Sharing Thanks for Holiday Train Magic at the New York Botanical Gardens

New York Botanical replica at the Holiday Garden Trains

This month on Sharing Thanks I am sharing thanks for December Joys! My husband grew up with Lionel Trains. Spencer and his Dad would spend many December hours putting up an elaborate train display. Today I took my husband to experience the holiday magic happening at the New York Botanical Gardens. It was wonderful to see so many young children excited about seeing trains on the magnificent replicas of the Brooklyn and Hellgate Bridges. To find out how you can visit here is a link to the New York Botanical Gardens  Below is a short video I took to try to capture the magic. I was thankful to share this experience with my husband. We giggled over the conductor greeting everyone on stilts. Deep inside there is a kid inside all of us.

What December Joy did you discover today? I love hearing your gratitude stories. You can share them in the comments of this blog or tweet them to me @sharingthanks


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