Sharing Thanks for a Mariachi band serinading a Beluga Whale

Seeing this video today gave me a smile. Yes Beluga Whale's do boogie. Music soothes all of our souls!
Here is what I was thankful for today!
  1. Thanks to the postal worker who helped me tape up a box to send a care package out to my daughter in college.
  2. Thanks for a beautiful sunny day. I enjoyed walking Oreo around the neighborhood seeing some fall floral color.
  3. I am thankful to offer a helping hand to family friends, after they got into a car accident last night. Luckily no one was injured. I was happy to provide a ride.
  4. Thanks to my cousin Barbara who sent my daughter a graduation present in the mail. She will be thrilled to get something special in the mail!
What made you smile today? If you want to share what your thankful for you can write your thanks in the comments! Tweet your thanks with hashtag #sharingthanks or @sharingthanks. 


  1. That was so cute! He even presses his head on the glass to get closer.

  2. it makes me happy to see the Beluga Whale find a little joy in his confinement - but I am sure he'd rather choose freedom in the open ocean with his extended family, than his life in captivity, for the sake of our entertainment, which seems
    to mainly benefit only those million-dollar industries who profit off of the suffering of fellow species :(

  3. One can only hope that zoos and aquariums create awareness to help animals in the wild. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.


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