Sharing thanks for the sweet smell of a fresh herb garden!

Fresh herb garden at Barilla's new restaurant in New York City
I love cooking with fresh spices. Had a wonderful lunch with my girl friends at Academia Barilla Restaurant on 52nd St and Avenue of the America's. Loved the wonderful aroma of fresh basil, oregano, and rosemary wafting through this affordable restaurant. I have fresh mint and basil in growing outside on my patio.

  1. Thankful for making spaghetti with meat sauce with my fresh basil! Love the simplicity and flavors of a home cooked meal.
  2. Thankful for fresh mint in my home made ice tea. I love Lipton's cold tea bags so I can make home brewed ice tea. Fresh mint, slices of lemon, and a hint of sugar and voila home made ice tea. The taste of summer.
  3. Thankful to have lunch out with the ladies! Love finding affordable, fun places to eat in NYC!
  4. Thankful to find this draft blog post I started and being able to finish it. I love writing some gratitude about an experience I had with my girlfriends months ago. Great moments stay with us for a long time. 
I invite you to share your recipes with fresh garden herbs. I love hearing about what your grateful for this summer!


  1. I love to use fresh basil to make Genovese pesto! Also, I use fresh mint for my homemade lemonade.

    1. Thanks for sharing a gratitude. Fresh spices make food taste wonderful!


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