Sharing Thanks for a beautiful sunset on LBI

Sunset at Long Beach Island, NJ
Had the chance to spend a few days with my family on Long Beach Island. There is something so soothing about walking on the beach and listening to the sound of the surf and feeling the sand between your toes. So much to be thankful for!

  1. Thanks for the beautiful sunset tonight that I was able to watch with my daughters before we headed for home. It is wonderful to take the time and just sit and watch the sunset. My daughter Becky took this last glimmer picture which I absolutely love! I am thankful Becky did not delete the picture by accident.
  2. Thanks to my sister-in-law Ginny who invited us to spend a few days down the shore. It was great to see my family and catch up with my nieces and nephews. Ginny is the best host ever. She made the best mango salsa! 
  3. So thankful to be able to have two beautiful days at the beach. I really enjoyed soaking up some sun, with sunscreen of course. I loved swimming in the ocean with my nieces and daughters. Body surfing made me feel like I was 10 years old. Nothing like riding a wave in! 
  4. Thanks to Ginny for taking me to Atlantic City. I am not a big gambler so it was fun to walk out a small winner after playing the slots. Ginny and I enjoyed playing this one goldfish game. Thanks to Ginny for treating my to dinner at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant. Ginny is like a sister to me and I really enjoyed hanging out and sharing stories with her.
I hope you are enjoying the summer and would love to hear something that you are thankful for in the comments or you can twitter thanks to me @sharingthanks. I love reading what you are grateful for.


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