Sharing Thanks for taking time to grieve.

I apologize for not completing my #TurkeyThanks gratitude challenge in November. On November 19, my mother-in-law passed away and I took a break from my blog. It's important to take time to grieve a loved one. We need to stop and take a small break to shed tears, and remember and honor our loved one. I am so thankful to friends and family who supported us by attending her funeral mass, sending our family a fruit basket, lovely plants, and beautiful cards. We must be thankful for each moment we wake up and get to experience a smile, the sound of laughter, a sunset, a hug, hearing a song, being able to dance!  It's a reminder to appreciate the people in our lives and think about how we are interwoven into each other's lives. I have been using the time to reflect on all the kindnesses I received from my mother-in-law and the legacy that she has created.

I am going to start a new gratitude challenge, beginning on December 3rd celebrating 2014. Join in the fun and share what your thankful for each day to ring out 2014. You can use the hashtag #Thankful2014 if you want to share or tweet you 2014 gratitude story.


Best of Sharing Thanks

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