Sharing thanks for my Shotski Initiation!

Remember a shot of water can be just as much fun!
I love being around people who know how to orchestrate fun! I am a UMASS alumni, and one of our college friends hosts a reunion party every summer. It is so much fun to reconnect with old college friends and more important make some new memories together with all of our growing families.

  1. Thanks to our hosts Keith and Dora who hosted the party. It's a pool BBQ, and mostly everyone sleeps over. Guests from as far as Arizona, NY, Washington DC gather in Massachusetts to celebrate.
  2. Thanks to Keith and Dora for making a Shotski. Looking for something to do with your old skis? Keith organized pool game Olympics. And the games began with the a ceremonial SHOTSKI. There is something goofy about holding a ski and drinking with your friends. It just made me laugh
  3. Thanks to my team mate Annie in the swim relay. She held her own with the recent college grads. It was so much fun to be silly and be in an innertube kicking race. Although our team lost, we gave it our all.
  4. Thanks to Keith and Dora for teaching us that you are never too old to have fun. You help keep all of our friendships alive. Thanks for your amazing hospitality, delicious food, and most of all for your joy for living!
I invite you to share a reunion story that your thankful for. I love hearing your gratitude stories


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