Sharing Thanks for Santa's!

Santa decoration found on my Neighborhood walk!

Today I had some December Joy walking my dog Oreo around the neighborhood. Everyday new holiday decorations appear. This Space Sleigh Santa gave me a smile. When I was younger I remember being confused about seeing lots of different Santa's. I do believe Santa's helpers bring cheer. They help raise money for the Salvation army and raise holiday spirit. I enjoyed taking my kids when they were young to see Santa and snap a Christmas photo with him. We have the Santa spirit when we focus on what we give during the holiday season. The Santa spirit is alive when we read "The Night Before Christmas." It's alive when are kids write letters to Santa and leave him some milk and cookies to help him fuel his journey. I love Santa decorations and signs to the North Pole! I do imagine if I had the power of Santa Clause that I might make my headquarters in Bermuda.

Let's spread some Santa cheer by sharing fun Santa photos. You can share any Santa pics by tweeting them to  @sharingthanks Or you can email them to me at

Below is a fun Santa picture from a Santa spotted at Sonic!

Santa spotting at Sonic in Deer Park~!

I look forward to hearing a Santa story or picture that your grateful for. This December we are being grateful for moments of joy! Share your simple joy in the comments for today.


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