Sharing thanks for seeing the IFC film Boyhood

There is nothing better than going to see a summer indy matinee in a cool dark movie theater with my daughter Becky. Did I mention Becky is a recent film studies major? Boyhood is a masterpiece at capturing life's moments. Some scenes trigger memories of conversations I have had with my kids, fighting in the back seat of the car! Moments matter. Boyhood was filmed for 12 years and shows the cast aging and growing right along with the story line. See this amazing movie. Ethan Hawke's performance is Oscar worthy! What was even better was the discussion with Becky that followed the movie. Hearing her insights on the film and being able to discuss the movie and family dynamics. Take someone special and see this beautiful insightful film. This was a moment I will savor. Thanks also to the Cinema Arts Center in Huntington for celebrating independent films year round!



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