knowing Oreo was getting some exercise while I was away.
  4. Thanks to the kind person at the Hilton who upgraded my room to business class for a nominal fee. After a long day of packing, moving and unpacking it was heaven to go to the spa floor and soak in the whirlpool!
I invite you to share a story where you were given a helping hand! I love hearing about what your thankful for!


  1. Moving is such a huge job. It is great that you had people help you make your daughter's move a success.


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