Sharing thanks for seeing "Bring it On" on Broadway

Eighth Ave. and 44th on NYC
I shared this picture with my daughter Becky who is back in college. This is her favorite hamburger place when we enjoy going to see a Broadway show in New York. I am thankful to Becky who told me about student rush tickets on Broadway. She used her college ID to see Evita with friends for $38 a ticket. She said that my younger daughter Liz could use her high school ID to buy student rush tickets. Most theaters will allow you to purchase 2 tickets for student rush. There are also theaters that offer lotteries and general rush. To view what offerings are available go to Playbill's web article: Broadway-Rush-Lottery-and-Standing-Room-Only-Policies

I went to this website yesterday before going into the city with my daughter Liz  - who had an interview with a talent agent at Chelsea Talent. Liz is pursuing her dream to be a film/tv actress and was very excited about the opportunity to work with Chelsea Talent.  We had wanted to see a show before school started so I thought it would be fun to see if we could get rush tickets. We got general  rush tickets to see the new show, "Bring It On" for $45 a ticket for a 7th row right orchestra seat. There are so many reasons to be thankful for yesterday it is difficult to narrow them down to just four!
  1. Sharing thanks for seeing the high-octane cheerleader flying "Bring It On." I predict this musical will be the next big teen hit! The young talented cast sang and danced thier hearts out. Great memorable score, and a story with heart that is way better than the movies that this show is based on. LOVED IT!
  2. Sharing thanks to Barry Godin at Chelsea talent who interviewed my daughter Liz with kindness.  My daughter is so excited to be given the opportunity to audition to help land her first film role.
  3. I am thankful to the parking attendant at Icon who took my $25 coupon even though I was over the 6 hours. It is the little things that can make your day!
  4. I am grateful to have spent a wonderful night with my daughter Liz. Spending quality time with your teen is so important. I am so proud of both of my daughters that they love they arts. I always enjoy being able to see shows, concerts, dance and museums with them. The arts feed our souls with passion.
I invite you to share a cultural event that you appreciated. I hope the information helps you get a chance to see a Broadway show. These rush tickets really help those of us on a budget to enjoy the experience of seeing a New York Broadway show!


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