Happy 2nd Birthday Sharing Thanks

Frozen Yogurt break at the new CUPS in the Walt Whitman Mall


Sharing thanks is 2 years old this weekend. The best way to help celebrate is share something your thankful for in the comments! Here is what I was thankful for this weekend.
  1. I am thankful to everyone who reads, follows, and shares thanks on my blog. I still get a thrill when someone posts a positive comment on the blog. I can't believe that sharing thanks has reached over 18,000 page views in 2 years.
  2. I am thankful to sites that help new bloggers find their voice and expand their readership! Thanks SITS girls, Bloggy moms, and Blogelina. I'm still learning from you. 
  3. I am thankful for my friend Stella, who often shares what she is thankful for on the blog. We had fun doing a mall walk and discovering this cool new frozen yogurt shop at the Walt Whitman Mall. We enjoyed sitting on the cool purple and green couches. I felt like a teenager. I had to try the pumpkin cheesecake twist with walnuts. How can something this good also be healthy. YUM!
  4. I am thankful for twitter, facebook, Google + who have all helped me spread this gratitude message. I have been enjoying reading gratitudes that my friends and family have been putting up on Facebook. I love sharing and connecting with people who live far away. Nothing beats getting together in person and sharing a beautiful moment with friends and families.
Wish Sharing Thanks a Happy Birthday by sharing something your thankful for! You can do this in the comments or tweet @sharingthanks!


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