Sharing thanks for dancing at Jones Beach

Jones Beach Bandshell, listening to "The Obsession" covering the Beatles.
I am very lucky to live 15 minutes from Jones Beach. I have so many happy memories enjoying Jones Beach State park. As a kid my mom used to take us to the beach everyday over the summer. I remember doing crafts in the tee-pee and swimming in the salt-water pool and conquering that first jump off the high dive.
Here is what I was thankful for yesterday.
  1. Thankful to have a nice date night with my husband strolling the boardwalk at Jones Beach. We enjoyed listening to the band and even got some dancing in! 
  2. Thanks to the bubble men who treated the crowd to streams of bubbles blowing in the air during the concert. It was fun to watch grown men trying to pop bubbles to the sounds of the Beatles.
  3. Thanks to the Gera's! We had so much fun going out to lunch together. We toasted Monesha to have a great semester at Stonybrook! When we get together we always laugh and laugh and laugh. They are such good friends.
  4. I am grateful to Fairway for opening a store in Westbury! Fairway takes grocery shopping to a whole new level. Enjoyed buying some fresh produce and meats there yesterday. They have an amazing selection of gluten-free food. Our friends that have celiac were in heaven shopping at Fairway.
Share something that you are thankful for in the comments. I enjoy hearing your inspiring small joys.


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