Sharing thanks for taking time to Stop and Smile!

A good reminder that it is always a good idea to Stop and Smile!

I love learning to appreciate the little things in life. Everyday I walk my dog around the neighborhood and it  amazes me how when I really pay attention I notice new things to appreciate. I must have passed this stop sign hundreds of times. Today I noticed this smile attached to it. I do not recommend doing graffiti on traffic signs. I'm sure its considered a crime. However, this sign got me thinking that it's always a good idea to stop and smile!

I recommend doing a gratitude walk. Walk in a familiar place and stop and notice the beauty, people, sounds, smells that you are thankful for! It will help you focus on what resonates with you. Here is what I was thankful for on my gratitude walk.

  1. I am thankful to see this stop sign, which literally made me stop and smile, and take a picture with my camera! Day 2 of my Gratitude simple Joy Photo challenge.
  2. I love watching the fall breezes kicking up the color leaves into small harmless funnels.
  3. I enjoyed meeting a dogwalker who had a dog with the same black and white cute face of my dog Oreo. Walking a dog is a definite conversation starter. I have met more neighbors getting outside walking my dog.
  4. I am thankful to my dog Oreo, who helps me get outside every morning for a lovely walk. Today the sunshine warmed my face during my morning walk.
Try this gratitude walk exercise! Email me or write in the sharing thanks comment what you were thankful for during your walk!


  1. I am grateful for the roof over my head. My five year old granddaughter puts it this way - "I'm grateful for the roof on the house cause it stops the rain and snow from falling on us."

    I am also so grateful to have her in my life. :)

  2. Wise words from a five year old. Last week I was grateful for my heat! Thanks so much for sharing a gratitude!


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